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Sanctuary Lodge is a private rehabilitation centre located in the beautiful town of Halstead. With consistently good ratings from the independent Care Quality Commission, we provide medical detox and comprehensive rehab programmes as well as twenty-four double ensuite bedrooms, a fully equipped gymnasium and a state-of-the-art therapy room.

We appreciate that most of our clients will come to us in a time of crisis; to that end, we have worked hard to create a high standard facility that offers a safe haven within peaceful and tranquil surroundings. Our aim is to make your stay as comfortable as possible, while at the same time offering you lifesaving and life-changing rehabilitation treatment.

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What makes us different?

Our approach

The most effective way to treat addiction is through a holistic programme incorporating a range of different therapies and treatment approaches. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide all our clients with a diverse programme including one-to-one therapy, group therapy and other specialist workshops such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This allows people to try out a few different methods and find one that works for them. Our clients and therapists work together to address every aspect of addiction, which provides the best possible chance of long-term recovery.

Inpatient care

Sanctuary Lodge is a residential rehab centre providing inpatient treatment. This means our clients stay at the clinic for the duration of their treatment. We believe that this is the most effective way to overcome addiction, as it enables us to provide holistic treatment in a comfortable, highly structured setting. Staying at the centre for rehab means that we can monitor and organise every aspect of our clients’ rehab programmes, and also means that clients are able to distance themselves from their addictive triggers and focus on their recovery.

Family support and conjoints

We understand the impact that addiction has on loved ones but we also recognise that the love and support of family can be incredibly empowering during addiction recovery. That is why we offer family support programmes to help guide and assist loved ones throughout the rehab process. We also provide sessions called conjoints which give our clients and their families a safe space to voice their feelings. Due to Covid, these sessions now take place over Zoom, in order to maintain a safe rehab environment during the pandemic.

Our team

Talking about addiction can be very difficult, and many people’s self-defence mechanisms naturally kick in when they begin their treatment. One thing that really helps our team break through these barriers is that most have been through drug and alcohol rehabilitation themselves. This enables them to use their first-hand experience as well as their therapy training and education to design workshops that will get to the heart of recovery.


Aftercare is an integral part of long-term recovery because it enables us to support our clients after they have left rehab. We invite clients back for further group sessions up to a year after they have finished treatment. This helps to provide much-needed support and reinforces what they learned and achieved during their time in our rehabilitation centre.


Another important part of aftercare is an introduction to our Alumni Network of former clients, extending the sense of community fostered at Sanctuary Lodge. We release informative newsletters, host group chats and events and provide interactive games to keep everyone in the network connected. We also make regular phone calls to check up on progress and any issues for two years. Long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment can be incredibly difficult alone, but with our Alumni programme, everyone in the network is going through the same experience so they are able to support each other.

Quick admission

One of the major setbacks of NHS addiction treatment is that there are long waiting lists. At Sanctuary Lodge, people are usually admitted within a few days of application, which means they are able to get started with their addiction recovery programme as soon as possible. Every minute counts when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab so get in touch with our admissions team, and we can talk you through the process.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we are committed to helping every one of our clients overcome their addiction and begin a new healthier, happier life. We have worked with hundreds of clients and remain in contact with many long after their treatment is finished. If you are seeking drug and alcohol rehabilitation or you have a loved one who needs help, get in touch with us today and we can help you get started on your recovery journey.

Secure and comfortable rooms
We offer nineteen ensuite bedrooms and five shared rooms, completely refurbished and decorated to a very high standard with furnishings to match. Our rooms provide everything you need ensure your personal environment is safe, secure, and comfortable.
Ideally situated
Our clinic is a large, spacious, fully residential detached facility with attractive gardens and 24/7 security. Situated in Halstead, Essex, it is within easy reach of London and local transportation links. Our clinic boasts its own well-equipped gymnasium. Here, residents integrate regular physical activity into their treatment plan, for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.
Full in-house catering
Our state-of-the-art kitchen and the dedicated and highly qualified chef mean that our patients enjoy only the highest standard of freshly prepared meals. Residents will receive a varied, delicious, and healthy menu using fresh ingredients and local produce. Our chef is able to accommodate a variety of dietary requirements and will ensure that each patient receives the required nutrients to assist in their physical and mental rehabilitation.
Free Wi-Fi
Sanctuary Lodge offers free Wi-Fi access to its residents. Clients will be able to use it during specific periods so that their leisure doesn’t interfere with the treatment for their addictions. The networks is monitored by the clinical team to ensure it is not being used inappropriately or to the detriment of the recovery process.
Laundry and cleaning services
Our clinic has its own housekeepers who ensure the clinic and its facilities are kept clean and in order. Patients have the facilities to do their own personal laundry. Bedding is regularly changed to keep personal space clean, comfortable, and hygienic.
Attractive gardens
Sanctuary Lodge is a private property with its own well-established and maintained gardens. Patients will have access to the gardens and outdoor space for regular refreshment breaks, enabling them to clear their heads, connect with nature, and have time to reflect. The clinic offers privacy and security throughout; our gardens provide a refreshing, beautiful environment for leisure and relaxation. Clients will feel safe from temptation and the outside world whilst they focus fully on their rehabilitation and recovery.
Variety of treatment rooms
Sanctuary Lodge is a purpose-built, fully integrated substance detox and addiction rehabilitation facility. Inside are purpose built one-to-one counselling rooms, group rooms, and treatment rooms, enabling us to facilitate our comprehensive holistic treatment programmes within suitable surroundings. Clients undergoing treatment at our clinic will benefit from a high standard of accommodation and treatment at an affordable price.

All bedrooms are decorated to a high standard in a neutral yet homely decoration and are well equipped to ensure maximum comfort during your stay. Many bedrooms overlook picturesque views of the surrounding countryside and parkland.

Outside, the grounds back on to fields and there is a children’s play park conveniently situated less than a minute’s walk away. During visiting times, there will also be the opportunity to explore one of the many nearby nature trails or take in the market town atmosphere and local heritage of Halstead.

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  • Open 24 hours
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  • We arrange everything
  • 1 year’s free aftercare
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