Rehab in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

Substance addiction can affect anyone. If you or your loved ones are struggling with such concerns near Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, do not hesitate to seek professional help to overcome it. Rehabilitation programmes for addiction treatment can seem like a scary first step but has the ability to help you overcome a tough period in your life with the right support.

There are many rehab centres near Leigh-on-Sea, and most of them provide expert-guided detoxification programmes. They can provide you with what you need — therapy, medication, or just plain care as you might deal with drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Rehab centres in Leigh-on-Sea aim to strategise your recovery journey. Private residential rehab in Leigh-on-Sea especially focuses on providing you with personalised addictive substance detoxification plans that can ensure a longer sobriety period for you.

What Do the Numbers Say About Substance Abuse near Leigh-on-Sea?

Leigh-on-Sea, as a part of Essex County, is a significant contributor to the drug offences recorded by the Essex police in this county. So much so, that South Essex recorded a 10-year record high of drug-related deaths in 2020. Southwest England, including Leigh-on-Sea, has also seen an increase of 32.2% in alcohol-related deaths in 2020 from 2019. The menace of alcohol and drug misuse has become so serious that the residents of Leigh-on-Sea started a petition to make this town free of alcohol, drug abuse, and drug dealing.

What are the rehab options near Leigh-on-Sea?

Choosing the right rehab centres near Leigh-on-Sea, Essex is important to facilitate your best possible recovery. You can have two choices – free NHS centres or paid private rehab centres near Leigh-on-Sea.

i) NHS Treatment Centre –

NHS treatment centres are examples of free rehab centres in Leigh-on-Sea that you can avail of. They have a robust network and can provide you with not just mental support and rehabilitation, but also medication, and therapy sessions if you require them. However, they have generalised detoxification programs, which may cause you to feel a lack of customised care.

ii) Private Treatment centre –

Private rehab clinics in Leigh-on-Sea are meant to provide you with personalised service that can maximise your recovery, and help you achieve the longest periods of sobriety. Unlike government centres, private hubs are liable for your speedy and holistic recovery with added personal care. While private rehab centres near Leigh-on-Sea can be expensive, they are liable to provide you with the best possible recovery for your addiction. Sanctuary Lodge offers some of the most popular private residential rehab facilities near Leigh-on-Sea, Essex.

Sanctuary Lodge is the nearest private residential rehab in Leigh-on-Sea, on the bank of the Thames that can help you achieve your long-term goals of detoxification while helping you stay away from triggers.

Sanctuary Lodgerehab centre near Leigh-on-Sea

Sanctuary Lodge Rehab is a rehab centres near Leigh-on-Sea, at a mere distance of 40 miles, which takes a little over an hour to reach. This tranquil rehab centre situated on the banks of the beautiful river Thames provides the utmost calm with its 19 ensuite bedrooms, five beautifully refurbished shared rooms, an in-house gym, special food care, and a scenic garden view. The services available also include:

The round-the-clock care available at Sanctuary Lodge can allow you to focus solely on your detoxification and recovery while our experts take care of everything else. Depending on your requirement, Sanctuary Lodge offers three types of treatment plans:

  • Residential Inpatient Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalisation Programme
  • In-depth Outpatient Programme

While you are free to choose the programme that suits your requirements, it is recommended that you choose partial hospitalisation or in-depth outpatient programmes ONLY if you have strong back-hand support to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms or potential relapses.

If you fear you might relapse or come across triggers easily, then residential inpatient treatment programmes are the ones you need. They allow you to fully disconnect from the rest of the world so you can focus on recovering without being overwhelmed with real life.

What are some of the free support groups around Leigh-on-Sea?

If you wish to explore a few addiction support groups near Leigh-on-Sea, here are some of the options:

Narcotics Anonymous at Leigh-on-Sea

One Step Beyond

Open Road, 132a Wellesley Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 3QD
Time: 19:00 ~ 20:00
Postcode: CO16 3QD

Friday Night Fellowship

The Thomas Smith Hall, All Saints Church, 1 Sutton Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex,
Time: 19:30 ~ 21:00
Postcode: SS2 5PA

Southend Saturday Step Meeting

St Alban’s Church, St John’s Road, Westcliff, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7JZ
Time: 11:00 ~ 12:30
Postcode: SS0 7JZ

Alcoholic Anonymous near Leigh-on-Sea

Leigh-On-Sea/Hadleigh Share

Highlands Methodist Church, Sutherland Boulevard
Start time: 19.30 – duration 1hr 30mins
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Southend Lunchtime Recovery: Monday

St Alban’s Church Hall (around the back of the church), 21 St John’s Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea
Start time: 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Disabled Access: Full wheelchair access.

Rayleigh Lunchtime Recovery

Bethenny Rm, Our Lady of Ransom RC Church, 50 London Hill
Start time: 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
Disabled Access: Full wheelchair access.
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Cocaine Anonymous near Leigh-on-Sea

Road to recovery

Thursday 19:30
St Johns Church, Church Ln
Little Leighs

Freedom and Faith

Tuesday 19:30
St Matthews Christian Spiritualist Church
18 Clarence Rd

12 Steps To Freedom Face-to-face

Monday: 19:30
St Mary at Latton Church
The Gowers
Harlow CM20 2JP

Why are rehabs in Leigh-on-Sea ideal?

Leigh-on-Sea is a quaint seafront town with beautiful beaches and a rich history. This charming coastal town also holds a natural reserve, allowing you to immerse yourself in the scenic beauty of nature. If you want to find a place that can help you overcome your addiction while providing you with an opportunity to be of triggers, Leigh-on-Sea is the best for you. At Sanctuary Lodge, we aim to offer permanent aid and long-term support to substance abuse, with drug rehab and alcohol rehab programmes. We provide customised support and one-year rehab aftercare, to hold your hand.

Take a step towards a better substance abuse-free: contact us and get help now.

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