Benzodiazepine rehab

Benzo abuse is a serious problem in the UK, but benzodiazepine rehab offers real hope for recovery. At benzo rehab, you will receive all the medical care, support and guidance you need to help build a foundation for a sober future. If you or someone you know is struggling with benzodiazepines, don’t hesitate to reach out for help. At Sanctuary Lodge, we have helped many people through benzodiazepine rehab and go on to achieve long-term recovery.

Rehab therapy group for Benzodiazepine addiction

What is benzodiazepine rehab?

Benzodiazepine rehab is a type of treatment that is specifically designed to help people who are suffering from benzodiazepine addiction. The aim of benzodiazepine rehab is to help you stop taking benzos and to give you the tools and knowledge you need to live a life free from benzo abuse.

The safest and most effective way to undergo benzodiazepine abuse treatment is at a professional benzodiazepine rehab centre. There are two main options for this: inpatient benzo rehab and outpatient benzo rehab.

Inpatient benzodiazepine rehab

Inpatient benzodiazepine rehab is when you stay at the benzo rehab facility for the duration of your treatment. It provides a completely immersive recovery environment that allows you to focus solely on your treatment without having to worry about distractions or triggers in your everyday life. You will have no access to benzos and will have 24/7 support from the team at the rehab centre.

Outpatient benzodiazepine rehab

Outpatient benzodiazepine rehab is where you live at home and attend weekly group therapy sessions. This option is usually considered to be more convenient for people who have responsibilities such as work or childcare and so can’t take extended periods of time away from their life. However, outpatient benzodiazepine rehab is rarely as effective as inpatient benzodiazepine rehab. This is because you will still be exposed to potential triggers and will have easy access to benzos.

For this reason, Sanctuary Lodge provides comprehensive inpatient benzodiazepine abuse treatment to all of our clients including benzodiazepine detox, rehab and aftercare.

Do I need benzodiazepine rehab?

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There are a number of questions to ask yourself which may point to your need for benzodiazepine abuse treatment:

  • Do I take higher doses of benzos than prescribed or recommended?
  • Do I feel like I need to take benzos just to get through the day?
  • Are there negative consequences in my life as a result of my continued benzo use?
  • Have I obtained benzos from sources other than my doctor?
  • Have I tried to quit taking benzos but been unsuccessful?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from entering a benzodiazepine rehab programme. Get in touch with Sanctuary Lodge today and we can help you get the treatment you need.

Inpatient benzodiazepine rehab at Sanctuary Lodge

At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide a range of different therapies and treatments as part of our inpatient benzodiazepine rehab programme. This includes:

A 12-step recovery programme – 12-step is a tried and tested method of recovery that has helped millions of people achieve successful long-term recovery. It was first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and has since been adapted for use in other areas of recovery treatment including benzodiazepine rehab.

One-to-one counselling – This provides you with a space to talk openly and honestly about your benzodiazepine use and any other issues you are struggling with. It is a key part of the healing process and can help you to develop healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with difficult emotions. Our Sanctuary Lodge therapists are not only qualified experts, but they have also been through rehab themselves so they really understand what you are going through.

Group therapy – Group therapy is a chance for you to share your benzodiazepine experiences and learn from others who are going through similar things. Group therapy is very important because it helps to reduce feelings of isolation and fosters a community spirit in benzo rehab.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) – This is a type of therapy that focuses on changing negative thought patterns and behaviours surrounding benzodiazepines. CBT has many practical applications in recovery such as helping you to manage triggers and cravings, develop healthy coping mechanisms and overcome low self-esteem.

Motivational interviewing (MI) – MI helps you to identify your goals for recovery and develop a plan for achieving them. It can be very helpful in benzodiazepine rehab because it gives you a sense of purpose and motivation to stay on track with your treatment.

Family therapy – This is an opportunity for you to repair damaged relationships caused by benzodiazepines and start to rebuild trust with your loved ones. It is a key part of the healing process and can help to ensure long-term recovery.

These are just some of the therapies and treatments that we offer at Sanctuary Lodge. All are designed to help you understand the underlying causes of your condition, develop healthier benzo-free coping mechanisms and provide the tools you need for long-term recovery after you leave benzodiazepine rehab. To find out more about our benzodiazepine abuse treatment, get in touch with us today.

What types of Benzodiazepines need rehab?

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There are a number of benzodiazepine-based prescription drugs on which people can become dependent. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide prescription drug rehab for a number of these, including:

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How to stay benzo-free after leaving rehab

Benzodiazepine relapse is a return to using the drug after benzodiazepine rehab or a period of abstinence. Leaving benzodiazepine rehab can be a difficult time and it’s important to be prepared for the challenges of life outside treatment. There are a number of things you can do to help ensure you stay sober, such as:

  • Attending aftercare sessions
  • Staying in touch with your therapist or counsellor
  • Practising healthy coping mechanisms learned at benzo rehab
  • Attending support groups
  • Building a strong network of family and friends
  • Avoiding high-risk situations

It is important to remember that one slip-up is not the end of the world and is often a part of the recovery process. If you do give in to your cravings once, it is important not to let that undo your hard work. Speak to your therapist, counsellor or support network and see what you can do to get back on track.

Tips for a successful benzodiazepine rehab

If you are committed to making a change, benzodiazepine rehab can be an effective way to overcome your condition and get your life back on track. Here are our top tips for a successful experience:

Commit fully to the programme

Benzodiazepine rehab is not a quick fix; recovery takes time, effort and commitment. To make the most of your time in rehab, it’s important to be fully committed to the programme. This means being open to new ideas, willing to try different things and ready to put in the hard work it takes to overcome benzodiazepines. As with so much in life, you will only get out of rehab what you put in.

Stay open-minded

Some of our clients enter benzodiazepine rehab with preconceptions about rehab or specific therapies. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and what works for you may not work for another. Be open-minded about the different therapies on offer and you may well be surprised about which ones you actually enjoy and find the most effective.

Involve your family

The role of family and friends in benzodiazepine rehab is vital. They can provide support, love and understanding when you need it most. At the same time, they can also hold you accountable for your actions and help you to stay on track with your recovery. Family support therapy, conjoints (special UKAT therapist-led family sessions) and visitations can all play a huge role in your recovery from benzodiazepines.

Build relationships with rehab staff and other clients

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The relationships you build with staff and other clients during benzodiazepine rehab can be crucial to your success. These people are all going through (or have been through) what you’re experiencing and understand the challenges you face. They can provide support, advice and friendship when you need it most, both during and after benzodiazepine rehab.

The next step

If you are in need of benzodiazepine rehab, get in touch with Sanctuary Lodge today. We can help you to overcome your condition and get your life back on track.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose Sanctuary Lodge for my benzodiazepine rehab?
Sanctuary Lodge is a state-of-the-art benzo rehab facility with nineteen en-suite bedrooms, on-site nurses and a Consultant Psychologist providing expert care. We have a fully equipped gym, private chef and other fantastic facilities which make us one of the UK’s best benzodiazepine rehab centres. For more information about Sanctuary Lodge, get in touch with our admissions team.
How long does benzo rehab treatment take?
As a general rule, the longer you commit to benzodiazepine rehab, the better. This is because you will have more time to address the underlying issues that led to your condition, as well as learn healthy coping mechanisms and develop a strong support network. We understand, however, that not everyone can commit to an extended period in rehab so Sanctuary Lodge offers two-week, four-week, eight-week and twelve-week benzodiazepine rehab programmes.
How can I help a loved one into benzodiazepine rehab?
If you have a loved one who needs benzo rehab, the best thing you can do is to encourage them to seek help. This may mean attending support groups with them, helping them to research different rehab centres or simply being there for them when they need someone to talk to. Once they are in benzo rehab, make the most of visiting times to provide continued support and help them through difficult moments.
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