Paul Smith at Sanctuary Lodge

Support Worker

Paul Smith

Paul has been in recovery for over 10 years from heroin, methadone, cocaine, alcohol and prescription drug addiction.  He found recovery through a rehabilitation centre in Luton and then started to volunteer at the treatment centre as a recovery support worker.

“I realised the importance of giving back support and encouragement to those who were going through what I had been through 3 to 4 months previously.  The support from people further down the recovery road got me through”.

Paul volunteered here for a year and then was offered part-time employment.  “I believe I was offered this opportunity as I had shown willingness and commitment to the 12 Step Program of Recovery”.  After a year of part-time work I was offered a full time position as a Sober Living Houseworker, this involved supporting the clients in the evening and night times, 2 years later he was promoted to Sober Living House Manager.  Unfortunately after 8 years he was made redundant.

“Since then, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position at Sanctuary Lodge and find the work here both challenging and rewarding.  To work alongside a committed team of therapists and support staff is uplifting, inspiring and helps me to continue in my professional and personal development”.