Rehab in Southend-on-Sea

Are you seeking assistance because you have problems with alcohol abuse or drug abuse? If so, you are not by yourself. One can overcome addiction and have a happy, successful life with the correct support. We are here to assist you in locating the top treatment facilities in Southend-on-Sea for drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

How Are Rehab Facilities in Southend-on-Sea Helping People?

Many top-notch treatment centres in Southend-on-Sea can put you on the path to recovery. These facilities offer a secure and encouraging atmosphere where people can start rehabilitation. At-house treatment in centres with a tranquil environment is always preferable.

Detoxification, individual and group counselling, and relapse prevention are just a few of the services that rehab centres provide. Additionally, they offer information on addiction and recovery and can put you in touch with other support networks you can utilise once the therapy is over.

Is the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Situation in and around Southend-on-Sea a Matter of Concern?

Yes, drug addiction has become a matter of concern in Southend-on-Sea. In 2020, this town experienced the highest number of deaths due to drugs in the last 19 years; the total number of deaths in Southend-on-Sea was 21. The Department of Health and Social Care has announced grants to improve the treatment for drug and alcohol abuse in the city. Among the age group below 30 years, there is the widespread use of drugs and substances not only in the city but in surrounding areas too.

Southend-on-Sea is now considered one of the most dangerous cities in Essex, with 110 crimes per 1,000 people, which is very high.

There is no doubt that the authorities are concerned about tackling this growing number of drug gangs and users.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Centres in and around Southend-on-Sea, Essex

For those dealing with a more serious addiction, inpatient treatment centres ask you to spend the night at the institution. Outpatient treatment facilities allow patients with milder addictions with a solid support network to continue living at home while receiving treatment.

In addition to 12-step programmes, residential treatment, and wilderness programmes, there are many more kinds of treatment facilities that are free and private.

Some facilities are public and free, while others are paid private facilities. Private rehab centres often provide more individualised care and attention than free facilities. Due to their additional resources and services, private rehab facilities might be advantageous for those requiring additional care during their rehabilitation.

However, free rehab facilities are more accessible and an excellent option for those who cannot afford private recovery. Free group assistance may be available at free rehab facilities.

What Difference Does Our Rehab Centres Make for People in and around Southend-on-Sea?

Rehab facilities provide services paid for by the NHS or by charitable organisations. Although both treatments can successfully assist clients in overcoming addiction, there are some significant distinctions between them.

Although the NHS offers free care, there may be long waiting lists. Although charitable services have a fee for their assistance, the wait times are frequently shorter. Both services provide support, including group therapy, counselling, and detoxification.

Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre near Southend-on-Sea has personalised and customised programmes for inpatient treatment and recovery.

Check out the benefits of inpatient therapy for disorders associated with addiction offered by our centre:

  • Personalised rehabilitation programmes
  • A calm and upbeat environment
  • An aftercare plan and support
  • Programs like group therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, art therapy, music therapy, the 12-step programme, holistic therapy, etc.
  • Hassle-free immediate admission
  • 24/7 support and medical care
  • Availability of specialised therapists
  • Personalised rehabilitation programmes

Why Sanctuary Lodge?

Sanctuary Lodge is the ideal location for people recovering from addiction and other cognitive and behavioural disorders. You are not investing in short-term treatment when you join us here at Sanctuary Lodge. Everyone who completes their course is entitled to one year of free group therapy sessions. You will also become a member of the Alumni programme, a game-changing, life-long support network. We are concerned about you and your recovery journey and are proud to have helped thousands of people regain control of their lives.

Sanctuary Lodge is 40 miles from Southend-on-Sea, and it takes an hour and ten minutes to get there from Hoddesdon. A CQC-regulated private drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre are nearby in the quiet Essex town of Halstead.

Our tranquil clinic is set in the beautiful English countryside. You’ll enjoy views of the rolling hills and cutting-edge amenities like a fully equipped gym, holistic therapy room, TV and recreation room, chef-prepared meals, and an experienced team of dedicated addiction specialists always available to help you. These are just a few features of a private rehab centre like ours, along with personalised counselling and therapy and a customised treatment plan. We are fully equipped to handle any substance abuse problem, such as cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, cannabis, crack cocaine, or prescription drugs.

The facility provides various comforting avenues like:

  • Ensuite bedrooms
  • Refurbished shared rooms
  • Beautiful garden to experience nature
  • In house Gym
  • Experienced and qualified chefs to cook nutritional meals

This treatment centre provides holistic programmes and rehabilitation for:

  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Eating Disorders
  • Sex and love addiction
  • Codependency

Free Addiction Support Groups in Southend-on-Sea

There are plenty of free support groups available in Southend-on-Sea. Here is a list of a few:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Southend-on-Sea

Southend Lunchtime Recovery

Monday Time: 13.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
St Alban’s Church Hall (around the back of the church), 21 St John’s Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea
Postcode: SS0 7JY


Thursday Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
St Albans Church Hall, St Johns Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea
Postcode: SS0 7JY

Southend-On-Sea Step & Tradition

Tuesday Time: 20.00 – duration 1hr 30mins
St Albans Church Hall, St John’s Rd, Westcliff-on-Sea
Postcode: SS0 7JY

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Southend-on-Sea

Stepping Out Of Sunday

Sunday Time: 19:00 ~ 20:30
Quaker Hall
18 Dundonald Drive

The Cuckoo’s Nest

Tuesday Time: 19:30 ~ 21:00
Clarence Road Baptist Church
6 Clarence Road

Wednesday Phoenix Meeting

Wednesday Time: 19:30 ~ 21:00
The Loft Room
Leigh Road Baptist Church
Marguerite Drive

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Southend-on-Sea

Freedom and faith

Tuesday Time: 19:30
St Matthews Christian Spiritual Church
18 Clarence Rd
Southend-on-Sea SS1 1AN

Hope, faith and courage

Sunday Time: 18:00
Langham Hall
Langham Cres
Billericay CM12 9RD

Cocaine Anonymous

Sunday Time: 18:00
29 Rush Green Rd
Romford RM7 OPT

Why choosing rehab centres in Southend-on-Sea a good decision?

A residential treatment centre is always preferable if it is located adjacent to or within proximity to a serene area of the natural world. Due to its expansive coastline and abundance of lovely beaches, Southend-on-Sea offers the ideal setting for a rehab facility.

There is much more to Southend than simply its amusement parks and pubs; it is the ideal place to begin your road toward recovery from addiction. A theme park, an aquarium, historical landmarks, and numerous stunning beaches may all be found at Southend-on-Sea.

The skilled medical team and support staff at Sanctuary Lodge recognise the value of patience and individualised care for inpatient rehab patients. We know that every person is unique and has various needs to overcome addiction and lead a happy life. Contact us to discuss our comprehensive programme if you or someone close to you needs our assistance.

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