Stimulant Addiction Treatment (Rehab and Detox)

Stimulant addiction can feel like a relentless cycle of highs and lows, severely impacting your physical and mental health. At Sanctuary Lodge, we understand just how tough the recovery process can be, and we offer a supportive, immersive environment where you can rebuild a healthier, substance-free life. Our three-stage stimulant addiction treatment has been expertly designed to address the complexity of the condition, unpack its root cause and help you build new, effective strategies for dealing with life’s challenges.

Sanctuary Lodge provides prescription drug detox and prescription drug rehab for several stimulants, including:

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Adderall rehab

Adderall addiction treatment focuses on addressing both the physical dependence and the psychological aspects of dependency. You will undergo a combination of medically monitored detox, behavioural therapy and ongoing relapse prevention.

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Focalin rehab

Focalin is designed to help with concentration, but Focalin addiction can sneak up if you start relying on it beyond medical advice for that extra stamina. Look out for stimulant addiction red flags, such as experiencing intense cravings, and seek help immediately if needed.

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Ritalin rehab

Ritalin addiction treatment starts with a medically assisted detox process to manage withdrawal symptoms, followed by intensive psychological counselling safely. Therapy sessions are designed to uncover underlying issues that led to Ritalin use and to teach coping mechanisms to prevent relapse.

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Stage one of treatment: Medical stimulant detox

Detox, short for detoxification, is the process of allowing the body to remove stimulants from its system. Medical detox, such as that offered at Sanctuary Lodge, means that this process takes part under professional medical observation to manage the uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms that detox can trigger.

Stimulant detox is necessary not just for clearing your body of addictive substances but also for allowing your systems to start recovering from the effects of prolonged drug use. It is the first critical step in the journey to recovery, setting a foundation for effective therapy.

At Sanctuary Lodge, our professional medical detox team will ensure you are kept safe and comfortable during the stimulant withdrawal stage. They will ensure your health is stabilised, there is no risk of relapse or complications, and you have the best possible recovery foundations to build upon going into the next stages.

Preparing for stimulant withdrawal

Understanding what to expect during stimulant withdrawal can help you prepare both mentally and physically. Stimulant withdrawal symptoms for prescription drugs like Ritalin, Focalin and Adderall often include both psychological and physical reactions.

On a psychological level, you may experience:

Physically, stimulant withdrawal symptoms also include:

  • Fatigue
  • Changes in sleep patterns, such as insomnia
  • Difficulties getting comfortable
  • Muscle aches and tension

While these symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are a sign that your body is beginning to heal from the physical harm done by prescription drug addiction.

What is the stimulant withdrawal timeline?

The stimulant withdrawal timeline varies depending on the specific drug and usage patterns, but generally, symptoms begin within a few hours to days after the last dose, peak within the first week and gradually lessen over the following weeks.

However, anyone undergoing stimulant detox must understand that some psychological symptoms, like cravings and mood swings, can persist for months. This requires ongoing support and management, which Sanctuary Lodge provides as part of your stimulant addiction treatment.

Stage two: Stimulant rehab treatment

Stimulant rehab treatment aims to address both the mental and behavioural aspects of drug use through evidence-based therapy and counselling. It is designed to help you understand and manage the underlying psychological factors that contributed to your reliance on stimulants so that you can work through them. This allows for greater personal accountability, enhanced self-awareness and the development of effective coping strategies for stress and stimulant abuse triggers.

At Sanctuary Lodge, our stimulant rehab treatment will help you make meaningful changes that will help you long after you leave our centre. Our programme focuses on building life skills that will help prevent relapse, improving communication skills and fostering healthier relationships. We provide an immersive, inpatient experience where you will be shielded from temptations, have the time to explore your issues and receive encouragement and support from peers and therapists.

Sanctuary Lodge’s stimulant rehab therapy programme

Sustained recovery requires a diverse range of therapeutic approaches to address the unique challenges presented by stimulant addiction. At Sanctuary Lodge, our stimulant rehab therapy programme includes:

Individual therapy
This personalised therapy allows you to explore the underlying reasons for your stimulant use in a confidential setting. It connects you with a professional therapist who will work closely with you to develop new coping mechanisms for handling stress and anxiety without the need for stimulants.
Group therapy
Sharing your journey with others facing similar struggles can be immensely inspiring. Group therapy provides a platform for mutual support and understanding, allowing you to gain different perspectives on recovery to implement in your own life.
Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
DBT, a highly effective approach for stimulant addiction, concentrates on modifying thought patterns and behaviours associated with drug use. It equips you with tools to manage cravings and steer clear of relapse triggers post-treatment at Sanctuary Lodge.
Family therapy
Since stimulant abuse often puts an enormous strain on relationships, family therapy seeks to involve your loved ones in your recovery process. This helps to improve communication, repair trust and educate your family on how to support you going forward.
Yoga therapy
Yoga promotes physical strength and flexibility while enhancing mental focus and relaxation. For those recovering from stimulants, it provides a healthy way to regulate mood and stress which may have been previously done through drug use.
Meditation and mindfulness
These practices are vital in helping you develop greater self-awareness and emotional control, key components in managing the impulsivity often associated with stimulant use.

Stage three: Stimulant relapse prevention planning

Stimulant detox and rehab are just the start of what is likely to be a lifelong challenge, and the initial transition can be particularly tricky. You may experience various obstacles in the weeks and months after leaving Sanctuary Lodge but our relapse prevention planning will give you everything you need to meet them head on. Key strategies in an effective relapse prevention plan include:

  • Attending aftercare: Sanctuary Lodge understands the importance of continued care, offering free group therapy for a year post-rehab. This commitment ensures that you remain supported as you navigate the complexities of recovery after leaving the safety of our centre.
  • Trigger identification and management: Learning to identify and manage triggers is key to preventing relapse. During your stay at Sanctuary Lodge, we will help you recognise specific situations, emotions or people that increase your risk of using stimulants and develop strategies to manage them effectively.
  • Support group attendance: Regular attendance at support groups like NA (Narcotics Anonymous) provides peer support and accountability, which are vital for maintaining sobriety.
  • Living an overall healthy life: It may sound simple but adopting healthy lifestyle changes, such as regular exercise and a balanced diet can improve your physical and mental health, reducing the urge to use stimulants.
  • Learning to manage stress: You will learn various stress management techniques during rehab, such as mindfulness and relaxation exercises, which are essential tools for managing stress without resorting to stimulant use.
  • Staying connected to a support network: Maintaining strong connections with your support network, including family, friends and therapists, ensures you have the emotional backing needed to stay strong in your recovery journey.

Begin stimulant addiction treatment today

Sanctuary Lodge offers comprehensive treatment for stimulant addiction that will equip you with the tools necessary for a successful recovery. From our expert-led therapy sessions to our supportive aftercare programme, we are committed to helping you regain control of your life once and for all.

If you or a loved one is struggling with stimulant addiction, reach out to Sanctuary Lodge today and take the first step towards a healthier, stimulant-free future.


Can I detox from stimulants at home?
Detoxing from stimulants at home is never recommended due to potential health risks and the high chance of relapse. Stimulant withdrawal can be physically and emotionally challenging and medical supervision in a detox facility like Sanctuary Lodge ensures safety and provides emotional and medicinal support.
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