Ketamine rehab

Ketamine rehab allows people to take some time out of their routine and take up temporary lodgings in a safe and comfortable environment so they can begin to overcome ketamine addiction. If you are considering attending ketamine rehab, know that you’ll receive a supported ketamine detox, professional round-the-clock care, and innovative ketamine recovery therapies.

Rehab therapy group for ketamine addiction

What is ketamine recovery treatment?

Treatment for ketamine dependence is best undergone in professional rehabilitation for ketamine. Many ketamine rehab clinics provide a supported ketamine detox which will give you time to cleanse your body of all traces of the drug. You’ll also receive various ketamine treatment therapies that comprise your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Your spiritual and psychosocial requirements are also incorporated into your recovery.
In addition, you’ll reside in a new and safe atmosphere (away from ketamine triggers and temptations), which may offer you the chance to think more clearly. During your residency at a ketamine rehab, you will gain a thorough insight into how your reliance on ketamine came about, learn beneficial tools to overcome such triggers and understand how to prevent future relapse.

Do I need ketamine addiction treatment?

Perhaps you have been using ketamine for some time and find it hard to come off the drug. If so, look at the following statements. If any apply to you, it may suggest you need to get specialised help for ketamine dependence.

  • I am constantly preoccupied with thoughts about ketamine
  • I use ketamine every day
  • I feel irritable and agitated if I cannot access ketamine
  • I no longer wish to socialise with the people I once did; I only spend time with those who use ketamine
  • I am no longer interested in the things I once was before I started using ketamine
  • I have experienced problems at work or school since using ketamine
  • I have felt depressed since using ketamine
  • I have attempted to reduce my ketamine intake, but I find it hard
  • I have tried to quit ketamine, but I find it impossible

Sanctuary Lodge: What happens at our ketamine rehab?

Rehab support

If you choose to receive treatment at our ketamine rehabilitation clinic, we assure you that you’ll get expert care throughout your stay. As soon as you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a team member and assessed by a certified psychologist before being introduced to your support group, therapists and care workers. In addition, you’ll undergo a blend of clinical and holistic therapies throughout your stay to address your ketamine dependency and improve your long-term mental health.

We don’t want our ketamine rehab to feel like a hospital; we want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so in our home, you’ll have access to comfortable rooms, a gym and a spacious garden where you can take some time to inhale fresh air and clear your mind. Plus, we’ll ensure you get quality nutrition, as we have a private chef prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What ketamine recovery treatment do we offer?

We are resolved to help you overcome ketamine dependence for good. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide an assortment of therapies and treatments which encompasses psychological, spiritual, and emotional restoration. These effective therapy sessions are carefully put together in your recovery plan to fit your needs. Such treatments can be, but are not limited to:

Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

DBT is a form of talking therapy that has been highly useful in helping people to address the emotional and mental aspects of ketamine reliance. It helps combat ketamine dependence by underlining negative thought patterns that encourage ketamine use. During DBT, your therapist will help you identify your core emotional triggers and show how they drive your psychological cravings for ketamine. Once equipped with this knowledge, you can steer your thoughts and emotions away from ketamine and redirect them to a healthier place.

Group therapy

Our ketamine rehab offers group therapy sessions where residents can share their thoughts in an open and safe space, facilitated by a psychologist. It’s important to understand there is no pressure to talk if you don’t want to. Simply listening to others reminds us we are not fighting ketamine dependency alone; we grow in solidarity through our shared experiences and empathy. This is likely to encourage you further toward recovery.

Let’s take the next step together

If you’re ready to break free from a reliance on ketamine once and for all, then we believe ketamine rehab can work as the springboard to long-lasting recovery. It’s natural to have questions about ketamine rehab and ketamine recovery therapies, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our support team will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I leave ketamine rehab?
At Sanctuary Lodge, your treatment doesn’t end the moment you leave. We are dedicated to supporting your recovery after ketamine rehab by providing a one-year free aftercare programme, available to all clients who’ve stayed with us. Furthermore, our alumni community creates and maintains an established support network for those in recovery to offer advice, inspiration, and encouragement to each other- so that no one feels alone in their recovery from ketamine.
How long does it take to recover from ketamine?
There is no straight answer for how long it takes for someone to recover from a ketamine dependence and it’s worth mentioning that recovery is a life-long process. However, after a successful detox, clients can fully integrate in treatment therapies to help them work on any underlying issues that contributed to ketamine dependency. The more a person stays connected to their therapy treatments, and their personal coping mechanisms, the more chance they have at maintaining recovery.
How can I convince a loved one to enter a drug rehab centre?
Attending drug rehab is a decision that must be made by the person addicted. It’s futile to force or bribe a person to get help for ketamine dependence if they’re not ready, and it will only bring further stress for all involved. We understand how challenging it can be to watch loved ones be in denial about their drug dependence. But the best thing you can do is ensure your loved one knows you are supporting them. Then, once you have received their trust, you can initiate the conversation towards ketamine rehab.
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