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If you’re ready to book into Sanctuary Lodge, you should feel very proud of yourself. It can be a little scary because you know a big change is on the horizon. Stay close to positive friends and loved ones, and remember to focus on the future and the long term. It can aid some people who are entering treatment to make plans for what they’re going to do when they come back home. Remember, once you’re sober, you’re back on track to being the best version of yourself.

Sanctuary Lodge is a CQC-registered facility with luxurious rooms, chef-cooked meals, gym, relaxation and recreation room, a room for holistic therapy and much more. We have curated the ideal space for you to heal and recover.

Booking into Treatment

Man booking into treatment

Firstly, you’ll decide which length of stay is best. We offer seven-day, 14-day and 28-day courses of treatment for people suffering from alcohol, cannabis, opiates, benzodiazepine, amphetamine, methamphetamine, prescription and over-the-counter drug addictions. Our holistic approach addresses body, spirit and mind. The priority of our process is to help you withdraw as safely and comfortably as possible while giving you therapy that helps you overcome addiction long-term.

We then send over a comprehensive questionnaire to determine the level of treatment you require. Our medical team also requires a brief history of your affliction to make sure your treatment plan is tailored to your exact needs. All admissions are pre-booked but, in most cases, we can offer you a luxurious room within our renowned treatment facility within 24 hours.

Once you’ve decided the length of treatment that is right for you, we ask for a deposit to secure your place. You’ll pay the full balance upon arrival. You can phone us, email us or use the live chat function on our website; our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter how small they may seem. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

Before Arriving…

Before arriving at rehab

Once you’ve taken the commendable step of booking into treatment, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for your stay with us. If you feel stressed or worried, don’t worry — it’s completely normal. We recommend that you tie up any financial or legal loose ends and make sure you have arranged for someone to take care of your children or pets. It’s also really important that you spend some quality time with positive friends and loved ones in your life.

You can reach out to them and express gratitude for their support as well as letting them know exactly where you’re going and why. That way, they can help you to hold yourself accountable when you return.

What can I bring?

  • Toiletries
  • Nightwear
  • Exercise gear
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Outdoor clothes
  • Medication
  • Umbrella
  • Sundries
  • Pictures
  • Mobile phone (you won’t be able to use it initially, but limited use is permitted later on)
  • iPod or radio
  • Laptop (on an individual basis)

What can’t I bring?

We need your focus to be on recovery, so we don’t recommend that you bring any reading material with you. We allow watching television and listening to the radio during leisure time but prefer that clients focus on the course material instead of any personal reading material. We do not permit the following items:

  • Illicit drugs or alcohol
  • Any form of weapon or dangerous object
  • Sharp objects such as knives, scissors, needles and razor blades
  • Non-prescribed medication
  • Aerosols or perfume
  • Mouthwash that contains alcohol

Upon Arrival…

Arriving at rehab

information you’ll need for your stay with us, including a timetable of therapy sessions and activities.

Sober living drivers are trained to be aware of the sensitive circumstances of your journey and will do everything they can to put you at ease.

Assessment and detoxification

The assessment we carry out upon arrival is done by a psychiatrist who specialises in detoxification. When you’ve taken a substance for a prolonged period, physical dependence occurs. In this case, you’ll need to undergo a process to safely remove the substance from your system. In some instances, you may be offered medically assisted detox to help ease the negative feelings associated with withdrawal. A team of nurses and medical professionals is on hand 24 hours a day.

Settling in

Upon arrival, we’ll give you a timetable that outlines your rehab programme. New arrivals are often excited by the variety and quality of treatments available. Our caring team does everything they can to help clients settle in, ensuring they know they’ll be safe and as comfortable as possible throughout their stay. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet your peers, who will become a vital support network during rehab.

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Sanctuary Lodge is a state-of-the-art drug and alcohol rehab with the expertise to treat all substance addictions. Learn more here.

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We will help you remain committed to your recovery with a years’ free aftercare. Learn more here.

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Sanctuary Lodge provides a bespoke treatment plan designed around your needs. Learn more about how rehab works here.

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If you have set your mind on admitting yourself or a loved one into our rehab, we can provide a free bed within 24-hours.

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