Rehab in Basildon, Essex

How are Rehab Centres in Basildon Going to Help?

Recent studies state that while the number of drug addicts across the UK has increased by 12%, there’s a massive decline in the number of people going to rehab. What do you think is stopping you from receiving proper treatment? Maybe you think your addiction isn’t “bad enough” yet to visit a rehab facility. Or you’re hesitant because of the stigma attached to addiction treatment. Or is it that you’re looking for a criterion that makes a person qualify for rehab? While making excuses about not receiving the medical care you need, take some time to imagine the toll your addiction has on your loved ones. Living with a person with an active addiction is a daily challenge that they have to endure. Addiction strains relationships.

You must realise there’s no right time for rehab. Thanks to the initiatives undertaken by the government and certain private rehab clinics, the help you seek is within your reach today. From providing 24*7 medical aid to high-quality aftercare packages, in-patient rehab facilities like Sanctuary Lodge near Basildon, Essex, England, help many people with alcohol addiction and drug addiction daily.

Substance Abuse Statistics around Basildon, Essex, England

A report revealed that more than 400 children were admitted to Essex County’s A&Es last year for alcohol and drug intake. While most of them were teenagers aged between 15-18, what’s shocking is that 11 children aged four or less were under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Statistics show that the hospitals of Basildon, Broomfield and Southend alone accommodated 119 children suffering from addiction.

Which Rehab Facilities in Basildon, Essex Should You Consider?

Today, there are several addiction treatment options that you can choose from, and that includes in-patient or out-patient rehab centres in Basildon, Essex, England or private or National Health Services (NHS) treatment. While all these treatment methods are effective, it is better to opt for private residential rehab like Sanctuary Lodge near Basildon, Essex, England, if you wish to get quicker treatment and better care. Moreover, a private rehab facility doesn’t take long for admissions and provides therapists specialising in addiction.

Before committing to a treatment programme, you need to be aware of the psychological and physiological effects of drug use. The sudden changes in your mood, irritability, insomnia, hallucinations, nausea and several aches and pains are the initial signs you should not ignore. Various physical health issues, including nosebleeds, irregular heart rate, increased blood pressure, weight loss, etc., come with using drugs. As for understanding the mental effects of drug abuse, taking note of your triggers is recommended. For instance, some people would require to be away from home for the treatment to be effective, while for others, a home might be their haven. Consider these factors and decide on a safe treatment option best suits your condition.

Different treatments have different impacts on other people. Although priorities may differ based on your personal preferences, there are some standards you should look for in a private rehab clinic in Basildon, Essex, England, and they are:

  • Certification of treatment program
  • Spacious community spaces
  • Appropriate education, certification and experience for professionals
  • Relapse prevention plans
  • Staff members trained in cultural sensitivity

Private Residential Rehab Centre in Basildon, Essex, England

You cannot fight addiction alone. Sanctuary Lodge’s rehabilitation centres are here to guide you in your recovery. Finding the right substance abuse treatment program is key to your detoxification journey. Sanctuary Lodge’s services include 24*7 personal care, individual therapy sessions, recreational activities and group meetings. At Sanctuary Lodge, you will receive proper medical care from a professional specialising in addiction treatment.

If you are looking for a centre near Basildon, Essex, England, Sanctuary Lodge, situated in Halstead, Essex, is within reach of Basildon Heritage. The facilities at Sanctuary Lodge (part of UKAT – UK Addiction Treatment group) provide all people fighting battles with drug abuse and their loved ones with services that make the journey to recovery easy. There are en-suite bedrooms, shared rooms, lush gardens and in-house gyms. Altogether Sanctuary Lodge aims to offer people a holistic place to recover. Some specialists, like nutritionists and dieticians, take care of your overall food intake because many people battling drug abuse often have issues with food intake due to multiple withdrawal symptoms. We also offer specialists like doctors specialising in pain management and psychiatrist who helps throughout the recovery journey. They incorporate a variety of treatments so that you can explore what works best for you.

Sanctuary Lodge is at a distance of 36.6 miles away from Basildon, and it will take almost one hour to travel to reach the facility. This rehabilitation centre helps adults and children with alcohol and drug abuse treatment.

Free Detoxification Facilities in Basildon, Essex, England

There are plenty of free support groups available in Basildon. Here is a list of a few:

Alcohol Anonymous (AA) around Basildon

Basildon Vange Lunchtime

Trinity Methodist Church, 481 Clayhill Rd
Time: 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 1 mile
Postcode: SS16 4NN

Basildon Share at the Honeypot

United Reformed Church, Honeypot Ln
Time: 18.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 1 mile
Postcode: SS14 2JZ

Basildon Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Methodist Church, 481 Clayhill Rd
Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 2 miles
Postcode: SS16 4NN

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) around Basildon

United Reform Church 6 Honeypot Lane Basildon

Time: Wednesday 8:00 pm
Postcode: SS14 2JZ

Craft Room Laindon Community Centre Aston Road Laindon Basildon

Time: Friday 7:30 pm
Postcode: SS15 6 NX

Open Road 13 Southview Road Vange Basildon

Time: Sunday 11:30 am
Postcode: SS16 4ER

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) around Basildon

We Can Recover

Friday 19:30
Langdon Hills Methodist Church
Emanuel Rd
Langdon Hills
Basildon SS16 6EX

Hope, Faith and Courage

Sunday 18:00
Langham Hall
Langham Cres
Billericay CM12 9RD

We can Recover

Tuesday at 20:00
Langham Hall
Langham Cres
Billericay CM12 9RD

Is an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Basildon, Essex, England, ideal?

Basildon used to be a constellation of villages at a distance of 30 miles from east of central England before the second world war. The town is ideal for exploring your taste in mid-century architecture. Unlike the commercial cities, Basildon offers peace and solitude as it is more of a young residential village. You can go for strolls, enjoy this place’s scenic beauty, and breathe in the fresh air. As calm and peaceful surroundings refresh your mind, you can complete your detox journey stress-free.

Don’t let “what people might think” stop you from getting the help you need. People will always have a certain opinion no matter what you do. Always remember, your health is much more important than people’s perception of you. So, start your recovery journey and drug-free life with Sanctuary Lodge now!

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