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What is amphetamine rehab?

Amphetamine rehabilitation is the process of getting over a reliance on amphetamines through specialist treatment. This is often necessary because stopping amphetamines on your own can be very challenging and even dangerous owing to the symptoms of amphetamine withdrawal.

Amphetamine rehab centres like Sanctuary Lodge provide a safe, controlled setting where you can address the root causes of your dependency and learn how to deal with cravings and triggers. This will not just enable you to stop using amphetamines in the near term, but it will also set the groundwork for long-term recovery.

Amphetamine rehab options

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There are two main options for amphetamine rehab: outpatient and inpatient

Outpatient amphetamine rehab

Also known as day rehab, outpatient amphetamine rehab is when you go to a treatment centre or clinic for weekly group therapy sessions so you can continue to live at home while receiving treatment. While this may appear at first to be the most convenient option, its effectiveness is often limited as you are still exposed to the same people, places and things that led you to use amphetamines in the first place. This means it can be very easy to relapse.

Inpatient amphetamine rehab

Inpatient or residential rehab is a more immersive type of amphetamine recovery treatment during which you will stay at a specialist rehab centre like Sanctuary Lodge until you have completed your amphetamine recovery programme. During this time, you will be physically shielded from your normal triggers, cravings and negative influences so you can put all your energy into addressing them head-on in therapy. This is usually seen as the most effective option for recovery as it allows you to completely focus on getting better.

Inpatient amphetamine rehab at Sanctuary Lodge

When you first enter Sanctuary Lodge, you will first undergo amphetamine detox. This is a crucial step in recovery as it will help to rid your body of any toxins and break your physical dependence on amphetamines.

Once that is started, you will then begin your amphetamine recovery programme, incorporating a number of different types of addiction therapy and other treatment approaches including:

One-to-one therapy: This will give you the opportunity to explore your relationship with amphetamines in more detail and identify any underlying issues that may have led to your condition. The therapists at Sanctuary Lodge have all been through recovery themselves so they can really empathise and understand what you are going through.

Group therapy: This is a great way to share your experiences with other people in similar situations, learn from each other and gain valuable peer support. It is also very useful in helping you to build relationships with the other residents. Forming these connections is an important part of amphetamine rehab as it gives you a support network to fall back on when things get tough.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): This is a type of therapy that helps you to understand the link between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. It can be very useful in helping you to change any negative thought patterns that may have contributed to your amphetamine use.

Family therapy: This is an important part of treatment as it will help to heal any rifts that have developed between you and your loved ones as a result of your amphetamine use. It will also allow you to involve them in your recovery so they can provide support and encouragement going forward.

Aftercare: Once you have completed your amphetamine recovery programme, it is important to have some kind of aftercare in place so you can prevent relapse. At Sanctuary Lodge, we offer 12-month aftercare programmes that provide ongoing weekly group therapy sessions and additional support.

Tips for successful amphetamine rehab

Drug rehab can be a turning point in your life which can lead to a better future for you and your loved ones. However, amphetamine rehab is not a passive process; you need to be willing to work hard to make it a success. Here are some tips for a successful amphetamine rehab:

Approach everything with an open mind

This means being willing to try new things and challenge your preconceptions about different types of therapy or what you need to do to overcome your condition. Some people come to amphetamine rehab thinking that there are certain therapies or activities which they won’t enjoy or find useful, only to find that these are the ones that help the most. Keep an open mind, trust in the process and you will soon see the benefits.

Commit as much time as possible to amphetamine rehab

While not everyone is in a position to commit to full-time inpatient amphetamine rehab, the more time you can dedicate to the process, the better. Amphetamine rehab is an opportunity to take time for yourself without the distractions of work, family or social obligations. This can allow you to focus on your amphetamine recovery and make the most progress possible. At Sanctuary Lodge we offer two-week, four-week, eight-week and twelve-week amphetamine rehab programmes to cater for everyone’s needs.

Involve your loved ones in the amphetamine rehab process

Amphetamine rehab is not something that you have to do alone; involving your loved ones in the process can be hugely beneficial. They can provide support and understanding, as well as help you to stick to your treatment plan when you leave rehab. At Sanctuary Lodge, we offer family therapy sessions and conjoints (special sessions where families can talk openly with you) so that everyone can be involved in the amphetamine rehab process. This will not only help you get during amphetamine recovery but will also help to repair any damage done to your relationships by your amphetamine use.

Overcoming the lies of your condition

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It is important to understand that your amphetamine addiction does not want you to get help. It wants to convince you that there is no issue so that it can keep you in its grips and isolated from people who are concerned for you. At every stage of your recovery process but particularly at this early stage when you are considering amphetamine rehab, it will tell you a number of lies to try and get you to give up on recovery. Here are some of the most common lies and the truth behind them:

“You don’t need amphetamine rehab because you can quit at any time”

This is one of the most common and damaging lies that your condition will tell you. It wants you to believe that you have control over your use and can quit whenever you want but if this was the case, you would have done so as soon as it was causing issues in your life. Amphetamines are highly potent substances that cause changes in the brain which make it very difficult to stop using without help. At amphetamine rehab, you will get that help and also receive the tools you need for long-term recovery.

“Amphetamine rehab is an expensive gimmick for celebrities”

This is another lie that your condition will tell you in an attempt to dissuade you from getting help. It wants you to think that rehab is something only rich and famous people do but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Amphetamine rehab is open to anyone who needs it and completing amphetamine recovery treatment can be the most important decision you ever make. If you are concerned about paying for amphetamine rehab, some private health insurance policies can help cover the costs and charities like Turning Point can also provide financial assistance.

“You can just give up amphetamines at home”

Your condition will try to convince you that you don’t need professional help to give up and that you can just stop using on your own. This is not only very difficult but it can also be dangerous as amphetamine overdose is a real risk if you have stopped taking drugs for a while and your tolerance has dropped. Amphetamine rehab provides a safe and controlled environment where you can give up amphetamines and acquire the skills to stay off them for the rest of your life.

Why choose Sanctuary Lodge for your amphetamine rehab?

Sanctuary Lodge has nineteen en-suite bedrooms which provide a comfortable and private space for residents while our 24/7 on-site staff ensures that help is always available when needed. In addition, we have an on-site gym and private chef, providing you with everything you need to focus on your recovery.

We believe that connection is crucial for amphetamine recovery so we provide plenty of opportunities for you to connect with the staff and other clients including quiz nights, movie nights and board games. This will help you to feel more at home and enable you to build a support network to help you through difficult times.

For more information about Sanctuary Lodge’s facilities and amphetamine recovery programmes, get in touch with us today. The sooner you get started on your recovery journey, the sooner you can begin your new life free from amphetamines.

Frequently asked questions

How can I avoid relapse after leaving amphetamine rehab?
One of the most important things you can do to avoid relapse is to make sure that you have a solid support system in place when you leave rehab. This could include family, friends, sober companions, sponsors or therapy. It is also important to participate in your aftercare programme and attend local support groups. You should also start new hobbies and activities which will help to keep you physically and mentally healthy and keep your mind off cravings.
How can I get access to an amphetamine rehab programme?
The NHS provides free outpatient amphetamine rehab but these programmes are hugely overstretched and have long waiting lists. The best way to get access to an amphetamine rehab programme is to contact a private provider like Sanctuary Lodge. We offer free assessments so that you can speak to someone about your options and find out if our amphetamine rehab programme is right for you. Get in touch with us today to find out more about amphetamine rehab at Sanctuary Lodge.
How much does amphetamine rehab cost?
The cost of amphetamine rehab varies depending on the amphetamine recovery centre you attend and the length of your rehab programme. Sanctuary Lodge offers four lengths of amphetamine rehab programmes so get in touch with us and we can talk you through the different options and their prices.
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