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Inpatient Addiction Treatment and Rebab

Safe and nurturing environment for the start of your new, healthier life.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we care about treating your mind, body and soul. By being supportive and focusing on enabling positive behaviour, we’ve helped countless people regain control of their lives. In our 24-bedroom facility, we provide you with a homely yet modern environment away from uncontrollable temptations and potentially harmful triggers. If you’re worried that addiction is playing too big a role in your story, residential rehab may be the best course of action. (1)

Why sanctuarylodge
Why Sanctuary Lodge?

We are a secure facility with a modern vision for the way treatment works. If you are looking for a proven, traditional addiction treament – we provide this alongside some of the top contemporary therapies including CBT, DBT and holistic treatments to help you find the pleasure in keeping yourself fit and being creative. When you come to Sanctuary Lodge, you will receive:

  • 24/7 support and assistance
  • A personalised treatment plan
  • Aftercare sessions and counselling
  • Unit 1, Floor 1 Imperial Place,
  • Maxwell Rd, Borehamwood, WD6 1JN

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What Is Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

At an inpatient addiction centre, you undergo an initial assessment to evaluate your needs and determine a personalised care plan. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide one that is tailored to your unique situation. Once our team of addiction specialists has devised your programme and you have agreed with it, you will undergo detox. During this process, your body gets rid of the substance or substances you’ve been misusing.

In some cases, you may be given medication to help ease the symptoms associated with withdrawal from certain drugs. If you’ve been put off by the idea of going through withdrawal, you should know that residential rehab aims to minimize and help you control the adverse effects. Not only do you have 24/7 support from a dedicated staff, but you can also enjoy a pleasant, safe and calming environment.

Only once your body is no longer under the influence of substances can the rehabilitation process begin. (2) During inpatient rehab, you’ll take part in group activities and one-to-one therapy sessions, group therapy, and various activities. You will find a support network that’s going to help you to continue your recovery in the long term.

doctor prescribing detox medication

What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Addiction Treatment?

  • Comfortable surroundings: Our facility is modern and decorated to a high standard throughout. We provide a home-from-home environment that enables you to relax and be yourself.
  • Medical support: You’ll receive around-the-clock support from our team. Your recovery is a priority, and by building a strong bond with the people who are treating you, you may also learn more about yourself.
  • Away from temptation: Sometimes, bad habits can be made worse because we get stuck in a rut. Not only does being in a residential facility prevent you from having access to drugs or alcohol, but it also gives you a break from your routine and the weight of being responsible for too much, breing always under pressure and stress. In residential rehab, you will be able to relax.
  • Structured days: One of the main benefits you can take home from rehab is the importance of routine and structure in your day. By immersing yourself in the routine and getting involved with all the group activities, you learn how beneficial healthy social interactions can be for your recovery.
rehab group therapy session

The Cost of Private Rehab

Private rehab is more costly than some services that are offered by charities or not-for-profit organisations. However, they rarely have waiting lists, offer the highest level of care and have better success rates than free or low-cost options. Costs vary according to treatment options, so get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Luxury rehab can cost up to £12,000 per month, but it shouldn’t discourage you. There are less-pricey options where the level of care is just as high, and the staff are just as caring. Difference between luxury rehab and less-expensive private options is usually in the additional benefits (pools, gyms, bigger gardens and more.)

Can I get funding for Private Rehab?

In the United Kingdom, some insurance providers do cover the cost of treatment. It’s important to check directly with the company that supplies your insurance to determine what is covered. (3) You can however see what are the options for help with your GP as they are an informed medical representative.

Does the NHS Provide Residential Treatment Programmes?

NHS services are often an essential tool at the beginning of the addiction recovery process; your GP can provide some support and information on the steps you can take. While this is a significant milestone in recovery, the NHS does not provide residential facilities specifically targeted towards drug or substance addiction and rehabilitation.

On rare occasions, the NHS will fund your private treatment, although the process of applying for and receiving funding takes a considerable length of time. Getting help as soon as possible is imperative during addiction recovery, and waiting for weeks or months is not usually an option. (4)

UKAT — Leading Providers of Residential Addiction Treatment

Nestled in the heart of Essex, Sanctuary Lodge is part of the UKAT family of addiction treatment centres. We have successfully treated countless people by drawing on the experience and dedication of some of the UK’s most respected and experienced addiction specialists. By combining the skills of our team with cutting-edge facilities and the most up-to-date therapies, we have become leaders in the field of addiction treatment in England.

We are passionate about taking a holistic approach to treating addiction, and we aim to help you feel better and more confident. We take great pride in bringing top addiction services to you including exercise options, social activities and sober ways to enjoy yourself..

Our other treatment centres include the Recovery Lighthouse, Primrose Lodge, Liberty House, Oasis Bradford, Oasis Runcorn, Banbury Lodge and our secondary care facility Fenton House. We are CQC-registered and are proud to have received a ‘Good’ rating. Because we know how important follow-up treatment is, we offer free aftercare.

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