Rehab in Surrey

Saying that you can quit substance abuse anytime you want, but never being able to follow through on that decision, is a major sign of dependence. The chemical changes in your brain create a strong craving for drugs or alcohol that pushes you to keep using, even when you don’t want to. Addiction is a powerful mental illness, that takes control of your life and destroys your relationships with your loved ones.

Overview of the Services Offered at Sanctuary Lodge

We are a full feature drug and alcohol rehab facility in Halstead Essex, providing comprehensive addiction treatment for individuals who need it. Wecan help you take back everything you’ve lost to addiction. Professional help, like we provide at Sanctuary Lodge, is important if you want to understand the underlying reasons why you started to abuse drugs in the first place, and learn to cope with triggers and stress factors without turning to alcohol or drugs. At the end of rehab, you will emerge a better individual, with valuable insight into yourself, that helps you navigate all the problems of life in a healthy manner.

Sanctuary Lodge is located 73 miles away from Surrey. We offer a sober transport service, that can take you from Surrey to Halstead in 90 minutes.

Address: Sanctuary Lodge, Hedingham Road, Halstead, Essex

Phone no: 02038115183

The Pros and Cons of Private Rehab

The Pros

The first benefit of private rehab is that you don’t have to wait for treatment. You will be assessed and checked in on the same day. The quality of care is at the highest level. Your treatment plan is not generic either, but rather customised to address all your particular addiction needs, and it maximises all efforts in the rehab centre. The therapeutic environment and serenity of the rehab facility will make you feel at peace, and more focused on the journey ahead. You don’t have to worry about privacy, because your details are confidential.

The Cons

Money is a major issue, and the high cost of rehab prevents many people from accessing specialised treatment. If you’ve never been away from home, it also might take some time to adjust to living in a facility, surrounded by strangers, or people from different backgrounds. You will also have to adjust to the highly disciplined structure that guides activities in a rehab centre.

How Much Does Rehab Cost in Surrey?

British citizens and tax-paying residents are entitled to free alcohol and drug treatment from the NHS. However, if you need specialised and comprehensive treatment to adequately address all areas of your addiction, private rehabs in Surrey can help.
The price for inpatient treatments start from £1,000. If you require detox, the price could increase to £2,500 a week. One-month rehab costs between £5,000-£7,000 on average, and luxury programmes cost up to £10,000 a week. The price of rehab is determined by the size of the programme, amenities on offer, staff-to-patient ratio, the location of the rehab centre, and staff expertise.

Free/NHS Addiction Treatment Options in Surrey

WDP (Kingston): The Kingston Wellbeing Service provides help to people with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. They also offer support for those who have a drug/alcohol problem, or co-occurring disorders. WDP provides community treatment for alcohol dependence, as well as a range of addictive substances such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and benzodiazepines. Treatment follows an evidence-based approach, and they are registered with the Care Quality Commission.

Other services include support with education, housing, employment, health, and life skills, individual treatment programmes to help you recover, referral to inpatient rehabilitation facilities, referral to a specialist for psychedelic drug addiction, and medical treatment and practical advice on local support services.

Address: Kingston Wellbeing Service, Surbiton Health Centre, Ewell Road, Surbiton
Phone no: 02033177900


i-access: This is an NHS-sponsored drug and alcohol service in Surrey. They provide support for individuals who need help quitting drugs and alcohol. They partner with Catalyst to provide services and support. Staff includes a multi-disciplinary team, made up of an addiction specialist, nurses, doctors, counsellors, recovery workers, social workers, administrators, care managers, and a carer’s liaison officer.

Services include advice & information, counselling, assessment, group work, community prescribing, acupuncture, active peer-led service, and testing for Hepatitis A and B.

Address: Laurel House, Farnham Road Hospital, Farnham Road, Guildford, Surrey
Phone no: 03002225932


CGL Surrey: CGL provides free and confidential alcohol and drug services to adult offenders living in Surrey. They work with people who’ve had contact with the criminal justice system, and struggle with substance misuse and problems with alcohol. CGL helps you set achievable recovery goals, and then helps you work towards them. Catchment areas include Reigate, Epsom, Elmbridge, Banstead, and Tandridge.

Address: Unit 4, Bradmere House, Brook Way, Leatherland, Surrey
Phone no: 01372748350


Addiction Support Groups in Surrey

Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care: Whatever you’re going through, either as a carer or drug user, Surrey Drug & Alcohol Care provides non-judgmental, confidential service. They operate helplines, and listen to your problems before advising you on the best solution going forward. You can also call them if you want more information about opiates, alcohol, and/or a referral to a specialised treatment service.

Address: c/o VASWS (Voluntary Action South West Surrey), 39 Castle Street, Guildford, Surrey
Phone no: 0808802500


Family and Friends Support Group (Dorking): This is a support group for partners, parents, friends, and family members who are affected by a loved one’s drug use. They provide a safe environment, opportunities to meet others going through the same situation, receive and provide support, coping strategies and advice for dealing with a loved one’s addiction, and sharing your story in a confidential setting.

Address: Christian Centre, Dorking, Surrey
Phone no: 01483590150


How to Choose a Recovery Programme

A few questions to ask when considering your options for rehab include:

  • Is the rehab centre licensed?
  • This is the first feature to look out for in a UK rehab centre. All treatment centres in the UK must be registered and inspected by the Quality Care Commission, or Health Improvement Scotland. You should also ask for the licenses and qualifications of the staff. Are they qualified to treat your specific addiction and any co-occurring disorders?
  • Staff-to-patient ratio
  • A great feature of luxury rehab is that they have a higher staff to patient ratio, which ensures each patient receives the highest quality of care, and gets as much time as possible with their treatment team. In some luxury rehabs, you might have a dedicated person to manage your recovery.

Do they incorporate many therapies in treatment?

A comprehensive treatment plan incorporates as many traditional and alternative therapies as possible. This includes Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, mindfulness-based meditation, art therapy, and more.

NA meetings in/near Surrey

Kingston Upon Thames

Swinnerton Hall, 62 Gibbon Road, Kingston Upon Thames
Sunday 6:30 pm

All Saints Church, Market Place, Kingston
Wednesday 7:00 pm


The Library, St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, 130 St Margaret’s Road
Wednesday 7:30 pm


19 High Street, Woking
Wednesday 7: 30 pm


Meadvale Hill, Somerset Road
Sunday 7:30 pm


Quaker Meeting House, The Mint
Monday 8:00 pm


The Old School Building, New Road
Monday 8:15 pm


Meeting Room in the Primrose Lodge Garden, Primrose Lodge, Perry Hill
Tuesday 7:30 pm


The Hedley Room, St Martin’s Church House, Church Street
Tuesday 8:00 pm

The Crypt, St Martin’s Church
Wednesday 7:30 pm


Kings Church Addlestone, Marsh Lane
Tuesday 8:00 pm


Guildford United Reformed Church, 83 Portsmouth Road
Wednesday 8:00 pm

St John’s Stoke, The Stirling Centre, Stoke Road
Friday 8:00 pm


Cromwell Community Centre, St John’s Drive
Friday 8:00 pm

AA meetings in/near Surrey


Woking United Reformed Church, White Rose Lane
Monday 1:30 pm

Friends Meeting House, 41 Park Road
Friday 7:45 pm

Salvation Army, Sythwood, Goldsworth Park
Tuesday 8:00 pm

Life Works, The Grange, High Street, Old Woking
Thursday 7:30 pm

Youth Centre, St John’s Church, Church Road, St John’s
Wednesday 7:45 pm


Ockham Parish Rooms, Ockham Lane
Wednesday 11:30 am

Chertsey St Peter’s Hospital
Main Hall, Abraham Cowley Unit, St Peter’s Hospital, Guildford Road
Tuesday 7:45 pm


All Saints Church Hall, Broadway Road
Wednesday 8:00 pm


Quaker Meeting House, 3 Ward Street, Opposite the public library on North Street
Tuesday 12:30 pm

The Spike Community Centre, Warren Road
Thursday at noon

Holy Trinity Church Centre, High Street
Monday 7:30 pm

Virginia Water

Christ Church Hall, The Church Centre, Christchurch Road
Friday 8:00 pm


Addiction Counselling in/near Surrey

Addiction Support and Care Agency: ASCA is a community-based organisation that provides support for drug and alcohol dependents in Kingston and Richmond. As a local charity, they do not charge for services, but survive on donations from generous members of the community.

Services offered include one-on-one counselling for drug and alcohol users, therapy for gambling, sex, video games, and pornography addiction, advice for family members and carers affected by a loved one’s drug use, and support for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression.

Address: 96 Ditton Road, Surbiton, Greater London
Phone no: 02083399899


Catalyst: Catalyst services are divided into Drug & Alcohol Services, Reach Out-Counselling, and the Welcome Project. They offer support to drug and alcohol users who want to stop using, and reduce the damage done to themselves and their families. The reach-out counselling service offers family, friend, and individual assessment, counselling, and group work to address all the underlying factors that led to the initial abuse. The welcome project offers guidance and support to individuals affected by anxiety, stress, depression, and loneliness.

Address: 14 Jenner Road, Guildford, Surrey
Phone no: 01483590150


Local Govt Addiction Resources in Surrey

Windmill CDAT: The Windmill Community Drug and Alcohol Team offers support, specialist care, and treatment to individuals who want to quit alcohol and drug abuse. Services include assessment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, group work, Hepatitis A & B Vaccinations, counselling, prescribing information & advice, home detox, contraceptive injections, referral for inpatient detox, Hepatitis C testing, and more.

Address: Abraham Cowley Unit, Holloway Hill, Lyne, Chertsey, Surrey
Phone no: 01932723309


Windmill House: A specialist facility that offers 24/7 residential treatment to those who want to quit drug and alcohol abuse. During your stay, you can participate in a one-month recovery-based therapy programme. Services offered at the facility include inpatient detox, stabilization, medication, residential treatment, and crisis intervention. Only clients registered with a GP are referred here. Referrals can also be made by i-access drug and alcohol service.

Address: Windmill House, Guildford Road, Chertsey, Surrey
Phone no: 01932722096


Catch 22: A multi-professional team of specialist workers who provide support for young people struggling with addiction. Services include 24/7 crisis line and emergency referral, needle exchange, harm reduction, pharmacological support, A&E work line, whole-family work, acupuncture, aftercare, access to mentors, and transitional support to adult services.

Address: The Mansion, 68 Church Street, Leatherhead, Surrey
Phone no: 08006226662


How Can I Get To and From Surrey?

The fastest route if you’re driving to Halstead for rehab is via the M25. The journey takes one hour and 44 minutes. Follow the M25 and M11 to the A120 in Essex. Take the A120 exit from M11 and continue on the A120, which links to Hedingham Road (A1124).

If you’re visiting Guildford from London, there are several trains that make this daily commute. The fastest is the 5:30 am a shuttle from Waterloo Station. Other locations include Blackfriars Station and Victoria Station. Ticket prices start from £13, but you can get a 43% discount if you book in advance.

Getting around Surrey with public transport is easy, with a good network of train and bus routes throughout the county. Travel Smart Surrey can help you plan your trip if you’re looking to travel around Surrey by public transport, car, walking, or cycling. Southwestern Railway operates many routes in Surrey, and you can save money if you travel in groups of 3-9 passengers. The main bus services are operated by Arriva, Stagecoach and Safeguard.

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