Rehab in Tilbury, Essex

The phrase substance addiction is concerning in itself. If you or someone close to your heart is fighting this catastrophic problem, you are at the right place.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we emphasise liberating you from all the physical and psychological imprisonments substance addiction has imposed upon you throughout all those hazy years. Rehab centres near Tilbury, Essex, have been serving local communities and people suffering from addictions for many years. The natural healing environment of these clinics, plus the high treatment standards, will help heal you. Just reach out to us, and we’ll take care of the rest.

What Do the Statistics Say about Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Tilbury, Essex?

According to a report, 136 people in Essex died of alcohol addiction in 2020, a rise from 129 in 2019. The county had also recorded 30,500 hospitalisations due to alcohol addiction in 2018/19.
In the three-year rolling period between 2018 and 2020, 346 drug poisoning-related deaths and 191 drug misuse/addiction-related deaths were reported in Essex. Reports say that these were the highest numbers in 17 years.

What Are the Options for Rehab Centres in Tilbury, Essex

Once you make up your mind to get treated, you will find plenty of options. Tilbury, Essex, has both free and private rehab facilities to facilitate inpatient and outpatient treatment services for you. Excitingly, National Health Service (NHS) rehab facilities are also there for you.

However, to arrive at the right place, observe the options thoroughly. Since your convenience and wholesome recovery are the primary requirements, we recommend private rehab programmes to ensure the best treatment and relevant amenities you deserve. With private clinics, you will be in safe hands with quick and long-term recovery prospects.

How Do Rehab Facilities Make a Difference in Tilbury, Essex

Rehab facilities in Tilbury, Essex, are focused on providing you with all that you need to fully recover from the clutches of alcoholism or drug addiction. We believe that healing is not limited to the body but expands to the depths of the psychological being. That’s the reason that our rehab and detox centres are located in places with an infinite possibility of recovery with their convenient, peaceful environment while at the same time offering the support of cutting-edge technology for treatment. We are proud to provide you with additional services from the NHS too.

Sanctuary Lodge rehab near Tilbury, Essex, offer the following amenities:

  • The comfort of well-maintained accommodation
  • 24/7 availability of on-site addiction professionals
  • Treatment by highly trained and motivated professionals ranging from psychiatrists to addiction psychotherapists
  • Programmes to help the stressed family members of the addicts
  • Flexible residential programmes

Sanctuary Lodge Rehab Centre near Tilbury, Essex

In case you are seeking detox solutions near Tilbury, Essex, Sanctuary Lodge is the most convenient and the perfect choice for you.

As a private rehabilitation centre, Sanctuary Lodge provides you with the specific personalised care of a supportive team based on your needs. The best thing about Sanctuary Lodge is the combined knowledge of the best-known addiction treatment professionals from the UK.

Rich with state-of-the-art treatment facilities while at the same time sharing a beautiful natural environment, the clinic promises to draw you away from addiction as well as other cognitive and behavioural conditions most effectively.
Located in Halstead, Essex, this is your nearest Sanctuary Lodge rehab facility is situated 46.4 miles from Tilbury. It takes approximately 59 minutes to reach Sanctuary Lodge from Tilbury.

Certain facilities Sanctuary Lodge offers to the clients include:

  • The luxury of 19 en-suite bedrooms
  • A homely environment with five beautifully refurbished shared rooms
  • Picturesque gardens connecting you to the tranquillity of nature
  • An in-house gym ensuring your physical fitness
  • Qualified chefs preparing nutritionally balanced meals with fresh ingredients

This highly-rated clinic, for its supportive environment, is a great choice to reduce the number of deaths caused by alcohol addiction and drug poisoning. At Sanctuary Lodge, we aim to provide clients with a safe and comfortable environment so they can connect to themselves.

List of Free Addiction Support Groups in Tilbury, Essex

These rehabs near Tilbury, Essex, offer you the opportunity to avail of free support from the NHS:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings near Tilbury, Essex

Basildon Old Timers Pass it On

Mistley Community Hall, Church Rd, Vange
SS16 4AE
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Rayleigh Lunchtime Recovery

Bethenay Rm, Our Lady of Ransom RC Church, 50 London Hill
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Billericay Discussion

Queens Park Community Church, Queens Park Ave
CM12 0GP
Helpline: 01245256147 (24 hours)

Narcotics Anonymous meetings near Tilbury, Essex

Open Road

Sunday 11.30 AM
13 Southview Road
SS16 4ER

Open Road

Sunday 6 PM
5A Queen Street

All Saints Church

Sunday 6.30 PM
Springfield green

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) meetings near Tilbury, Essex

Hope, Faith and Courage

Langham Cres
Billericay CM12 9RD

Cocaine Anonymous

29 Rush Green Rd
Romford RM7 0PT

Into Action

Butt Ln
Maldon CM9 5HD

Why Choose Rehab Centres in Tilbury, Essex

Tilbury is a beautiful town in the borough of Thurrock. It is situated along the north bank of the Thames. Mostly famous for its docks, Tilbury currently posits as the principal container port of the Port of London. Sitting in beautiful Essex with its natural riches, including Rivers Lea and Thames, forests and woodlands, this town is a perfect place to kickstart your rehab journey.

Hence, situated in the lap of nature, Sanctuary Lodge rehab centres in Tilbury, Essex, provide an excellent curing environment. Considering this combined richness of scenic nature and the modern treatment facilities offered, don’t miss your opportunity to recover from substance addiction and alcohol abuse holistically. Get in touch with us today.

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