Rehab in Sheffield

Rehab centres in Sheffield can help you combat drug or alcohol addiction. They provide specialist treatment to support you through a successful detox and engage with therapies to help you rebuild the areas of your life that have been affected by addiction. There are a range of different treatment options available to you at drug rehab or alcohol rehab (which will be explained further in this guide), and during treatment you will be able to meet others who are facing similar challenges to you. Drug and alcohol rehab in Sheffield has helped many others battling addiction to change their lives.

Types of addiction treatment and rehab programme in Sheffield

It is helpful to understand the two types of addiction treatment available, so you can choose your preferred option. Outpatient treatment in Sheffield provides a low level of support to you in the community. Inpatient treatment in Sheffield provides higher levels of support whilst you stay at a treatment centre.

Outpatient addiction treatment (day rehab)

Embarking on outpatient treatment will require immense discipline because you receive all of your treatment whilst you stay at home. You will attend your planned addiction treatment sessions at the treatment centre and go home after each one, continuing to practice the treatment techniques that you are taught. It can be challenging to continue with the treatment techniques independently at the beginning, because your life stresses are still present every day. Drug and alcohol addiction can be triggered by lifestyle factors, which often lead to a relapse, so working through treatment whilst managing these factors does not work for everybody.

Inpatient addiction treatment (residential rehab)

You will receive the optimum level of support if you choose inpatient treatment, because essentially, you live at the treatment centre whilst receiving your treatment. This is why it is often called residential rehab. It allows you to be free of the lifestyle factors that fuel your addiction. Taking the first steps when seeking help for addiction can be difficult, so rehab centres in Sheffield provide comfortable living spaces for all clients to settle into easily. The addiction treatment centre will cater for all your needs during your stay, giving you time to have full focus on your treatment programme.

Why inpatient rehab?

Inpatient rehab is privately funded, which is why it offers many additional benefits. You are able to have much more choice over your preferred treatment centre and programme. All treatment centres are periodically monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), so you can check the CQC ratings of any treatment provider to help you decide on your preferred rehab programme. This includes assessing the mixture of therapies that are provided. Treatment programmes at inpatient rehab include family support programmes as well as one-to-one therapy, providing you with holistic support. The inpatient rehab at Sanctuary Lodge includes therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), which helps transform how your thoughts can influence your feelings and actions. Our family support programmes also offer conjoints. Conjoints are meetings between yourself and your loved ones that are facilitated by trained UKAT staff. They aim to repair any harm to the relationship that was caused by the addiction.

What should I expect from a detox in Sheffield?

Inpatient rehab facilities will provide you with a detox. A detox is the route to becoming sober by no longer taking drugs or alcohol. It is an important part of the treatment and may cause you to experience challenging withdrawal symptoms, but you will be fully supported throughout this process.

Medical detox

You may embark on a medical detox in an inpatient setting to help you through the withdrawal symptoms. This consists of taking prescribed medication to act as a substitute for the addictive substance that you are no longer taking. You will receive a full assessment from a doctor upon your rehab admission, who will decide on the level of medication required to manage your withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can vary in an alcohol detox or drug detox, but tend to cause sickness, hallucinations and shaking. The medication will help ease the discomfort of these symptoms. Some people can be deterred from seeking help because of the detox stage of treatment. However, it a crucial stage of recovery and must be done safely with help of trained professionals. Completing a medical detox in inpatient care will offer you the highest level of support to make the process as comfortable as possible.

Drug and alcohol rehab programme

At Sanctuary Lodge, and any other UKAT centre, we recommend a minimum stay of four weeks to make good progress on your rehab programme. We use a 12-step programme, encompassing a holistic treatment method using multiple therapies including one-to-one therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and group therapy. Non-12-step programmes may only use one type of therapy. Each step in the programme targets an area of your life, working towards a full transformation.

If you are unsure whether you would benefit from our recovery approach, you can call our welcoming team on the number at the top of the page, or click here for more information.

Is rehab free?

All of UKAT’s rehab centres provide inpatient services, so are accessed by a self-referral and privately funded. Turning Point is a charity that offers some free inpatient detox programmes. The NHS is the main route to free addiction treatment services, but there is less choice in your preferred treatment option.

Free addiction treatment services in Sheffield

There are some community groups that you can access that provide free support for addiction recovery. Click here for some information on a free Alcoholics Anonymous group based in Sheffield.

The downside to free services

Free services are pressured due to the high demand and reduced supply. This is because the NHS has experienced cuts in spending, meaning that free service offerings have been reduced. There is no access to holistic treatments on the NHS, which can be a preferred treatment method for successful recovery. The waiting list for services can also reach up to eight months until admission, which can be a hinderance when you require support straight away.

The benefits of residential rehab in Sheffield

  • Comfortable accommodation to receive your treatment in a therapeutic environment
  • High level of support during your stay
  • Be supported by professionals who are specially trained in their field
  • Receive non-judgemental support, with some professionals having recovered from addiction themselves
  • All meals provided during your residential stay
  • Meet peers who are also embarking on their own recovery journey
  • Access to group therapy to help build confidence
  • One-to-one support to receive confidential therapy
  • Medical detox so that you can safely abstain from addictive substances
  • Conjoint meetings to involve your family and loved ones in your recovery process
  • Access to aftercare services following rehab

What happens after a rehab programme?

After rehab with Sanctuary Lodge, you may have some remaining treatment steps to work through at home, with the full support from our aftercare programme.

Aftercare programmes

Aftercare programmes ensure that you will not have a sudden reduction in support. Our aftercare programmes offer ongoing access to information from our therapists and access to an Alumni network of clients who successfully completed their rehab programme, as well as group therapy. This support will help you succeed at home.

Support groups

You can access support groups in Sheffield in conjunction with our aftercare programme, which can give you extra motivation to continue your recovery journey. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and SMART Recovery are popular for people in long-term recovery from addiction.

Long-term recovery from addiction

Admitting you have addiction is a great accomplishment, and the first step to overcoming dependency, so you should feel extremely proud of reading this guide. Recovery from addiction does not happen overnight, and even after rehab there can be bumps in the road, but you will always have support available to you from the UKAT team.

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