The Sanctuary Lodge Team
Dr. Mateen Durrani - UKAT - Group Managing Psychiatrist
Dr. Mateen Durrani
Group Managing Psychiatrist
Dr Mateen Durrani is on the specialist register of the GMC, and is accredited as a general adult psychiatrist by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. After completing his basic training in psychiatry, he has been working as a Consultant Psychiatrist since 1995, in the NHS and the independent sector. He joined UKAT in 2014 and is the UKAT Group Medical Advisor and consultant psychiatrist at our Sanctuary Lodge treatment centre.

Dr Durrani believes that people who are alcohol or drug dependent have become neuroadapted to continuous or repeated exposure to a psychoactive substance. A manifestation of neuroadaptation is that a withdrawal syndrome may develop when substance use ceases. There are also underlying precipitating, maintaining and perpetuating factors that need to be addressed alongside detoxification for it to be successful. The primary objective of detoxification is completion of the withdrawal process with safety and comfort. This ensures that the person can cease alcohol or drug use without experiencing an uncomfortable and potentially hazardous withdrawal syndrome and enter into a therapeutic rehabilitation program, for relapse prevention.

Dr Durrani’s expertise includes:

  • Inpatient detoxification and management of patients with drug(s) and alcohol dependence. This includes Opioids, Psycho-stimulants including Amphetamine, Crack-Cocaine, Benzodiazepine, legal highs and Cannabis.
  • Identification and management of medical and psychosocial problems accompanying substance misuse.
  • The use of drugs for preventing relapse or reducing risky behavior/harm (e.g. Methadone maintenance, anti-craving drugs Naltrexone etc.)
  • Management of special populations such as women, older adults, prisoners, black and ethnic minority groups.
  • Management of dual diagnoses in people with substance misuse, serious mental illness and common mental disorders.

For further information please contact UKAT.

Maria Kornat - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Registered Manager
Maria Kornat
Registered Manager
Maria joined Sanctuary Lodge in December 2021. She is a conscientious and compassionate manager with over 15 years experience within the public, private and voluntary sectors with a proven ability to lead, motivate, train and inspire teams.
Maria has extensive experience in creating and developing processes, enabling team cohesion to improve efficiency and providing caring service delivery. Maria is passionate about supporting clients and staff to reach their full potential.
Shannon Lyford - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Administrator
Shannon Lyford
Having recently moved to the local area, Shannon decided to kickstart her next chapter in life and move into the care and recovery sector. As an experienced administrator working within client relations and account management, her organised approach, attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond for everyone at Sanctuary Lodge has made her a welcomed addition to the team.
Tracey Beynon - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Lead Therapist
Tracey Beynon
Lead Therapist
Tracey joined Sanctuary Lodge in 2019. She comes from a person-centred counselling background initially and qualified in 2009 with Essex University. Since qualifying, she has worked in various settings supporting addicts and their families. From working in the community at Open Road to working in treatment centres for drug and alcohol addiction, she has a passion for showing people how to connect with and manage emotions along with encouraging behaviour changes.
Her training through Bath University in Group Therapy has enhanced her practice and she feels strongly about the benefits of working in a group setting to experience a sense of belonging, self-compassion and hope. Tracey thinks that is important in an addiction treatment setting to have a combination of firm boundaries, warmth and compassion with a healthy dose of humour and this is how she feels she gets the best out of clients.
Tyrone Peacock - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Registered Nurse
Tyrone Peacock
Registered Nurse
Tyrone has over 25 years of experience within the care sector, he has worked as a Registered Nurse for over 15 years. He has worked extensively with the NHS working with critically ill clients in Intensive care, moving onto specialized in endocrinology, gastroenterology including addiction, and also as a band 6 in community rehab and admission prevention, including palliative care.
Tyrone seeks to always improve patients care and utilize the best evidenced-based practice, ensuring that Nursing care is delivered at the highest standards. Tyrone has completed a higher education certificate in care management and has recently completed a train the trainer course in Anaphylaxis. "Nursing for me is a passion; my ethos is and will always be about providing the best possible care."
Julie Bishop - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Senior Recovery Support Worker
Julie Bishop
Senior Recovery Support Worker
Julie comes from a teaching background, working mainly within secondary schools for over 20 years and also taught ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) to migrants and refugees.
Julie started working at Sanctuary Lodge as an agency support worker and joined the staff team permanently in October 2021. Julie has worked within the care industry for 6 years, she enjoys working with vulnerable adults and using her skills and experience to support individuals in treatment for addiction in their journey of recovery. Julie began her role as Senior Recovery Support Worker in July 2022.
Katrina McLelland - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Therapist
Katrina McLelland
Katrina’s background is predominantly in health and social care but also has an added career of catering; it was the Head Chef position that brought Katrina to Sanctuary Lodge in 2017.
Katrina continued her own personal and professional development journey by studying counselling and psychotherapy. In December 2019 Katrina moved into a Recovery Support Worker position at Sanctuary Lodge and later, in August 2021, she transferred to the therapy team where she will continue her development within the team of therapists using the 12 step recovery programme, D.B.T, C.B.T and many other modalities. "I am very much enjoying the therapy role and want to continue to support individuals on their recovery journey."
Julie Quiery - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Therapist
Julie Quiery
Julie has been working in many therapeutic settings and organisations throughout her work history specialising in Adolescents and Families in crisis. In 2011 she qualified as a psychodynamic Therapeutic Counsellor working integratively with clients experiencing bereavement, trauma, personality disorders and a full range of mental health conditions including addiction.
"I am passionate about recovery, being there for clients whilst they embark on their journeys to rediscover their authentic selves is a privilege and honour".
Clare Brookes - Therapist
Clare Brookes
Clare has nearly 20 years experience working within the NHS and is working towards her level 6 as an integrative counsellor. She has specialised in areas of domestic abuse, sexual violence and complex mental health.
Clare has a keen interest in neuroscience and enjoys working with clients to increase thHi eir self awareness and become aware of patterns and helpful strategies to aid clients recovery.
Mel Howard - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Therapist
Mel Howard
Therapist (Bank)
Mel has been working in the field of addiction since retraining as an Integrative Therapist, where she worked as a volunteer counsellor at Iceni Ipswich and Turning Point before working as a Recovery Worker at The Recovery Hub Ipswich.
Mel is a dedicated and passionate therapist who holds a strong belief in the innate goodness of all and our ability to overcome even the most extreme adversity. In her spare time, Mel enjoys immersing herself in nature, caring for and competing with her horse, as well as practising and studying yoga.
Caroline Burkett - Therapist (Bank)
Caroline Burkett
Therapist (Bank)
Caroline is passionate about helping people and during her work career has worked in a variety of different settings with people always at the core. Starting as a secondary school teacher for 15 years, and soon began her journey into psychotherapy, initially within Education working with students but soon moving onto adults. A fully qualified Art Psychotherapist and a UKCP accredited Integrative Psychotherapist. Caroline works mainly psychodynamically and has worked in a variety of settings with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, domestic violence, childhood trauma, complex PTSD, PTSD and clients with emotionally unstable personality disorders and of course addiction.
Caroline believes that group work is a very powerful tool which enables us to learn a lot about ourselves and how we interact with others. She is passionate about the arts and how they can support healing and provide an avenue of free expression whether this be painting, drawing, clay, music, poetry or drama. The arts are also cathartic and give us the ability to gain insight to parts of ourselves which may be out of our awareness. They are also great at supporting in-depth healing and insight. Being an integrative psychotherapist enables me to ‘tailor’ my approach to individual clients, sometimes using the arts other times using different approaches.
Tony Wilson - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Chef
Tony Wilson
Tony has more than 35 years of experience in the catering industry. His work includes running his own businesses, consultancy and teaching NVQ Level 3 within the workplace.
Martin Jones - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Chef
Martin Jones
Martin joined the team in 2020, following a 30-year career as a chef, working in schools, hotels, hospitals and restaurants. “I hope my food brings some love to their day”
Sanctuary Lodge really excited me for the opportunity to work in the addiction field and the rewards of getting to be part of a client’s journey to recovery.
Trevor Beckett - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker
Trevor Beckett
Recovery Support Worker
Trevor is passionate about recovery and knows the value of addiction treatment and rehabilitation, he enjoys helping others to find their own journey to a productive, loving and joyful life without drugs or alcohol.
Having experienced four decades of addiction and having found his own recovery path within the 12 step program, Trevor has empathy with Sanctuary Lodge clients and can support and motivate them. Trevor joined Sanctuary Lodge in January 2022. With training and coaching Trevor feels he is learning more about the Support Work role and how best he can progress within UKAT to become the productive, supportive and responsive person he was always meant to be!
Stevie Ainsworth - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker
Stevie Ainsworth
Recovery Support Worker
Stevie has been in recovery for over 2 years after battling addiction for 21 years. He found recovery through a rehabilitation centre in Cape Town, South Africa.
Since his recovery, Stevie’s dream has been to work in a treatment centre as a recovery support worker and share their journey to sobriety. “I realised the importance of giving back what was given to me. Working and supporting recovering addicts is a dream job. Encouragement to those who were going through what I had been through. The support from people further down the recovery road got me through”. Recovery is a marathon not a race. Just For Today.
Dorrell Kent - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker
Dorrell Kent
Recovery Support Worker
Dorrell joined Sanctuary Lodge in February 2020. Dorrell has previously worked in the Learning disabilities sector for 14 years and as a Senior Support Worker and Deputy Manager. Dorrell enjoys supporting vulnerable people to gain independence and lead a fulfilling life.
Dorrell looks forward to using her transferable skills, to support people through their recovery journey.
Andrei Balmos - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker
Andrei Balmos
Recovery Support Worker
Andrei has over 8 years of experience working with challenging behaviour and within the care industry. He has worked as a team leader and wanted a change. For him addiction has always been fascinating and to help people in their journeys to recovery.
Andrei feels being king, caring and passionate are essential traits in this field, alongside strong boundaries to help people whose lives have become chaotic. “I get to be a part of helping someone to change their life.
Rosemary Santungwana - Recovery Support Worker
Rosemary Santungwana
Recovery Support Worker
Rosemary has extensive experience working with clients with various mental health problems. She has enjoyed working with these clients, especially witnessing their journey towards full recovery and moving on to live a quality life.
Rosemary joined Sanctuary Lodge in July because she feels the organisation has similar objectives, those of supporting individuals recovering from addiction. Sanctuary Lodge clients are already benefiting from Rosemary's strengths of being assertive, compassionate and empathic.
Paul Smith - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker
Paul Smith
Recovery Support Worker
Paul has been in recovery for 16 years from heroin, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drug addiction. He found recovery through a rehabilitation centre in Luton and then started to volunteer at the treatment centre as a recovery support worker. “I realised the importance of giving back support and encouragement to those who were going through what I had been through 3 to 4 months previously. The support from people further down the recovery road got me through”.
Paul volunteered here for a year and then was offered part-time employment. “I believe I was offered this opportunity as I had shown willingness and commitment to the 12 Step Program of Recovery”. After a year of part-time work I was offered a full-time position as a Sober Living Houseworker, this involved supporting the clients in the evening and night times, 2 years later he was promoted to Sober Living House Manager. Unfortunately, after 8 years he was made redundant. “Since then, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position at Sanctuary Lodge and find the work here both challenging and rewarding. To work alongside a committed team of therapists and support staff is uplifting, inspiring and helps me to continue in my professional and personal development”.
Ella Kathawick - Recovery Support Worker
Ella Kathawick
Recovery Support Worker
After many years in residential childcare, working her way through the ranks, Ella decided she would like to start a new chapter.
In the peak of the pandemic she started working in her local NHS Emergency room and then various medical wards. This sparked an interest in recovery work for Ella and led her to joining Sanctuary Lodge where her desire for helping people and personal challenge / achievement can be met every day.
Ella Hayes - Recovery Support Worker
Ella Hayes
Recovery Support Worker
Ella came into treatment at Sanctuary Lodge in December 2019 after 20 years of alcohol and substance abuse. Since leaving treatment Ella has continued to be involved with Sanctuary Lodge and give back to the program by engaging in aftercare, ex client shares and performing her music. Ella is a budding musician who uses her music to help spread the message of recovery.
While in treatment Ella was passionate about returning to Sanctuary Lodge once she had reached her two years sobriety, and now she is volunteering and helping new clients through their journey and stay at Sanctuary lodge and she is planning to continue to progress in her role.
Kerry Hallet - Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Kerry Hallet
Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Kerry has a compassionate understanding of how important the care provided whilst being in a rehabilitation setting is.
With a wealth of knowledge about recovery and addiction treatment Kerry enjoys being able to support and motivate clients to pave their own way to a joyful life without drugs or alcohol.
Megan Grace Sharpe - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Megan Grace Sharpe
Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Through personal lived experience and in Grace's academic studies having graduated in Education and Psychology at the University of Southampton, Grace has developed a fascination with mental health disorders in particular addiction recovery.
Grace has followed this passion into meaningful, practical work at Sanctuary Lodge in order to help others. She previously has worked with vulnerable adults as a Support Worker and over the phone as a listening Volunteer. Grace joined us in December 2020 and is already making a marvellous contribution to our Team.
Huma Ahmed - Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Huma Ahmed
Recovery Support Worker (Bank)
Huma comes from a background in medicine and health care, having practiced and taught it for five years before joining Sanctuary Lodge in April 2019.
Huma firmly believes in a person centred approach towards clients and enjoys working with them. Over the years, Huma has found the field of addiction and recovery fascinating and moving.
Wendy Andrews - Sanctuary Lodge - Rehab Essex - Housekeeper
Wendy Andrews
Wendy has been cleaning and housekeeping for many years and has now decided to dedicate her work to the social care industry where she has found she is able and willing to support the centre by taking on other roles including client support.
She is kind, polite and always found smiling. Wendy will do her utmost to make sure her housekeeping is to a high standard and takes pride in her work.
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