Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant that is incredibly addictive.  Its effects are intense but short-lived lived, leading the user to take more and more to chase a high.  Maintaining a cocaine habit is expensive; many find that they lose most if not all of their material possessions and some find themselves turning to crime and other harmful methods of obtaining money.  Cocaine addiction destroys families because the powerful pull of the drug is so consuming that it becomes the primary focus of the user.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a Class A stimulant drug that comes in a white powder form and is usually snorted.  Other forms of cocaine are freebase and crack, which can be injected or smoked.  Smoking and injecting delivers a more intense high to the user , as administering this way means the chemical reaches the brain much quicker than snorting  Common paraphernalia include straws, rolled up bank notes, credit cards, and razor blades for cutting the powder into lines and snorting. Crack and freebase paraphernalia include a crack pipe, but often users will make their own version of a pipe by using an empty drinks can or bottle and applying heat to the bottom. Needles and cooking equipment are generally utilised by users that are injecting.  Cocaine can be combined with heroin and injected to deliver a “snowball” ; this powerful combination gives the user a rollercoaster effect of both drugs.

Dangers of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine works by speeding up the user’s body and brain and gives an intense feeling of well-being and euphoria. The dangers are that by speeding up the heart and respiratory system, the individual could suffer a heart attack. This can happen regardless of age, sex, or health.  Cocaine also alters the perception of the individual’s mind, while intense feelings of anger and paranoia can be a side effect.  By injecting the drug, the risks are increased, with the chance of catching a blood-borne virus such as Hepatitis B and C or HIV/AIDS.  Mixing alcohol with cocaine produces another very toxic and potentially fatal chemical within the body known as Cocaethylene.

Treatment for cocaine addiction

Sanctuary Lodge provides a safe haven for those seeking recovery from cocaine addiction.  On admission, we provide a full health and psychological assessment via our detox specialist psychiatrist. Cocaine is not so much physically addictive as it is psychologically; but for those suffering anxiety and feelings or paranoia, medication may be given to ease these unpleasant symptoms in the early days.  Any detox regimen will be complemented by our holistic therapies to aid relaxation, reduce anxiety, and promote a feeling of well-being and calm. Holistic therapies also help by speeding up the process of the body by which it eliminates toxins. Clients will receive the best in medical and psychological care whilst they are with us and will undergo a full and comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation programme.  The environment we offer is supportive, non-judgmental, and very caring.