Rehab in Attleborough, Norfolk

Rehab Centres in Attleborough Are Helping People Overcome Addiction

Life in Attleborough, Breckland, Norfolk, is laid back and happening simultaneously. It is a market town and is always bustling with activity. But unfortunately, at the other end lies the fact that a substantial percentage of Attleborough citizens suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction, and other behavioural addiction.

However, rehab clinics help people breathe a sigh of relief in such conditions. These facilities offer various treatments to help people lead a life of sobriety once again.
Private rehab clinics in Attleborough are also working towards the shared vision of an addiction-free society. The care Quality Commission highly rates these centres as the latter are known for creating a change in the mindset of their clients, which helps them stay sober even after returning to everyday life.

Numbers Concerning the Alcohol and Substance Abuse in Attleborough

Attleborough, a market town in Norfolk county, is a scenic place to live in but also has a high alcohol abuse and drug misuse-related death count.

Norfolk registered 52 deaths from drug poisoning and 22 from drug misuse in 2021. However, a ray of hope was that these were still Norfolk’s decade’s lowest. Community-driven efforts like Project Adder have started giving results over the past few years.

On the other hand, a 2019 report stated that Norfolk was admitting almost 60 people a day to hospitals at the time due to alcohol-related conditions. Alcohol-related deaths in Norwich, another district in Norfolk, had hit a 10-year high mark.

However, we believe if people suffering from addiction willingly participate in various de-addictive activities and register at nearby rehabs, the situation will soon change.

The Best Options for Rehab Centres in Attleborough

Indeed half the journey to rehabilitation is already covered when you decide that you want to get sober. Private residential rehabs in Attleborough are your best bet at completing your mission to sobriety.

Also, choosing the right rehab programme is an important decision. There are majorly two factors you should consider when selecting your ideal treatment centre for alcohol rehab and drug rehab. First is whether it should be an inpatient facility or an outpatient. And secondly, whether the facility should be near your home or just far enough.

Inpatient vs Outpatient Facility

An inpatient facility is a residential rehab, whereas an outpatient is where you come for an appointment and head back home after it.
Inpatient facilities have the following benefits:

    • You receive addiction counselling from a specialised therapist and not a general one.
    • Cut from everyday relationships, the client develops healthy relationships at inpatient rehab centres. This helps them open up with their life stories and create new bindings that share similar visions and past experiences.
    • Inpatient rehab centres also provide 24-hour medical aid should there be any emergency.
    • A specialist is always around to give a hand to those dealing with difficult times.
    • Private residential rehabs include high-quality aftercare packages!

Benefits of outpatient facilities:

  • The patient can maintain employment while the rehabilitation process.
  • Can maintain closeness to the family during detoxification and rehabilitation.

A Facility Close to Home or Just Far Enough

The truth is that it is highly subjective. Below are some factors that will help you choose whether you need a facility far enough or close to your home.

  • Family Relationships: Are these a distraction or support? And how often can they visit your chosen rehab centre, and how much would you need them to?
  • Environment: What are the other factors other than family? Local hangouts or friends? Are they healthy or unhealthy relationships? Should you be away or close to them?
  • Confidentiality: Will, the presence of a familiar face, makes rehab more challenging or easier.
  • Ease Of Access: Will proximity to the rehab needed for aftercare. Or will staying too near make leaving the rehab easier?
  • Insurance: Lastly, insurance can be a significant financial factor.

Sanctuary Lodge

This private rehab centre is 53.2 miles from Attleborough, and it takes approximately 1 hour and 19 minutes to reach this site from the town. Sanctuary Lodge is a Care Quality Commission-approved facility.

This rehab facility provides the following services:

  • 19 en-suite bedrooms and five shared rooms.
  • Scenic gardens to reconnect with nature
  • Trained chefs that cook meals with balanced nutrition
  • An in-house gym

Sanctuary Lodge has a team of specialists that works together to relieve clients of several addictions. They ensure you live a normal life after leaving rehab. Moreover, we offer various holistic treatments to help people heal.

The addictions we treat include:

  • Drug and alcohol
  • Gambling addiction
  • Sex and Love addiction
  • Eating disorders

Free Addiction Support Groups in Attleborough

Here’s a list of some Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and Cocaine Anonymous (CA) groups in Attleborough:

Alcoholics Anonymous near Attleborough

Dereham How It Works

Sacred Heart & St Margaret Mary, Commercial Rd, East Dereham NR19 1AS
19.00 – 20:30
Distance: 5 miles


Swaffham Community Centre, The Campingland PE37 7RB
19.00 – 20:00
Distance: 8 miles

Wymondham Big Book Steps & Traditions

Fairland Hall, United Reformed Church NR18 0AW
19.30 – 20:30
Distance: 10 miles

Narcotics Anonymous near Attleborough

The Weekend Group

The Gallery, Quakers Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1EW
17:00 ~ 18:30

Soul Survivors

Room 6, Norwich Central Baptist Church, Duke Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3AP
11:45 ~ 13:15

Gratitude In Recovery

Church Hall, Church House, Church Street, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1DN
19:00 ~ 20:15

Cocaine Anonymous near Attleborough

Cocaine Anonymous Newcomers Meeting

Christ Church, King St, Great Yarmouth NR30 2HL, UK

Why Choose an Alcohol and Substance Rehab Centre near Attleborough?

Attleborough is a market town and a civil Parish in Norfolk county in the United Kingdom. It lies on A11 between Thetford and Norwich. Choosing a rehab facility in and around Attleborough would ensure you can still stay close to your near and dear ones, as the town has good connectivity with surrounding places.

You can rejuvenate your body and mind in the tranquil surroundings of this town and also go shopping for some relaxation at the weekly Thursday market. Attleborough is a great place for rehabilitation if you are religious, as it has the beautiful St Mary’s church for worship and prayer.

So if you are suffering from addiction or know a friend or relative who might benefit from rehabilitation, get in touch with us today.

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