Head Chef

Lyzette Self

Lyzette is local; she has always worked in hospitality right from her first Saturday job at the baker’s in Halstead.

For the last 13 years Lyzette have been working in High Schools which, as acknowledged by her, has been very rewarding. Part of those 13 years was spent as a Function Manager where Lyzette organised many events including the wedding of the local Environmental Health Officer.

The time had come for a change as Lyzette wanted to work within an organisation focused on helping people. Short after, Lyzette has started working at Sanctuary Lodge. 

“I have seen clients arrive, going into treatment and then leaving with confidence with their new future ahead of them.”

“It pleases me to think I have played a part in their recovery and by getting to know them we have had many laughs and I am delighted to be part of the team within Sanctuary Lodge.”