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Whether you’re considering attending drug rehab for the first time, or you’ve been before and are experiencing drug relapse, we are here for you. When you’re suffering from drug addiction, it can seem like the whole world is against you, and the stigma surrounding this condition can cause you to feel like you don’t deserve to get better. Sanctuary Lodge is built upon drug recovery, as many of our team and our founders have been where you are and have thankfully recovered. We want to affirm that you deserve to live a life free from drugs and we offer rehabilitation for drugs so you can achieve a healthy recovery.

Rehab therapy group for drug addiction

What is drug rehab?

Drug rehab is a professionally run clinic that offers people a safe and effective way out of drug reliance. At drug rehab, you’ll get the opportunity to cleanse your body from substances via a supervised drug detox , and you’ll have access to innovative therapy treatments. Spending a few weeks in a professional rehabilitation for drugs is the most effective way to recover from drugs. We take your physical and psychological requirements into account to make a bespoke recovery plan for you, where you’ll receive a high standard of care specific to your unique circumstances. During your residency at drug rehab, you will understand how your reliance on drugs started, the tools to overcome it, and how to prevent future relapse.

Signs I need to attend rehabilitation for drugs

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If you are wondering whether you need to attend drug rehab, look at the following statements, and if any resonate with you, it may suggest it’s time to get the help you need to recover from drug dependency.

  • I am often preoccupied with thinking about drugs and how I can access them.
  • I have built a tolerance to a drug, and I need to take more significant or frequent amounts to feel the “high.”
  • I have engaged in behaviour I’m not proud of since becoming addicted to drugs. For example, I have stolen money or sold possessions of personal value to pay for drugs.
  • I cannot sleep properly; I either sleep too much or barely sleep.
  • I have neglected my hygiene.
  • Since consuming a drug, I am no longer interested in the people and hobbies I once was.
  • My work and personal responsibilities have lapsed since I started using a drug.
  • My sleep patterns have changed since using a drug; I either eat in excess or barely eat.
  • I am experiencing bloodshot eyes, tremors, and shakes.
  • Whenever I stop using a drug, unpleasant withdrawal symptoms happen. I find this very uncomfortable.
  • I know my drug use negatively impacts my life and those I care about, but I feel powerless to stop.
  • I have attempted to stop once (or many times before) but found it impossible.

Types of addiction treatment at Sanctuary Lodge

We understand how agonising drug dependence is, and we are determined to help you overcome it for good. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide a mixture of therapies and treatments which encompasses psychological, spiritual, and emotional healing. These advanced therapy sessions are carefully curated to fit your unique requirements. Such treatments can be, but are not limited to:

Talking therapies

DBT is a talking therapy that has proven to be very useful in helping to address the emotional and mental aspects of unhealthy behaviour. It helps combat substance abuse by highlighting negative thought patterns that encourage drug dependency. During your sessions, your therapist will help you identify your underlying emotional triggers and show how they contribute to your reliance on drugs. Once you can pinpoint where triggers stem from, the reigns slip from the addiction’s grasp and are placed back into your hands, giving you the power to control your behaviour.

Group therapy

Our drug rehab offers group therapy sessions where residents can share their experiences. It takes bravery to share your story with others; you may feel that no one will support or understand you, but they will. Listening to others reminds us we are not fighting drug dependency alone; we can become unified by our shared experiences and empathy, which will likely propel us further toward recovery.

Yoga, meditation, and Gong bath therapy

Yoga is more than an exercise class; it’s a great source of mindfulness accessible to everyone. You’ll be under the guidance of an instructor who will help you to connect to your breath. You may be pleasantly surprised by its immediate effect on your mental well-being. Ultimately, such mindfulness practices can gradually help us make healthier choices, withstand temptations for drugs, and identify our thoughts and emotions better.

Creative therapies

Drug rehab can be tiring; since you’ll be partaking in numerous talking therapies, you may feel you need to give your mind, ears and voice a break from actively communicating. Therefore, we offer art and music therapies to allow you to explore your emotions and express your feelings if you are unable to put them into words. Of course, you don’t have to be an artist to get involved; drug rehab provides a space where you can be free to experiment creatively. This helps to put your mind in a soothing mode, and you may feel as though you’ve gained a mental release.

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Amphetamine rehab

If you are considering amphetamine rehab, you may be feeling apprehensive, scared or confused about the different options. Click below to learn more.

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Cannabis rehab

Sanctuary Lodge is a state-of-the-art cannabis addiction rehab facility which offers proven detoxification methods and a personalised rehabilitation programme.

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Cocaine rehab

Sanctuary Lodge provides a unique cocaine rehabilitation programme within state-of-he-art facilities. If you would like to learn more, click the button below.

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Crack cocaine rehab

Sanctuary Lodge is a state-of-the-art addiction rehab facility where you can benefit from a personalised rehabilitation programme for crack cocaine addiction. Click below to learn more.

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Crystal meth rehab

To learn more about rehabilitation for crystal meth, the different forms of treatment available, and the first steps to take if you or a loved one is struggling, we explain all the information you need.

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Ecstasy rehab

Despite its pleasure-inducing effects, the negative consequences of this drug impact thousands every year. If you are interested in learning more about ecstasy rehab, then click on the button below.

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GBL addiction treatment

GBL addiction treatment can be life-changing. It can help you overcome dependency in the immediate term and build solid foundations for lifelong recovery.

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GHB addiction treatment

Recovery from GHB addiction brings with it the promise of improved health, a hopeful future and a happier life.

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Hallucinogen addiction treatment

Hallucinogen addiction is a complex and severe health condition that demands a multifaceted approach to treatment.

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Heroin rehab

Within the state-of-the-art Sanctuary Lodge facilities, we offer a personalised addiction treatment including detoxification from various substances, such as heroin and other opiates.

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Ketamine rehab

We understand the nature of substance dependence first-hand, so our ketamine rehab is built upon empathy and understanding, ensuring your recovery is our top priority.

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LSD addiction treatment

Our LSD addiction treatment programmes incorporate three main stages which can help you to overcome LSD addiction. Click on the button below if you would like to learn more.

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What happens when I leave drug rehab?

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At Sanctuary Lodge, your treatment doesn’t end when your course finishes. We are dedicated to supporting your recovery after rehab by providing a free aftercare programme. Our one-year programme is available to all clients who’ve stayed with us. Furthermore, our Alumni team maintains a robust support network for those in recovery to support, inspire and encourage one another so that no one feels isolated on their recovery journey.

I need to go to drug rehab. How do I get admitted?

Knowing you are ready for drug rehab is an excellent first step toward recovery. If you’re interested in recovering at Sanctuary Lodge, give us a call today and you’ll go through a rudimentary assessment with our admissions team to ensure you are well enough to attend drug rehab, and if so, we’ll get you booked in immediately. You’ll likely have lots of questions, but don’t worry. Our admissions team will go through everything with you so you know exactly what to expect and how best to prepare.

Frequently asked questions

How can I convince a loved one to enter a drug rehab centre?
Attending rehabilitation for drugs is a decision that must be made by the person addicted. There’s no point forcing a person to get help for drug dependence if they’re not ready. We appreciate how frustrating it can be to watch a loved one refuse to get help. However, letting them know you are there for them, without blaming or shaming their behaviour, encourages them to trust and confide in you. Once you have earned their trust, you can start approaching the topic of attending rehabilitation for drugs.
How much does drug rehab cost?
The cost of rehab varies depending on the course of treatment you decide to take. You can give us a call today and one of our team will talk you through the cost breakdown.
How long does a drug rehab programme take?
The duration of your stay at Sanctuary Lodge is entirely up to you. We never force anyone to stay, and you can leave anytime. We offer a variety of treatment lengths depending on your preference. However, we recommend that client stay for at least four weeks, as this gives you enough time to process all the therapies and to effectively take them on board. Furthermore, extending your stay longer than a month is possible if you and our doctors think it’s beneficial for your recovery.
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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

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We look forward to helping you take your first step.

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