Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis is considered by many as a softer alternative to hard drugs.  Many will argue that its benefits outweigh the negative effects that it can produce. However, to someone who is addicted to cannabis, his or her use of the drug can become monotonous, compulsive, and painful. As with any addiction, it is not just the sufferer that is affected, family and loved ones watch helplessly as the individual withdraws more and more into a cannabis induced fog.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is a natural substance that derives from the cannabis plant.  Currently it is categorised as a class B drug, but it has been legalised in some countries. Cannabis usually comes in a solid form, as a brown lump, but also comes in a form similar to dried grass.  It is usually smoked or eaten and produces feelings of intense relaxation and well-being.  It also acts to relieve tense muscles and reduce pain.  When someone becomes addicted to cannabis, they build a tolerance to the drug and smoke more and more to get the same effect. They can become anxious, irritable, and nervous without it.

Dangers of Cannabis Addiction

Cannabis addiction can seriously affect the user’s mental health.  Sometimes the effects are irreversible, even once the drug has been stopped.  Cannabis can cause feelings of intense paranoia and anxiety.  This can lead to full-blown psychosis, which can be very difficult to treat. Someone who is addicted may also become deeply depressed, lethargic, unfocused, and unmotivated.  These overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and paranoia can lead to the individual taking their own life.

Treatment for Cannabis Addiction

Sanctuary Lodge offers a full rehabilitation programme for those suffering from cannabis addiction. On admission, our clients undergo a full health and psychological assessment by our detox specialist psychiatrist. Cannabis is not as much physically addictive as it is psychologically; but for those suffering anxiety and feelings or paranoia, medication may be given to ease these unpleasant symptoms in the early days.  This will be complemented by our holistic therapies to aid relaxation, reduce anxiety, and promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm. Holistic therapies also help by speeding up the process of the body eliminating toxins. Clients can be assured of the best in medical and psychological care whilst they are with us and will undergo a full and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programme.  The environment we offer is supportive, non-judgmental and very caring.