Legal High Addiction

Legal highs are often mistaken as a safer alternative to illegal drugs.  These are popular among those experimenting, as they are easy and legal to access.  Legal highs can be purchased from specialist shops, the internet, and even in your local supermarket, if you know what you are looking for. Addiction to legal highs is just as dangerous as any other addiction. Just because a substance is legal does not mean it is safe to use.  Just look at over-the-counter medicines or alcohol; these are legal yet they still cause fatalities.  To think that something is not harmful just because it is legal is a mistake.  Addiction drives an individual to compulsively take a substance, regardless of the consequences to their health, finances, or mental well-being.

There are many examples of legal highs currently on the market; their effects vary depending on whether they act as a stimulant (speed the body and mind up) or a depressant (slow the body and mind down). Legal highs mimic the effects of illicit drugs. Some examples of popular legal highs unclude: Benzo fury, Ivory Wave, and Bubble.  Some legal highs would not be legal if they were advertised as fit for human consumption.  Shop sellers get around the law by selling the substance as something different, such as plant food, pond cleaner, or bath salts.

Treatment for Legal High Addiction

Sanctuary Lodge provides the ideal environment in which someone can recover from legal high addiction.  Our treatment centre is a calming and healing place and offers the latest in rehabilitation treatments for legal high addiction.  All clients are fully assessed on admission by our detox specialist psychiatrist before undergoing a comprehensive and bespoke plan of treatment.

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