A Message From Our Founder

Eytan Alexander

“ My vision for Sanctuary Lodge was to provide a contemporary and cutting-edge treatment programme of the highest calibre in luxury surroundings that did not cost the earth. I want every addict and alcoholic to find our treatment accessible and have the opportunity to heal and recover fully.”

Sanctuary Lodge owner, Eytan Alexander, experienced first-hand the destructive powers of addiction. Eytan understands that addiction has no boundaries, knowing that it can affect anyone, regardless of their age, sex, education, or upbringing. Finding recovery himself is the driving force behind Sanctuary Lodge. Eytan believes that no individual would have sunk so low or become so hopeless to not find recovery.

Eytan is passionate about his recovery and this is reflected in the environment he has created as well as the therapies delivered at Sanctuary Lodge. Many of the staff – and indeed all of the counsellors – that work at Sanctuary Lodge are in recovery themselves. This offers them a unique advantage in understanding and treating the dysfunctional thinking and subsequent behaviours of our clients.

Eytan is a successful businessperson with strong family values. He has a successful career working in one of the City’s leading financial institutions that spans some 20 years. It was during this time that he himself found recovery ,coming to appreciate the true value of the simple things in life. Eytan has an inspiring and unwavering passion for helping others find recovery. Taking this to the next level was the inspiration behind Sanctuary Lodge.

Eytan’s Vision

“Coming in to recovery myself and beginning my own journey of self-discovery helped me develop an enthusiasm and powerful desire to help others into recovery. My vision was to create a sanctuary and safe haven whereby individuals suffering from addiction could access the best in contemporary treatment methodologies in an environment promoting love and compassion. I am fortunate enough to have been able to make this vision come true and have nothing but utter faith in the treatment delivered by a team of therapists that all excel in the field of addiction treatment.

My vision for Sanctuary lodge came in three parts:

1.  I wanted to create a treatment centre at which clients would want to come and stay. I looked in detail at the very things that I would want to make my stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. These things included my own luxury room with a large en-suite bathroom for privacy and relaxation, a warm and friendly environment that is both modern and contemporary, a well-equipped gym, great food, a feeling of peace and tranquillity, and lots of open space outside. Finding the ideal location and building to create all of this was essential to me. Sanctuary Lodge is in a quiet area with fantastic views of the surrounding countryside, and local playing fields and parks are nearby making it an ideal place for family and children to visit. The building provided the foundations in which I was able to make my vision come true.

2.  I wanted to create a place where my loved ones would be happy to send me, that would give them hope for my recovery as well as the confidence that I would be receiving the very best in care and addiction treatment. With this in mind, I was excited to have Hilary Betts come on board to head and direct the Therapeutic Team. I wanted the best and I wholeheartedly believe that Hillary can provide this. Each member of the Therapeutic Team has been carefully selected to complement the values of Sanctuary Lodge. They all bring a specialism and excellent professional experience. Each member of the team is passionate about his or her role; they work beautifully together in so many ways exceeding my expectations. The treatment programme delivered at Sanctuary Lodge is the programme that I would want my loved one to benefit from as I believe it provides the latest in innovative treatments combined with proven and powerful addiction therapy models. It is unique in that everything is covered in-house and that the trauma therapy delivered sets it apart from others.

3.  Most important of all was to create a treatment centre and environment that I myself would be happy to send my own children to if they ever fell into addiction. Everything about Sanctuary Lodge is transparent; I ensure I am involved in every aspect of its service and development to hold true to my vision and family values. Hand on heart I can say that I have created a sanctuary that I would choose to send my own children to above all others.”