Rehab in Cromer, Norfolk

We understand that battling alcoholism or drug addiction is a strenuous phase but not an impossible one. The fundamental solution lies in receiving timely addiction treatment from a good rehabilitation facility. You will be delighted to learn that there are plenty of state-of-the-art rehab clinics in and around Cromer, Norfolk. You can also recommend these rehab clinics to your family or friends as they provide a quick and complete recovery.

The private residential centres come with a comfortable and healing environment ideal for returning to normal life. Read further to learn about several world-class residential rehabilitation centres in Cromer, Norfolk.

Statistics about Substance and Alcohol Addiction in Cromer, Norfolk

As per Office for National Statistics figures, 52 deaths related to drug poisoning were registered in Norfolk in 2021. The latest data showed that in 2020-21, there were 1,839 hospital admissions due to overconsumption of alcohol in Norfolk.

Various Options for Rehab Centres in Cromer, Norfolk

You have the freedom to choose from a variety of free and private rehab centres in Cromer, Norfolk. Due to the availability of a lot of options, it is preferable to thoroughly go through their pros and cons before deciding.

Apart from the private residential rehab centres, many addiction treatment clinics come with free-of-charge addiction medication. The disadvantages of free clinics are long waiting periods and the lack of personal warmth and care.

On the contrary, private residential rehab facilities provide immediate admission throughout the year. They are more expensive than the free support groups but will give you the best treatment for a speedy recovery.

How Do Rehab Clinics in Cromer, Norfolk Help in Detox?

Sanctuary Lodge provides a supportive framework of rehab clinics in Cromer, Norfolk, as we are well equipped with experienced doctors and individualised treatment options. Sanctuary Lodge centre help you fight back against the outcomes of substance and alcohol abuse with confidence. We also offer you a comfortable and safe therapy procedure to take the path to a speedy recovery.

Our treatment procedures are customised to suit your requirements and personality to have a sense of personal touch. Your family members and loved ones have the facility to undertake detailed therapy programmes and free group sessions. In short, we have something to offer to every client at our residential rehab clinics.

A list of the facilities provided by the Sanctuary Lodge addiction treatment centre are:

  • Treatment packages catering to your needs
  • Round-the-clock admission
  • Experienced doctors and staff
  • Medical cleansing
  • Free guaranteed aftercare of one year
  • Relapse prevention methodologies
  • Continuous support
  • Healing environment
  • Staying away from triggers
  • Detailed screening procedures
  • Availability of nursing staff at the centres

Apart from treating all types of drug and alcohol addiction, we are experienced in handling various behaviour-related addictions.

Sanctuary Lodge: cutting-edge Rehab Clinic near Cromer, Norfolk

Sanctuary Lodge is CQC-registered and located in Essex in the market town of Halstead, 89 miles from Cromer, Norfolk. It takes about 2 hrs 30 mins from Cromer to reach the rehab centre by road.

The facility is designed in such a way that it will provide maximum comfort and safety to our clients. It has 24 double bedrooms, attached bathrooms, a gym and a big ground where our clients can unwind in the laps of nature. We believe that an individualised approach to treatment helps to enhance the rate of recovery. Medical detoxication, trauma care, and trigger identification are some of our specialities. We also provide free counselling sessions for family members of our clients battling alcohol or/and substance abuse. We treat a variety of addictions, including alcohol addiction and a range of substance abuse like cannabis, crack cocaine, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, and prescription drugs.

Free Addiction Support Groups near Cromer, Norfolk

If you require support from free addiction support groups near Cromer, Norfolk, take a look at this list:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Cromer, Norfolk

Beccles Step

Friends Meeting House
15, Smallgate
Day- Saturday 19.00
Duration- 1 hr 30 mins
Postcode- NR34 9AB

Brandon As Bill Sees It

Elveden Village Hall
Day- Tuesday 19.30
Duration- 1 hr
Postcode- IP24 3TJ


Cromer Methodist Church
West St
Day- Friday 19.15
Duration- 1hr 15 mins
Postcode- NR27 9DT

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Cromer, Norfolk

Men in the Attic

Men’s Shed
43-51 Pitt Street
Day- Sunday 11.00- 12.15
Postcode- NR3 1DE

Soul Survivors

Norwich Central Baptist Church
Duke Street
Day- Tuesday 11.45- 13.15
Postcode- NR3 3AP

12 Monkeys

Earth Room
St Peter Mancroft Church
Hay Hill
Day- Tuesday 18.00-19.15
Postcode- NR2 1QQ

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Cromer, Norfolk


King St
Great Yarmouth
Day- Tuesday 19.30
Postcode- NR30 2HL

The Connection Project

28 Bridge St
King’s Lynn
Day- Friday 19.30
Postcode- PE30 5HZ

Why choose Cromer in Norfolk for Private Residential Rehab Centres?

Cromer is a town in North Norfolk located near the North sea coast and known for its sandy beaches and Cromer crabs. This town is famous as a fishing location as fishing is the major source of earnings for the locals. It houses famous landmarks like The Old Town School, a lifeboat station, Cromer Parish Church, and the Pavillion Theatre. The seaside location, pure air and amazing scenery make Cromer an ideal spot for rehabilitation clinics.

The best healing happens amidst nature, speeding up the recovery process. Hence, a residential rehab centre in Cromer, Norfolk, is a perfect place to rediscover yourself and get back to a healthy life.

So, if you think it is the right time to kickstart your recovery journey from addiction, contact us now to get help on time without wasting a minute.

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