Zahine Ahmed Addiction Counsellor

Addiction Therapist

About Zahine Ahmed

“All people have issues. The hardest but most important is the first step to acknowledge one has an issue that requires a solution. Everyone deserves recovery no matter who we are”.

Zaheen has a passion for the field of substance abuse, rehabilitation and mental health . Zaheen has a masters in Clinical psychology, Diploma in humanistic integrative counselling working with addiction and QCF/NVQ in health and social care. He has had a lot of training including trauma work PTSD from University of Oxford , Clinical Supervision, addiction and a lot more.

Zaheen’s professional journey started in 2004 with the 12 -step rehab, AAS (Alleviate addiction suffering ), where he fell in love with recovery.

Working with addicts in various settings, CRI ( now CGL) at Southend on sea Essex & working in HMP Bullingdon prison (Cat B), as a substance counsellor with RAPT, this was a 12 Step treatment program . Running Motivational Enhancement Therapy Session , Group Therapy , Step groups and relapse prevention sessions.

Zaheen not only worked in the field of addiction but he worked for Mind as project coordinator for counselling services. He managed therapists and ran a PTSD service there while doing therapy and conducting Mental Training .

He moved to RAPT at HMP Coldingly CAT C prison, working closely with Methadone treatment with heroin addicts and delivering accredited substance misuse programme.

Zahine had also worked as a therapist a Promis looking after clients within the public eye and influential figures.