Austin Fenn

Austin FennAustin has been working in the field of addiction for nearly 8 years and has been studying counselling and psychotherapy for the past 5 years. Austin specialises in 12 Step therapy, integrative counselling and working with young adults in addiction. His passion and enthusiasm for recovery is infectious and he brings to Sanctuary Lodge a wealth of experience working in the substance misuse and addiction field. Austin has provided support and counselling services to well-known rehab centres including The Priory in London and Trust The Process Counselling. He has also worked in private practise providing one to one counselling and as a Sober Living Coach for those already in recovery but seeking a deeper meaning in life, personal development and adjustment to sobriety.

“My aim is to provide a service and lead by example to those who wish to grow in sobriety and in personal development. I provide a safe confidential therapeutic frame in which my clients can explore meaning and direction. I am passionate about my work at Sanctuary lodge and believe it is an ideal medium in which I can help support many more individuals in taking those first difficult and daunting steps into recovery”