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Anyone can fall into the dangerous cycle of addiction, and it can feel especially challenging to overcome this without the right help. While it may not feel like it, you are making a fundamental first step just by recognising that rehab may be beneficial.

The rehabilitation process begins with detox, alongside regular addiction therapy and activities. Rehab is fundamental to the recovery process as it provides you with the support and guidance you need to see the other side of your dependence. Here at Sanctuary Lodge, our rehab professionals stand ready to help you achieve sobriety as you move forward into a healthier life.

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What is rehab?

Someone struggling with a dependency, either on a substance or behaviour, will need to undergo a process to tackle both the physical and psychological aspects of their condition safely so they can begin the healing process.

Inpatient rehabilitation is considered the most effective form of treatment, requiring clients to live on the premises for the entirety of their stay, in safe and peaceful settings with regular support from trained professionals. Another form of rehabilitation is outpatient rehab, consisting of non-residential treatment and access to therapy in scheduled daytime sessions.

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How does inpatient rehab work?

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Once your body is free of drugs or alcohol, your mind will need time to heal. While every rehab centre will be different, there will always be some form of therapy involved alongside detox, providing clients with the tools necessary to talk through and examine their unhealthy relationships with habit-forming substances or behaviours.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we use a diverse number of treatments tailored to suit every client’s individual needs. In a safe, structured environment free from external pressures this will give you much-needed space to focus entirely on yourself and what your personal goals might be moving forward in treatment. You will be part of a treatment plan bursting with activities, including group outings, educational classes and both individual and group therapy. After that, time is set aside for private therapy sessions and your own recreation and leisure.

Benefits of getting well with Sanctuary Lodge

There are numerous benefits that come with getting well at a rehabilitation centre like Sanctuary Lodge. Some of these include:

Safe and comfortable surroundings

Across each of our facilities, your comfort is our priority, and we have taken every opportunity to cultivate a home away from home, free from all the external stressors present in day-to-day life. We have found that this improves your focus and overall mood, settled in a new environment with a new perspective, surrounded by like-minded individuals and friendly staff.

Holistic treatments

Part of the reason we encourage an intensive stay at one of our centres is because of the extraordinary effects of our holistic approach to therapy. We aim to treat our clients as a whole, catering to their mental, spiritual, and physical needs whilst they are in our care. Some of the treatments we provide include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) – is a well-established psychotherapeutic treatment which helps clients to examine the link between their perception of the world and the decisions that they make. Helping to establish some of the negative thought patterns that can make newfound sobriety so difficult, this highly effective mode of treatment is a fantastic resource for lasting recovery.
  • Group Therapy – is an incredibly valuable resource in creating a sense of community and mutual support in our centres. While speaking is not compulsory, listening can be great in gaining perspective and feeling unified with others in their recovery journeys.
  • Art Therapy – extends beyond traditional talk therapies, offering our clients a chance to express complex emotions that cannot be expressed verbally. We are proud to offer bespoke art therapy, which will allow you to visualise and express your thoughts creatively. As a result, you will gain a unique insight into your own thoughts and feelings surrounding your dependence, working forward to express and relieve these emotions in a healthy way.

Help for the whole family

Addiction is a condition that does not just affect the person suffering, but it can also wreak havoc on the lives of loved ones having to witness these events unfold and feeling powerless to stop them. For this reason, we at Sanctuary Lodge see the involvement of family and friends as invaluable to the recovery of our clients. Our family support programme offers an opportunity to be a part of a loved one’s journey to health and healing.

What can be treated at Sanctuary Lodge?

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It is possible to become dependent on almost anything, from substances to behaviours. At Sanctuary Lodge, we cater to a wide range of dependencies, and some of the treatments we provide include:

How much does rehab typically cost?

How much rehab costs will depend on a variety of factors, such as how long you intend to stay with us and your unique requirements for treatment. However, when you consider just how much your dependence might be costing you, financially, physically and emotionally, this price is going to be far greater than a stay with us to overcome these unhealthy behaviours.
If you are wondering why our rehab incurs a fee, it is used to cover a variety of different living expenses, some of which include:

  • The cost of food prepared by our in-house chef at the facility.
  • Treatment costs (all carried out by medical professionals trained in their field.)
  • Comfortable lodgings with all necessary amenities.
  • Medication charges (if required.)

While it might at first seem overwhelming to make this investment into rehabilitation, it is important to remember that this is the first step in breaking your dependence and beginning a new journey toward health and healing. If you would like to find out a precise rate for rehab which matches your specific requirements, reach out to a member of our team right away for more information.

Recovery is possible

Beginning to free yourself from the clutches of your dependence can seem like one of the most frightening things you might ever have to do, but it can also be one of the most transformative. From all of us at Sanctuary Lodge, we would like to remind you that wherever you are on your journey, we have seen countless others walk through our doors with similar fears, leaving with a fresh perspective and a new approach to recovery. Staffed by our friendly counsellors, dedicated support workers and experienced healthcare professionals, together, they will help you move through every stage of recovery with comfort and ease. If you would like to learn more about the rehab process, please do not hesitate to contact us right away.

Frequently asked questions

How old do I have to be to access a rehab treatment programme?
In order to attend a course of treatment at Sanctuary Lodge, you will need to be eighteen or over. However, we are aware that this condition can affect just about anyone, regardless of their age. One of our sister centres, Banbury Lodge, is registered to treat addiction and eating disorders in young people from sixteen and up.
What happens after rehab treatment?
We know that returning to everyday living after completing a rehab programme can be challenging. We value the efforts of our clients to keep on track, so we offer a year of free aftercare, as well as access to UKAT Alumni, one of the largest recovery communities in the UK. UKAT’s rehabilitation specialists make sure that you or your loved one leaves our facilities with a plan for the future in place. Attending fellowship meetings is also encouraged to maintain motivation for recovery.
How can I convince a loved one to agree to treatment?
While it can be painful to watch someone you love fall into the clutches of their dependency, it is important to remember that you cannot push someone to enter treatment, as this is ultimately a decision that only your loved one can make.
What are the most effective treatments for addiction?
There is no particular treatment that works best for recovery, as everyone will resonate with different therapies. At Sanctuary Lodge, we utilise a combination of holistic therapies to ensure that clients experience a range of different approaches and leave us with all the tools they need, not just for abstinence in the short-term, but to secure long-lasting recovery.

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