Crack Cocaine Detox Programme and Withdrawal Symptoms

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Crack cocaine addiction is a serious condition that could affect both you and the lives of your loved ones. We understand the difficulties of trying to cope with this addiction alone, and we are here to help. Managing a crack cocaine addiction can be a challenging experience, a seemingly never-ending cycle of spend and smoke. However, this is not real – healing from an addiction to crack cocaine is possible, and it is eased by professional addiction teams working within private rehab facilities such as Sanctuary Lodge.

Detoxing from crack cocaine is performed by professional, non-judgmental treatment teams; successful outcomes are possible, and we have helped many go into recovery and live a healthier life. At our rehab, we can offer you the support workers, the addiction nurses and support staff are skilled in the specific treatment of addictions, including to crack cocaine. Give yourself the best chance of a sustainable recovery by reaching out to us. Our team is available round the clock, seven days a week to support you through a detox programme tailored according to your individual needs. We aim to make your detox as comfortable as possible using person-focused treatment, delivered with the care and compassion we pride ourselves on.

How Does a Crack Cocaine Detox Work?

Once a decision has been made to attend a crack cocaine detox, you have taken one of the most challenging steps on your journey. Rest assured that once you have put yourself into our care, every step you take will be supported by our expert team of highly qualified professionals. Firstly, our medical professionals will assess your condition, to decide on the best form of treatment, that will be personalised to you and your unique struggles. During the first 24-72 hours, you may experience some intense physical and psychological symptoms. Our medical professionals will monitor and keep you comfortable during this time. All of your needs will be addressed with care and consideration by our team, ensuring that, together, we will help you get through this difficult phase.

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How long does a crack cocaine detox last?

A detox from crack cocaine typically lasts around 7-14 days, depending on any withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes, during detox, different, previously undisclosed conditions appear and need to be treated, which may slow the process down.

Our detox teams will support and guide you through this early stage. Rest assured that their wealth of experience means that we are all well versed in dealing with the symptoms that may arise in all early withdrawal phases.

If you’re taking prescription medication

If you are taking prescription medications, they will need to be assessed before starting a crack cocaine detox. They may cause what is known as a contraindication, meaning they could have an adverse effect if taken alongside certain detox medication. Do not worry though, our treatment facility employs licensed addiction psychiatrists who will assess both you and your current medications, in order to tailor a detox that meets your needs. It most importantly keeps you safe whilst in our care.

If you’re taking other drugs


It is not uncommon for people to present at our treatment centre with addictions to more than one substance. This is known as polydrug use; if you think you may have issues with more than one substance you must disclose this to our addiction psychiatrist at the assessment phase. Our medical team has years of experience when caring for polydrug users. With the knowledge you give us, we will then be able to design your tailored detox programme so that it fully addresses all your possible physical and emotional needs during this time.

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal Symptoms

Crack cocaine withdrawal can be difficult to endure and attempts to get clean without the correct support in place invariably end in some level of perceived failure. Numerous physical and psychological symptoms are associated with withdrawal from crack cocaine.(1)  These may include:

Physical withdrawal symptoms

Prolonged crack cocaine use you may have physical withdrawal symptoms which could include: illnesses like colds and fevers due to a lowered immune system, cold sores around your mouth and ulcers in your mouth – also due to a lowered immune system. Often when you stop using crack cocaine after a prolonged period, you may find that you have a particularly nasty cough and your lungs may be expelling all sorts of detritus left over from the crack smoking.

As a patient in our rehab, all these aspects will be cared for, our team of medical professionals are some of the most experienced in the UK at dealing with the physical aspects of cocaine addiction.

Psychological withdrawal symptoms

All drugs alter the chemistry in the brain resulting in psychological symptoms that can be very unpleasant. Crack cocaine withdrawal is no different. It is possible that in the early phase of withdrawal extreme paranoia and hallucinations may occur, though this is rare it is not unheard of. Please do not worry though; you could not be in better hands in our clinic. Our team of professionals will be there to support you 24/7 through any uncomfortable or scary psychological symptoms.

Other more common psychological symptoms of crack cocaine withdrawal are feelings of anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and a strong, yearning desire to find and use the drug. At this stage of the withdrawal process, your mind will be telling you that you cannot survive without it. That is why we are here to assure you that you will be okay, and with the support and community of people around you, you will get through this stage. Additionally, your sleep may be regularly disturbed by unpleasant dreams, mood swings will be common, and you are likely to feel a general feeling of irritability.

How Long Will Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

The initial withdrawal symptoms of crack cocaine differ for each individual and often depends on the severity of use and length of addiction. You can expect to feel physically fatigued for up to three weeks. Anything over three weeks is considered to be post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) (2). If you do suffer from PAW, you may experience depression, anxiety, have extreme cravings or uncontrolled emotional outbursts, long after the initial detox phase. This is why we would strongly recommend that you continue will our care and support in residential rehab, once you have finished the detox stage with us.

Is a Crack Cocaine Detox Enough for Long Term Recovery?

Given the complex nature of addiction, detox alone will not usually be enough in order to sustain long term recovery. Often the root cause of addiction can only be found and addressed through psychotherapy. Experts within the addiction field have noticed that, more often than not, addiction is but a symptom of an underlying issue. These issues vary from person to person, but until the root causes are uncovered and worked on, relapse will more than likely occur. Crack cocaine affects the brain in such a way that strong cravings and depression will arise, especially in the first few months following a detox, making the need for rehab treatment essential. A supportive, understanding environment during this time ensures that you have the best chance of maintaining your recovery. All too often, people think detox is enough, only to find that a few weeks into sobriety and without support, the cravings become so intense that relapse is inevitable.

What Happens after a Crack Cocaine Detox?

Once you complete detox, our rehabilitation programme begins. Here you will be amongst peers that are walking the same path to freedom, fighting for a life free from drug addiction. This common goal creates a bond that can last for life. As Johan Hari insightfully said in his Ted Talk (3): “Everything you know about addiction is wrong”, connection is the opposite of addiction. Here at our safe, non-judgmental rehab, you will forge new and lifelong connection with other sore individuals, all headed in the same direction as you. These sober friends will become an important cog in your recovery journey.

Therapies at Sanctuary Lodge

As well as the connections you will make with us, you will also receive the most cutting edge treatment using empirically tested treatment modalities such as CBT, DBT, individual therapy sessions, group therapy, as well as a range of holistic therapies such as yoga, art, meditation and mindfulness. We also offer family therapy sessions aimed at repairing the damage caused by addiction, and to give family members a safe environment to discuss and work towards solving old issues. Everything we offer is designed to equip you in the outside world, providing tools and strategies to combat the serious nature of addiction. Rehab doesn’t end with inpatient treatment, by offering an aftercare programme we are able to maintain a connection with you and offer you support as you begin your life once again free from the constraints of drug addiction. We will always be there to offer guidance and advice; our experience has shown us that the more stable connections you cultivate, the better chance you have of staying clean.

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Crack Cocaine Detox FAQ

Can you detox from crack cocaine at home?
Yes, you are able to detox from crack cocaine at home. However, the risk of relapse when attempting this is usually extremely high. You will perhaps already have been stuck in the cycle of attempting to stop alone. Remember to countless broken promises to yourself and your loved ones. How many times can we tell ourselves that this time will be our last, before realising we need a bit more help? Reach out today to get the much needed support from our caring, compassionate team of addiction experts and set yourself on the path of long lasting, sustainable recovery.
Is a crack cocaine detox dangerous?
The symptoms of withdrawal may be extremely difficult to cope with, often overwhelmingly intense and uncomfortable. Our detox team boasts some of the UK’s top exerts in detox from crack cocaine, and under their safe guidance, rest assured that we will ease you through the process as smoothly as possible.
Will I be prescribed detox medication?
Medication for crack cocaine detox is not usually needed. We could, however, have to prescribe medication to deal last, more severe symptoms. We aim to make your detox as comfortable as possible. For example, if we notice that you are presenting with extreme anxiety, and need help with this, we would assess the situation and provide medication where appropriate.
Is a residential crack cocaine detox necessary?
No, residential crack cocaine detox is not necessary. However, if you want to give yourself the best chance of a long-lasting, sustainable recovery, then yes – it is imperative that you detox using a residential treatment programme. There, you will be offered the highest class of care, your symptoms of both psychical and mental withdrawal will be eased with the support of the most compassionate, non-judgmental staff, many of whom understand exactly what you are going through. It is here that your recovery journey starts to shape.
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