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Our range of help guides at Sanctuary Lodge provide a plethora of valuable information on how to navigate various scenarios an individual is likely to encounter when dealing with an addiction, be it their own, or the addiction of a loved one. Read through these help guides to get a better understanding of each of these scenarios and how to better approach them. Our help guides can help you learn how you can provide help to someone going through an addiction, how you can seek help for your own addiction, or how you can continue recovery through various obstacles you may face after leaving rehab.

Staging an intervention

How to stage an intervention

Many individuals find that an intervention provides a crucial roadmap for recovery by connecting them with necessary resources and providing them with critical support as they journey down the road to healing and wellness…

Relapse prevention

Relapse prevention resources and techniques

Addiction relapse is a very normal and common part of recovery. In fact, it is estimated that anywhere from 40 to 60% of people in addiction recovery will experience at least one relapse…

Alcohol addiction CAGE questionaire

Alcohol addiction CAGE questionnaire

The CAGE questionnaire is used by many mental health professionals as a screening test to identify potential alcohol problems. Click  below to take the questionaire….

Detox at home

Detox at home

It is important to understand the risks associated with the detox process and prepare for any withdrawal symptoms you might face Click the ‘read more’ button below to learn more…

How to help an alcoholic

How to help an alcoholic

While friends and family often bear the brunt of a loved one’s alcohol addiction, they can also be the best placed to help them overcome their addiction. Click the ‘read more’ button below to learn more…

Detox at home

Drug addiction DAST-10 questionnaire

The DAST-10 drug addiction questionnaire is a diagnostic questionnaire may be used as the first step in determining if your drug use has developed into an addiction…


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