Rehab in Braintree, Essex

Who Will Benefit From Rehabilitation at Centres?

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction is easy to get, but gathering yourself to pull out of its grasp requires professional help. It can be intimidating to get started with, but if you have set your mind to it, there are many rehabilitation centres in and around Braintree that provide professional services. Sanctuary Lodge rehabilitation centre in Essex is well-equipped with state-of-the-art treatment methods and facilities to provide the best treatment in the country. This facility is located at the heart of Essex county and is considered one of the best private rehabs in the country.

Read below to learn more about our services at Sanctuary Lodge, Essex.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Statistics In Braintree

Drugs and alcohol are slow killers. They can damage your organs, overall health, and quality of life. Hospitalisations in Essex due to cardiovascular disease, alcohol poisoning, alcoholic liver disease, and breast cancer (all associated with alcohol consumption) increased by 39% in 2019 compared to 2013. The highest increase – 47% – in hospitalisations was recorded in Braintree and Uttlesford.

According to authorities, at least 10 deaths were associated with alcohol consumption in Braintree in 2019. Moreover, the number of fatalities in Essex in 2020 sore to 136, up from 129 in 2019.

How Can Rehabilitation Centres near Braintree Help you?

Rehabilitation centres provide professional detoxification services to help you eliminate addiction, symptoms, and triggers. They focus on adopting treatment methods to detoxify your body and understand your triggers. These, in turn, help in understanding how your brain responds when you are around triggers and help in effectively resisting them.

There are several options for rehabilitation programmes near Braintree. There is an in-patient rehabilitation service that requires you to stay in residence for the entire period of your detoxification a particular centre provides. On the other hand, there is an outpatient programme that provides you the flexibility to take up rehabilitation services from the comfort of your house. You will be required to visit the treatment centre only when you are free or after your working hours. Depending on your convenience, you can choose rehabilitation centres in your neighbourhood or one too far away from your place (if you seek distance). When it comes to finances, you can opt for private funding or through NHS, depending on the eligibility criteria and the treatment options.

You should keep these points in mind while looking for a rehabilitation centre.

Sanctuary Lodge Rehabilitation Centre

Sanctuary Lodge is considered the best private rehab centre in the UK and is just 6.7 miles (14 mins) from Braintree. The centre adopts state-of-the-art treatment methods and provides complete detoxification. It has experienced and compassionate workers who are supportive, understanding, and inspiring. Apart from drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment, Sanctuary Lodge also provides detoxification and rehab programmes from other types of behavioural addiction like gambling addiction, sex and love addiction, and eating disorders. To date, many have benefitted from the services provided at Sanctuary Lodge, and the facilities include:

  • 19 en-suite bedrooms to provide you with the best stay.
  • Five furnished shared rooms for those opting to stay with a friend.
  • In-house gym to help you stay fit and happy.
  • Qualified chefs to provide you with a nutritionally balanced meal.
  • Scenic gardens to help you stay connected with nature and hasten the healing process.
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help you with triggers and withdrawal symptoms.
  • Other addiction therapies like psychotherapy, art therapy and music therapy.
  • Group sessions.

During your entire treatment, you will be monitored regularly and provided with the best of everything. Even after completing your treatment, you will be followed up by our specialists to ensure that you stay sober. So, if you are looking for a rehab centre in Essex or near Braintree, then Sanctuary Lodge is the one for you.

List of Free and Accessible Support Groups Near Braintree

Below are some group meetings happening near Braintree that can help you with alcohol, narcotics, and cocaine addiction:

Alcohol Anonymous support groups

Braintree Physical & Online

Address: Elim Church, Manor St, CM7 3HT
Day: Tuesday
Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Distance: 0 miles

Braintree Daily Reflection

Address: Christchurch, London Rd, CM7 2LD
Day: Thursday
Time: 13.00 – duration 1hr
Distance: 0 miles

Braintree How It Works

Address: Cressing Community Church, The Street, Cressing, CM77 8DQ
Day: Monday
Time: 19.00 – duration 1hr
Distance: 3 miles

Narcotics Anonymous support groups

Chelmsford Sunday Group

Address: All Saints Church, Springfield Green, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7HS
Day: Sunday
Time: 18:30 – 20:00

Our Primary Purpose

Address: St Mary’s Centre, St. Marys Church, Church Street, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 2AE
Day: Monday
Time: 19:30 – 21:00

New Beginnings

Address: Open Road Chelmsford, Mansard House, 107-109 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0PP
Day: Tuesday
Time: 20:00 – 21:10

Cocaine Anonymous support groups

Hope, Faith and Courage

Address: Langham Hall, Langham Cres Billericay CM12 9RD, Essex
Day: Sunday
Time: 18:00

Into Action

Address: Friends Meeting House, Butt Ln Maldon CM9 5HD, Essex
Day: Sunday
Time: 19:00

Cocaine Anonymous

Address: Hythe Community, 1 Ventura Dr Colchester CO1 2FG, Essex
Day: Sunday
Time: 19:00

Why Should You Consider Choosing a Rehabilitation Centre near Braintree?

Braintree is a well-developed county in the UK and has luscious greenery everywhere. Any healing process is hastened by a serene environment where you feel connected to yourself and the things around you. Braintree is an ideal place that provides you with all the external support you need. Whether you are staying in Braintree or looking for someplace outside of your hometown for your rehabilitation, Braintree is an ideal county to get your rehabilitation. There is a lot more to the area than just roads and people. So, contact Sanctuary Lodge rehabilitation services today to book your spot at our rehabilitation centre.

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