Crystal meth rehab

Crystal meth is a very potent drug, one which can result in dangerous consequences for those using it if not properly addressed. While crystal meth addiction can be difficult to break free from, this condition is still highly treatable, especially if you choose a crystal meth rehab programme that aligns with your specific needs.

In crystal meth rehab, clients will undergo a safe and thorough crystal meth detox, addressing their physical dependence before they move on to the next stages of treatment.

Group therapy for crystal meth addiction

What is the point of crystal meth rehab?

For those entering a rehabilitation centre for crystal meth, the aim is to break our client’s physical and psychological dependence on the drug so that they can leave us with the necessary tools to lead healthier lives, free from the clutches of the substance. In a safe and comfortable environment, clients will have access to various types of therapeutic intervention to address their issues with crystal meth, ensuring that they can recover safely and successfully.

Signs that you might need rehab for crystal meth

If you are unsure about whether you require rehab treatment for crystal meth, consult with the statements below, and if any of them apply to you, it might be necessary to engage in drug rehab.

  • Your family and friends are noticing the effect that crystal meth is having on your well-being.
  • You feel that you need to use crystal meth just to feel ‘normal’.
  • You need a new environment to get away from people that continuously take crystal meth.
  • You have noticed drastic changes to your mood, experiencing feelings like irritability or aggression when you do not have access to crystal meth.
  • You have previously tried to come off crystal meth but failed to do so.

What are my options for crystal meth treatment?

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It can seem overwhelming to determine which course of treatment is best for you, especially when there are so many options out there. Fortunately, there are a number of options available for crystal meth treatment, with can be tailored to match your specific needs.
Two choices for crystal meth rehab are inpatient and outpatient services. Outpatient treatment consists of regular daytime sessions, with clients not required to stay in the facility outside of working hours. Inpatient treatment instead involves clients residing in the facility for the entirety of their treatment, filling days with structured activities and twenty-four-hour support and guidance from staff throughout their stay. We would recommend inpatient services above outpatient rehab for crystal meth, as this gives clients ample time to adjust to clean living, increasing their chances of lasting recovery after having left a centre.
At inpatient facilities, there are also different treatment lengths available, ranging from seven days to twenty-eight-day stays. It might at first seem tempting to opt for the shorter course of treatment; however, for a more intensive experience, one which can tackle all areas of your crystal meth dependence, we would recommend allowing more time at a facility to become fully acquainted with your environment and the activities available to you.

Benefits of crystal meth treatment at Sanctuary Lodge

Round-the-clock care

When you first arrive at rehab, you might feel fatigued and slightly more run down than usual. This means that you could find it difficult to carry out basic tasks that were once trouble-free, such as making yourself a healthy meal or keeping your space tidy. At Sanctuary Lodge, we are equipped to take care of whatever needs you might have, with our in-house chef preparing balanced meals to ensure that your body is well-nourished as you begin the healing process. We also provide regular monitoring and medical support, ensuring that your recovery journey is safe and risk-free.

Highly trained, compassionate staff

All our staff at Sanctuary Lodge are highly trained with a wealth of experience in the field of crystal meth treatment, which means you can feel confident in the quality of your care. As many of our staff are in recovery themselves and have successfully overcome various substance and behavioural dependencies, they can offer a unique perspective, understanding your concerns and fears as they themselves have been in the same position.

A holistic approach to crystal meth treatment

At Sanctuary Lodge, we treat our clients holistically. This means that we address all the requirements of the individual, catering to their physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. We have found that this approach covers all the bases, assuring that every person who enters our facility will receive a great balance of therapeutic activities, all fit to suit them. Some of the holistic treatments highly valuable in treating crystal meth include:

12-step Therapy. This therapy is a well-established model in recovery, providing a structured set of steps for clients to systematically approach their crystal meth dependence and work through each step head-on. In a collective environment, this allows clients to overcome their problems with the mutual support of like-minded people.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This therapy is such an effective tool in overcoming the constraints of crystal meth dependence as it allows clients to analyse their own patterns of thought and behaviour, helping them understand why their issues manifested in the first place, as well as developing methods to prevent these behaviours if these negative thoughts should ever reoccur in the future.

Family Support Programme – At Sanctuary Lodge, we believe that a vital element in recovery also involves mending the relationships torn apart by crystal meth dependence, helping to rebuild and heal, and giving families a safe space to open up and communicate in a healthy way as they forge the path toward a better future.

Find out more about crystal meth rehab

Deciding to pull yourself up from under the weight of crystal meth dependence might at first seem impossible, but with the continued support and dedication of our fantastic staff, we can help to lift some of the weight off your shoulders, preparing you for a journey toward positive change. If you would like to learn more about rehab for crystal meth, or any additional services that we offer, contact a member of our team right away for more information.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to recover from crystal meth?
While every individual will have different requirements for their treatment depending on their personal circumstances, it usually takes up to two weeks to combat your physical reliance on crystal meth, followed by a number of weeks of therapeutic activities and intervention. To ensure a successful, lasting recovery and a fully comprehensive plan of treatment, we would recommend a twenty-eight-day stay at crystal meth rehab.
What happens during crystal meth rehab?
Over the course of your stay at Sanctuary Lodge, our team will work together to help you through your treatment plan, designed to tackle each aspect of your dependence. This ensures that you will leave us well-equipped and with all the necessary tools to secure a long-lasting recovery from crystal meth.
Do I have to pay for crystal meth rehab?
If you are anxious to get started on a recovery programme as soon as possible, inpatient crystal meth rehab through a private clinic may be necessary, as free clinics tend to incur long waiting times. Private rehab incurs a fee to cover the costs of medication, food, qualified addiction therapists, in-house chef, holistic therapy sessions and aftercare. If you would like to learn more, do not hesitate to contact a member of our team right away.
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