Rehab in Kent

If you or a loved one are in need of treatment and rehab to overcome drug or alcohol addiction, there are several private and free services available. These include highly rated substance addiction rehabilitation facilities that have some of the highest success rates in Kent and further afield. Such addiction treatment often involves a range of methods, such as detox, individual or group counselling, art therapy, music therapy, exercise, nutrition, counselling and cognitive restructuring. Rehab can help you reach your goal of long-term recovery by providing aftercare and ongoing support after a structured treatment programme has been completed.

Generally, rehab centres offer a holistic approach to the treatment of addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other behavioural addictions. This means that treatment is comprehensive, addressing not just the addiction, but you as a whole. Therefore, treatment addresses the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your addiction. In rehab centres across Kent, you can receive treatment which helps you recover from addiction by focusing on the problem and its root causes. Whether you want to be admitted to a rehab centre or secure effective addiction counselling, you’ll find the information and support you need, including a range of options for available treatment in Kent.

A Brief Overview of Services offered by Sanctuary Lodge

Sanctuary Lodge is a fully equipped rehab centre, located in the heart of Essex, 73 miles from Kent. It is a 1hr 31 min drive via A12 going through Dartford, Grays, Witham, and Braintree. We offer highly comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and dependence, in luxury surroundings. Our treatment principles are based on the combined knowledge of some of the most experienced experts and counsellors. We provide the ideal place to get treatment for addiction and a range of behavioural conditions. Our services include:

Our patients don’t need to drive, as we provide a sober transport service that can take you to and from your treatment appointments.

Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

It’s essential to assess the pros and cons of private rehab before making a final decision about whether you want to access treatment at a private facility. It’s also beneficial to research the various private rehab centres in Kent, before starting inpatient or residential treatment.


  • 24-hour admission and no long waiting lists.
  • Treatment is provided for as long as it is needed. This therefore takes longer, while the programmes offered address a range of conditions and dual-diagnosis.
  • Essential tools and techniques are provided to help you rebuild your life.
  • Client-to-counsellor ratio is low, allowing for more time to uncover and address the underlying causes of addiction.
  • Treatment in private rehab is personalised and delivered on a wider scale.
  • The level of comfort provided in private rehabs is significant. This can make it easier to get the best out of treatment and the available amenities.


  • Not all private rehab centres offer financing options or even accept private insurance.
  • Various overheads, meals and accommodation contribute to the high cost of private rehab.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Kent?

Rehab costs are the most consideration when looking for treatment in Kent. The decision to undergo treatment for drug or alcohol addiction on an inpatient or outpatient basis usually depends on how much it costs. Several people make a hasty decision in favour of outpatient programmes, because they cost less than their inpatient counterpart. While this may often be the case, research shows that long-term treatment for addiction in a residential facility is more likely to reduce your chances of relapse. Therefore, cost shouldn’t be the main factor when choosing a rehab centre in Kent, though paying for treatment is of course an essential part of the recovery process.

Trained addiction advisors have access to experienced addiction treatment specialists and rehab centres in and around Kent. Subsequently, they can help you find a suitable programme, from the substance detox stage to entering inpatient treatment, which meets your needs and matches your budget. With the right help, you or your loved one can find an appropriate treatment programme in Kent or further afield and overcome addiction without spending more than you need to.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Kent

Even if your budget for is low – or you’re unable to pay at all – you can still access the treatment you need to safely quit substance abuse. That’s because you’re entitled to a range of free/NHS treatment services when you meet certain eligibility criteria. This can be of great help if addiction has affected you financially and you’re unable to afford the cost of private rehab in Kent.

In addition, these free/NHS rehab centres are quite common, so there’ll likely be one or two in your local area, meaning you won’t have to travel too far from home for treatment. However, free addiction treatment has its downsides, which should also be considered before making a final decision. The budget for these facilities is usually stretched thin over many treatment centres. This means that the treatment options, resources and their availability might be limited. In addition, processing admissions to these treatment programmes can take a significant amount of time, making it unsuitable for addiction problems of a time-sensitive nature.

Addiction Support Groups in Kent

Support groups in Kent can offer the help and motivation you need to beat addiction. These groups are helpful, as they provide access to a group of like-minded individuals who understand what you’re going through. Taking part in addiction support groups is recommended, as this can contribute to an active and long-term recovery. Your chances of rebuilding a fulfilling, drug-free life are significantly improved, while the odds of relapsing after treatment is completed are reduced.

There are a number of support groups in Kent to help men and women dealing with alcohol, drug or behavioural addictions. Several of these groups use the efficient 12-steps programme and can help you find practical ways to cope with temptation, triggers, withdrawal symptoms and other aspects of addiction. Membership in such support groups are free, with meetings held in open or closed sessions. By joining an addiction support group, you can befriend people who can help you during challenging periods and have a safe environment in which to undergo recovery.

How to Choose a Recovery Programme

Getting treatment for any form of addiction is an important first step to being free from substance use and rebuilding your life. This is why it’s essential to choose a strong and reliable recovery programme. The resources you’re given – in addition to all the changes you’ll undergo during treatment – could help you face the varying challenges that occur. The decision of which recovery programme to choose can be a difficult one to make. Subsequently, there are some things to consider that can help you decide on the best and most suitable care for you or a loved one in Kent:

  • You should schedule a rehab tour if possible to see the facility in person. Alternatively, check out the website of the facilities in question to view pictures and determine the location.
  • Conduct research online via social media and other means to read reviews about these rehab centres. Find out what past clients have to say and if the comments are mostly good. If this is the case, then the recovery programme could be a good fit.
  • Note how friendly the call centre team is and how much information they can provide about treatment services.
  •  Find out if they accept private insurance or can work out a payment plan for your budget.
  • Do they include evidence-based treatment methods?
  • Do they offer aftercare or ongoing support?

NA meetings in/near Kent

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) comprises individuals dealing with substance addiction and working to achieve long-term recovery. They practice complete abstinence from mind-altering substances and can be helpful to you during recovery. Whether you’re undergoing treatment or have completed an addiction treatment programme, there are several NA meetings in and around Kent to attend. These meetings are also free and open to all.

Find your nearest meeting below:

First Church of Christ Scientist
Vinters Road, Maidstone, ME14 5DX
Monday 7:30pm

Saint Augustine’s Church
Rock Avenue, Gillingham, ME7 5PW
Tuesday 7:30pm

Sevenoaks Community Centre
Cramptons Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN
Tuesday 8:00pm

Saint Augustine’s RC Church
Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2LY
Friday 8:00pm

Oasis Building
65 Orsett Road, Thurrock, RM17 5HH
Wednesday 5:00pm

AA meetings in/near Kent

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings can help you find a strong support structure to deal with the different stages of addiction, treatment and recovery. We recommend regular attendance, as this can lead to an active and sustained recovery. Kent is well served with AA meetings, organised throughout the week. Meetings are free to all and the only requirement for membership is a willingness to stop drinking.

Find your closest meeting below:

Big Book Study
Trinity Foyer, 20 Church St, ME14 1LY
Saturday 18.30 – Duration 1hr 30mins

The Sunlight Centre, Honeybees Room 3, 105 Richmond Rd, ME7 1LX
Saturday 18.30

As Bill Sees It
Christ Church United Reformed Church, High St (entrance by rear, opp Sainsburys), TN9 1SG
Friday 13.30 – Duration 1hr

St Mary’s Church Kippington Centre, Kippington Rd, TN13 2LL
Sunday 20.00 – Duration 1hr 30mins

Tunbridge Wells
Big Book Share/Study
St Augustine’s Church, Crescent Rd, TN1 2LY
Tuesday 18.30 – Duration 1hr

Addiction Counselling in/near Kent

Addiction counselling can help break substance dependence and should be considered when undergoing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Many rehab facilities across Kent offer alcohol and drug addiction counselling, employing various types of counselling approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and so on. If you’re entering a residential treatment programme for addiction, caregivers will also ensure that you undergo personalised addiction counselling to help you recover.

As far as addiction treatment is concerned, a comprehensive approach involving counselling and the support of loved ones can help to achieve a successful recovery. Talk to your doctor or an addiction advisor for more information about counselling in Kent that fits your unique needs. No matter the type of addiction, professional addiction therapists can help you recover, whether you’re struggling with drug or alcohol use, gambling addiction, video game addiction or even eating disorders.

Local Government Addiction Resources in Kent

  • Carers FIRST assists carers in Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge and Malling, Edenbridge, as well as nearby areas. They organise a weekly substance Misuse Carers Group.
  • ADFAM National offers support to families affected by drugs and alcohol. They also operate direct support services for families of prisoners (at London prisons) with drug problems.
  • Families Anonymous is a self-help group, based on the 12-step programme for families of drug abusers.
  • National Association for Children of Alcoholics addresses problems faced by children from families where one or both parents are alcoholics (or have a similar addictive problem).

How Can I Get To and From Kent?

By Car

From the north or east, cross the Dartford Bridge (which has a toll charge) and then follow the signs for the M2 or continue a little further to reach the M20. From the south and west, the M26 will connect you with the M20. You can also stay on the M25 until you reach the M2.

By Train

Travelling to Kent by train may be quicker, as it’s the easiest way to go to and from London. South-Eastern services operate to and from Kent. In addition, Charing Cross, London Bridge, Victoria, London Waterloo East, and St Pancras International all connect to Kent.

By Coach/Bus

Eurolines coaches run the largest regular coach service network in Europe. Buses also go into London Victoria Coach station, where you can board a National Express coach to Kent.

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