Choosing the right cocaine rehab

A survey published by the Office for National Statistics states that around 2% of the adult population in the UK (rising to 4% of those between the ages of 16 and 24) used cocaine in 2022.

Addiction is not a one-size-fits-all experience. There are as many ways for addiction to manifest as there are individuals dealing with dependency. UKAT provides specialist addiction services for addiction that foreground two key tenets of care: firstly, the role of research-led treatment, and secondly, person-centred care (PCC).

By combining innovative and individualised approaches to rehab treatment, our rehab centres provide a gold-standard of holistic care. To give yourself the best opportunity to attain long-term recovery from cocaine addiction, it is very important to choose the right rehab to set you on the path to sobriety.

Treatment for Cocaine Addiction: What are My Options?

Cocaine addiction can be particularly difficult to break out of because of the various ways the drug interacts with the limbic system and dopaminergic transmission. This interaction creates a cycle of drug use as the brain begins to associate cocaine with pleasurable feelings of reward. This then leads to drug use to stimulate this feeling as a type of reward-seeking behaviour.
Without intervention, starting to challenge this cycle alone can be very difficult. If you are concerned about your relationship with cocaine, your best option is to seek medical advice from specialist service providers.

When you speak with a staff member at a specialist centre, they will talk you through the range of treatment options available. You will be given the opportunity to tailor this treatment to your specific needs, and may need to think about the following areas in order to customise your care package accordingly:

Key Things to Think About:

  • Type of treatment


  • Length of treatment


  • Treatment cost


  • Location of treatment


Guide to Cocaine Rehab with UKAT: Types of Treatment

Rehab can be daunting – that can largely be down to the fact that rehab is quite unknown. So, what actually happens behind rehab doors?
Cocaine is a complicated drug that impacts us physically and psychologically.

This means that here at UKAT, we take a two-pronged approach to cocaine addiction, focusing on how we can help you recover in body as well as mind.

Physical Treatments

The first stage of most rehab treatments is to detox. Detoxing is the process of your body withdrawing as a substance enters your body. Typically, you will start to experience cravings as the substance begins to break down and is disposed of by your body. Cocaine detox is an intervention to help you resist this craving in order to let your body adjust to the absence of cocaine.
This can be a difficult process as not fulfilling cravings can lead to withdrawal symptoms. By managing these symptoms with medical support, you can begin to eliminate these cravings. You can, therefore, begin psychological recovery without the distraction of intense cocaine cravings that can often steal your attention.

Psychological Treatments

Psychological treatments often take up the bulk of rehab. Whilst detoxing addresses cravings, the therapies you access during cocaine rehab allow you to assess what may have led you to using cocaine, and how this use may have impacted you psychologically.

By spending this time reflecting, you have the opportunity to assess your thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. With the support of specialist psychologists, psychiatrists and trained therapists, you can begin to identify the role that cocaine has had in your life in order to find ways to replace it in a more healthy and productive manner.

You may also have the opportunity to pay attention to any difficult memories or feelings that may be linked to your use of cocaine, including any symptoms from comorbid disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Therapies you may access in cocaine rehab with UKAT include:












Guide to Cocaine Rehab with UKAT: Length of Treatment

At UKAT we know that every client will need something a little different. For that reason we offer a range of different treatment options at differing lengths.
You can access inpatient rehab at one of our centres for

depending on the type of treatment that you need.


Guide to Cocaine Rehab with UKAT: Location of Treatment

We are proud that our UKAT centres are available in beautiful locations with all the amenities you may need. All of our centres offer en suite rooms, small group treatments and free aftercare.

We have nine centres across the UK:










We currently have centres across the country. Some people find that accessing treatment close to home is a great option for them as it allows them to stay close to family and friends. Others find that travelling to a rehab a little further out gives them the opportunity to focus more on themselves for the duration of their treatment.
Our admissions team will be able to speak to you about the treatment packages available at our various locations to help you inform your decision.

The Benefits of Private Rehab Treatment

Accessing support at a private rehab means you are seeking treatment with experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals who understand addiction.
We know how cocaine addiction works, and we also understand that addiction is not a choice. Our team is trained to a very high standard and prioritise the health, wellbeing, integrity and dignity of our clients. For that reason, we happily describe our rehab centres as friendly, professional and stigma-free.

Private rehab can also offer you support quicker; through UKAT, it is likely you can start treatment sooner than through traditional routes due to reduced waiting lists. You can also refer yourself to our admissions team to register interest in attending cocaine rehab in the private sector sooner.
We may also be able to offer you a larger range of treatment options than non-private providers, with a range of holistic therapies available at our centres alongside more traditional counselling and psychotherapy. This holistic approach has been linked with stronger treatment outcomes and longer-term recovery, which can give you a stronger chance at keeping your cocaine addiction in check.

Contact Us to Start Your Recovery Journey

To receive advice on cocaine addiction from industry professionals you can contact our team today to learn how to make a referral. We can talk you through all of the options available at our rehab centres and can help answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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