Rehab in Hertfordshire

Admitting that you need help is the first step to getting treatment for your addiction. This is a serious disease that needs to be addressed before your life is irreparably destroyed. Hertfordshire County Council has provided addictions services for all its residents so if you’re suffering from addiction issues, visit your GP or health worker immediately to be referred to any of the relevant agencies. Self-referral is also accepted and you can reach all addiction services by phone, e-mail, or simply by walking into their offices in person. Mild addiction cases are usually treated with detox and therapy sessions, while the more severe cases require residential rehab.

A brief overview of the services offered by our Rehab Centre

Sanctuary Lodge is a CQC-registered UKAT facility located in the market town of Halstead in Essex. It is an integrated unit, with both medical detox and rehabilitation available on site. Amenities consist of 24 double bedrooms, clinical assessment room, medical assessment room, one-to-one counselling rooms, a room for holistic therapy, secure pharmacy, recreation and relaxation room, catering facilities and a gym. The Lodge also features beautiful gardens, with some of the rooms overlooking the serene Halstead countryside. A clinical team provides round-the-clock medical and psychosocial care. We also offer the following services:

Clients are advised to make use of the in-house gym to improve their fitness. Patients who are physically unwell and those undergoing medical detoxification are not allowed to use to gym however, but may take nature walks instead. A qualified chef prepares healthy meals, taking every client’s dietary restrictions into account.

We also provide family support, hosting family therapy sessions to enable family members to understand the effects of addiction and how best to support their loved ones as they undergo recovery. Each client is entitled to one year of free aftercare and continuous therapy upon completion of their programme. Admission to Sanctuary Lodge is immediate, and we take care of all details for you. If you wish to drive here, we are located at Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex (CO9 2DW) and are 53.5 miles from Hertfordshire, via the A120 and A131. We actively discourage driving whilst intoxicated; therefore, for your convenience, we provide a free sober transport service to and from our facility, before and after treatment.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

Private rehab is generally preferred over public rehab for a number of reasons, including the services provided, as well as the admission process and location. Private rehab clinics offer a more diverse range of treatment options, including holistic therapies. They also focus on bespoke treatment, ensuring that each client undergoes a recovery programme specifically tailored to their needs.

Public-funded agencies and charities usually have a limited range of services, with some choosing to specialise in just one particular stage of rehab. They also tend to involve long waiting lists, as many individuals try to access their free services. Conversely, private rehab clinics usually offer immediate admission, with some providing sober transport services to pick you up from your location. Another reason clients might refer private rehab is the location of the clinic in question. Many government-funded treatment centres are situated in the centre of metropolitan areas to enable them to operate within a wider catchment area.

On the other hand, private facilities are usually located in suburban settings or in the countryside, allowing clients to fully focus on their recovery without the pressures of external distractions. Some private centres prefer complete isolation, while others encourage clients to interact with the local community to feel a sense of belonging. With well-equipped facilities and bespoke treatment, many individuals prefer to be referred to a private treatment centre. However, some may balk at the cost of rehab in a private facility.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Hertfordshire?

At Sanctuary Lodge, we believe that money should not prevent you from receiving quality treatment. As such, we provide the most comprehensive substance abuse treatment at the lowest possible cost. We also work with a number of insurance companies who provide coverage for rehab. If, after a consultation you wish to seek free treatment, there are numerous agencies and charities commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to provide free addiction services to residents.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Hertfordshire

Residents of Hertfordshire can benefit from free addiction services from the following providers.

The Living Room – The Living Room is located in Stevenage and provides abstinence recovery programmes for a wide range of addiction issues, including, drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex and self-harm. Programmes begin with an initial assessment conducted by an experienced counsellor, after which you will join the group sessions. A keyworker will be assigned to you and will discuss all the details of the programme with you and personalise your recovery. The Living Room offers the following services:

  • Counselling
  • Open-ended treatment
  • Assigned keyworkers to coordinate each client’s counselling, care and support
  • Support for family and friends
  • Peer Support

You can find out more about the services by contacting the centre.

Spectrum (Change Grow Live) – Spectrum addiction service is operated by the Change Grow Live charity. It has three centres in located across Hertfordshire, in Hertford, Stevenage and Watford. Spectrum provides a range of addiction services, including:

  • Detoxification
  • Prescription
  • One-to-one professional support
  • Psychological therapies
  • Needle exchange
  • Testing and vaccination for blood-borne viruses
  • Specialist help for dual diagnosis
  • Aftercare programmes
  • Employment, training and education advice
  • Peer Support
  • Support for family and friends

Self-referrals and referrals from other agencies are also accepted.

ADASH: ADASH is an NHS-run provider that caters to those under the age of 18 who reside or attend school in Hertfordshire. They provide confidential advice, specialist assessment, treatment and support. They also work with other young people service providers to try and reduce alcohol and drug-related harm amongst youths. Referrals can be undertaken through self-referral or via other agencies. All phone calls and text messages will be answered.

Addiction Support Groups in Hertfordshire

Sanctuary Lodge provides many tools and techniques to prevent relapse and enable clients to attain addiction-free lives. Sanctuary Lodge aftercare groups are also available to those who have completed their programme.

  • Alcoholic Anonymous – provides support for recovering alcoholics
  • Carers in Hertfordshire – supports carers of those with drug or alcohol problems
  • Families Anonymous – provides support for families and friends of alcohol and drug users
  • Family Lives – telephone and online advice for parents of young people
  • Future Living Hertford – provides free support services, including counselling, group therapy, and training and volunteering opportunities
  • Herts Young Homeless – housing help for young people who want to live independently
  • Narcotics Anonymous – provides support for recovering narcotics users
  • Supporting Herts – housing support
  • YC Hertfordshire – support for finding jobs, volunteering and training opportunities for young people

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

After your initial assessment, the next step is choosing the right recovery programme for you with the help of a counsellor. There are many factors to consider when choosing a programme. Some individuals may prefer to undergo residential rehab, regardless of the severity of their addiction. Others may only be able to undertake outpatient rehabilitation, probably due to an unwillingness to disrupt their routine.

When undergoing residential rehabilitation, you must examine the duration of the programme in order to adjust your work or school commitments accordingly. You should also look at the method of treatment. Certain treatment centres offer a recovery programme based on the 12 step approach, while some use a medical therapy approach and others combine a range of different methods.

You can work with your counsellor or keyworker to determine which method will work best for you. Another thing to consider is the location of the facility. For instance, you might want to remain close to your residence or comfort zone. However, if your addiction issues are compounded by your environment, you might want to seek treatment in different surroundings. It’s also important to make sure the programme you’re enrolled in offers support groups for the duration of treatment. Once the programme is complete, you can easily be referred to aftercare support groups and meetings in your locality to maintain an abstinent and healthy lifestyle.

NA meetings in/near Hertfordshire

There are numerous, regular NA meetings across Hertfordshire. Visit the NA website for more information on each meeting, including access for those with limited mobility and other disabilities.


Church Room, St Paul’s Methodist Church
Turpins Rise, SG2 8QR
Monday, 7:30pm
Friday, 11:00am

Hemel Hempstead

Apsley Community Centre
London Road, Apsley, HP3 9SB
Tuesday, 8:00pm

DENS Emergency Accommodation
The Elms, Redbourne Road, HP2 7AZ
Friday, 7:00pm


St. Paul’s Church Room
179 Pixmore Way, SG6 1QT
Wednesday, 8:00pm


North Watford Methodist Church
The Harebreaks, WD24 6NF
Thursday, 8:00pm

AA meetings in/near Hertfordshire

Several AA meetings are held regularly in various locations across the county. Visit the AA website for more information on each meeting listed below.


Methodist Church, Whitehorse St, SG7 6QB
Saturday, 6.00pm

Methodist Church, Whitehorse St, SG7 6PX
Thursday, 7.30pm


Chapter House, St Peter De Merton Church,
De Parys Ave (Town End), MK40 2TX
Saturday, 11.15am

Quaker House, 5 Lansdowne Rd, MK40 2BY
Sunday, 8.00pm
Tuesday, 1.30pm
Thursday, 7.30pm

Methodist Hall, Park Road West, MK41 7SB
Monday, 7.30pm


The Presbytery, St Peters RC Church,
7A Station Rd, SG18 8AL
Tuesday, 8.00pm

Biggleswade Masonic Centre, St Andrews Rooms,
St Andrews St, SG18 8BA
Sunday, 12.30pm


Emmaus Village, Carlton, MK43 7LQ
Wednesday, 7.30pm


Upper Committee Room, Church of Our Lady of St Andrew
16 Nightingale Road, SG5 1QS
Monday, 8.00pm
Thursday, 8.00pm

Christchurch, Bedford Road (near Waitrose), SG5 1HF
Monday, 12.30pm
Tuesday, 12.30pm


Friends Meeting House, South View, SG6 3JJ
Friday, 8.00pm
Saturday, 10.30

Salvation Army, Norton Way North
Letchworth Garden City, SG6 1BH
Sunday, 7.00pm


Methodist Church, Queens Rd, SG8 7AU
Sunday, 7.00pm
Wednesday, 7.30pm


Shefford Baptist Church, 4 Bedford Rd, SG17 5DJ
Wednesday, 8.00pm

St Albans

Friends Meeting House, 7 Upper Lattimore Rd, AL1 3UD
Wednesday, 8.00pm


Methodist Church Hall, High St
Stevenage Old Town, SG1 3LS
Wednesday, 12.30pm
Thursday, 8.00pm

United Reformed Church, Cuttys Lane, SG1 1UL
Monday, 8.15pm
Saturday, 7.00pm

Friends Meeting House, 21 Cuttys Lane, SG1 1UP
Sunday, 7.00pm

All Saints Church, The Oval,
Vardon Road, SG1 5RD
Thursday, 12.30pm

Springfield House Community Centre, 24 High St
Old Town, SG1 3EJ
Tuesday, 8.00pm

St Paul’s Methodist Church, Turpins Rise,
Roebuck, SG2 8QR
Friday, 8.00pm

Chells Manor Community Centre, 12 Emperors Gate,
Fairlands Way, SG2 7QX
Wednesday, 8.00pm


Christchurch Baptist Church, 110 Parkway
Welwyn Garden City, AL8 6HN
Saturday, 8.00pm

Friends Meeting House, 109
Handside Lane, AL8 6SP
Thursday, 8.00pm

Skylight Room, Church of St Mary Magdalene
Holly Bush Lane, AL7 4JS
Tuesday, 8.00pm

Addiction Counselling in/near Hertfordshire

As an integral part of the treatment process, counselling is offered by both public and private treatment centres, either as individual counselling sessions, group therapies, or both. At Sanctuary Lodge, we provide counselling services not only for our clients, but also their families and friends during visiting periods.

Herts Alcohol Counselling Service (HACS) provides professional counselling and equine psychotherapy for recovering alcoholics.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Hertfordshire

The Hertfordshire County Council website provides information on addictions services available for its residents. This includes contact information and links to various organisations offering free treatment services and support groups within the county.

How Can I Get To and From Hertfordshire?

Hertfordshire is located in southern England and has a well-established transport system. Travel information, including bus schedules, tickets and maps, is provided by Instalink, in partnership with the County Council. Information about train schedules, stations and tickets can be found via National Rail Enquiries. Both bus and train operators offer discount services for the elderly and disabled. Major roads that pass through the county include the A1, M1, A5, A6, M11, M25 and A41, while London Luton Airport is the closest international airport.

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