CQC Registered Centre Manager

Taner Hassan

Taner began working in the field of addiction over 10 years ago, and his experience within addiction has been based in the Community and HMP Services before joining the team here at Sanctuary Lodge September 2016.

Taner began his journey working with teenagers in schools traveling around the country facilitating drug awareness for the government campaign FRANK. Taner was then given an opportunity to work as a project worker for a local Drug & Alcohol Service based in Essex called Open Road, managing a busy drop in centre & the recruitment of volunteers. From there Taner went on to work for WDP where he eventually turned to management to help lead the way with innovative ideas in moving the ever changing sector forward.

“I have learnt so much on the frontline and never forget the challenges some people face when their addiction takes hold. The support from services I have witnessed and the members in the team enabled me to progress in the sector and work in many areas with young adults, adults, professionals, homelessness & mental health”

Taner’s main area of expertise was managing Substance Misuse / Health & Wellbeing Services in London for one of the largest Drug & Alcohol Charity’s in the UK Turning Point working alongside the NHS & London Health Trainer Service In Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham.

As a qualified Integrative Counsellor & psychotherapist Taner brings a therapeutic approach alongside his management style.

“It’s important to be your true authentic self, take Addiction seriously but not yourself. I promote this within my teams who then encourage this with our clients. This was advice I was given when I was on my own journey of recovery, learning to really laugh again is so freeing & natural that no chemical can ever substitute”

As one of the latest members to join the management team Taner is excited to be part of a very diverse team and is looking forward to growing with the UKAT Group.