Rehab in Thaxted, Essex

There are numerous options for finding excellent private alcohol or drug rehab centres in Thaxted, Essex. The residents of Thaxted, Essex, can access nearby alcohol and drug rehab centres to battle various symptoms and disorders.

A well-known and reputed rehab facility in Thaxted, Essex that is only a drive away, will help you recover better while stimulating a renewed vigour and passion for everyday life and other pursuits. It will benefit all those looking to overcome their addictions and lead healthier and happier lives.

Drug-related deaths near Thaxted, Essex

Data shows how drug deaths have decreased overall for Norfolk, although they still stand at 52 in 2021. This could be the positive impact of available residential rehab near Thaxted, Essex, and other areas in Norfolk. 2020 saw 72 such deaths, and communities should remain vigilant about further reducing the number. One way is to motivate loved ones and family members struggling with addictions to reach out for help immediately. There are numerous options for both addictions and drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Rehab treatments that you can choose in Thaxted, Essex

If you live in Thaxted, Essex, you will find several available treatment options in the town and its surrounding areas. These include help with alcoholism, drug addiction and behavioural addictions like gambling, sex, love, and eating disorders. These specialised treatment solutions ensure that people can get back to their everyday lives healthier and with the care and support they require.

You will agree that in-patient treatments are always better for fixing these issues since they offer customisable recovery approaches and ensure everyone gets access to round-the-clock medical and emotional support. Those undergoing the recovery process can also build communities of like-minded warriors battling addiction while getting quality care from specialised therapists, as happens at Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre near Thaxted.

The best treatment option for Thaxted, Essex residents

Those living in Thaxted, Essex, can try Sanctuary Lodge, one of the finest UK Addiction Treatment facilities nearby. A short drive of 25.3 miles brings you to Sanctuary Lodge, one of the foremost facilities treating alcohol, drug, sex/love, gambling, and other behavioural addictions with the help of skilled specialists.

Highly rated by the Care Quality Commission for its enabling environment, the facility offers premier en-suite bedrooms and shared rooms, immaculate gardens, natural greenery, and organic meals whipped up by qualified Chefs. There is also an in-house gymnasium for those intense workouts. The emphasis lies firmly on customisable and comfortable rehab treatment programme and recovery solutions while creating a welcoming environment for everyone. And it is only 34-35 minutes away from Thaxted at that.

Support Group Meetings near Thaxted, Essex

You will find several AA meetings happening near Thaxted, Essex. Here are some of them:

Great Dunmow

The Day Centre, Chequers Lane, v
Time: Wednesday 20.00 – duration 1 h 30 mins

Saffron Walden

Friends Meeting House (Upstairs), High St., CB10 1AA
Time: Monday 19.30 – duration 1 h 30 mins

Bishops Stortford lunch

Community Centre, Church Manor, off Parsonage Lane, CM23 5PY
Time: Monday 12.00

You will find several NA meetings happening near Thaxted, Essex. Here are some of them:

One Step Beyond

Open Road, 132a Wellesley Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, CO16 3QD
Time: Saturday 19:00 ~ 20:00

“Clean On Saturdays”

Open Road Chelmsford, Mansard House, 107-109 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0PP
Time: Saturday 19:00 ~ 20:30

Southend Saturday Step Meeting

St Alban’s Church, St John’s Road, Westcliff, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS0 7JZ
Time: Saturday 11:00 ~ 12:30

You will find several CA (Cocaine Anonymous) meetings happening nearby. Some of them include:

Hope, Faith and Courage

Early Learning Centre, Waterloo Lane, Chelmsford, CM1, 1BD, UK.
Timing 19:30

Inclusion Visions

65-67, Orsett Rd, Grays RM17 5HJ, UK,
Timing: 18:00

We Can Recover

Brentwood Local Quaker Friends Meeting House, 49, Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, CM15, BNF, UK.
Timing: 19:30

Learning more about Thaxted, Essex

One of Essex’s quaintest and most charming towns, Thaxted is a delight to explore and live in. The town offers several historic structures, including a mediaeval guildhall and an 18th-century windmill restored over the years. There are two almshouses from the past along with the stunning mediaeval Church. There are swathes of beautiful countryside surrounding the area, with plenty of greenery and pleasant streets. A rehab centre in Thaxted, Essex, will be helpful for those requiring support, with its tranquil ambience. Checking into a reputed rehab centre will help you overcome your addictions, amidst a caring and nurturing environment, with personalised treatment by specialists. Contact us today and start your journey with us at Sanctuary Lodge.

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