Rehab in Wivenhoe, Essex

If you are facing addiction to drugs and alcohol, then getting back to your normal life becomes challenging. However, the task is not impossible if you decide to get quality rehab treatment at the right time.

You will be excited to know that there are many prestigious rehabilitation clinics in your town which provide a holistic healing ambience. These clinics in Wivenhoe, Essex, are luxuriously designed to give a sense of safety and comfort. Our rehab centres offer both in-patient and out-patient services which are taken care of by our experienced doctors.

What do the data speak about substance and alcohol addiction in Wivenhoe, Essex?

As per the Office for National Statistics (ONS), Essex has recorded a total of 7,261 drug-related deaths in 2020 which is equivalent to 20 cases per day.

In Essex, over intake of alcohol resulted in more than 100 deaths in 2020. At least one in four people consumed alcohol more in 2020.

Different options for residential rehab facilities in Wivenhoe, Essex

Residents in Wivenhoe, Essex, have the freedom to select from both paid residential rehab facilities and free support groups. It is the responsibility of the residents to carefully look at the pros and cons of each of the rehab centres before deciding.

You will find many support groups which will offer free addiction medication and counselling to the addicts. But you may not get the facilities of round-the-clock admission and face a long waiting time. You may also feel the absence of comfort and care.

The private residential rehab centres are costlier than the free therapy clinics and provide immediate admission throughout the year. They do not have waiting periods and will provide the care and comfort you deserve.

How do addiction therapy clinics aid in complete recovery?

At Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre, we take care of our clients in such a way that they have a fast recovery. Our centres are equipped with experienced doctors, nursing staff and personalised therapy packages. We understand your situation and help you win over the life-threatening side effects of substance and alcohol abuse with utmost comfort and convenience.

We organise free group discussions and detailed counselling for your family members and loved ones. We prefer to offer quality treatment and a positive experience to our clients.

Some of the services provided by Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre are:

  • Treatment packages that suit the personalities of our clients.
  • No waiting time for admission
  • Assured post-therapy care for one-year
  • Relapse prevention mechanisms
  • Medical detoxification and all-time support and care
  • Holistic therapy in your comfort and safety
  • Thorough screening sessions
  • Presence of nurses at the centres
  • Therapies like trauma care and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Keeping our clients far from triggers

Private rehab centres also offer addiction therapies for behavioural or process addictions like sex, gaming, internet, gambling and many more.

Several options for Free Addiction Support Sessions near Wivenhoe, Essex

If you are looking for help to get rid of drug addiction and alcohol addiction free of cost, we have provided the names of a few one-to-one meetings organised by free local support groups in Wivenhoe, Essex:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) near Wivenhoe, Essex


Morning Share
573 Southchurch Rd
Day- Sunday 11.00
Duration- 1hr 30 mins
Postcode- SS1 2PN


Henry Dixon Hall
Henry Dixon Rd
Rivenhall End
Day-Thursday 20.00
Duration- 1hr 30 mins
Postcode- CM8 3HR


St Albans Church Hall
St Johns Rd
Day- Thursday 20.00
Duration- 1hr 30 mins
Postcode- SS0 7JY

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) near Wivenhoe, Essex

One Step Beyond

Open Road
132a Wellesley Road
Clacton-on-sea, Essex
Day- Saturday 19.00-20.00
Postcode- CO16 3QD

Just for Today

Front Main Room
St John The Evangelist
8A Victoria Avenue
Grays, Essex
Day- Friday 20.00-21.30
Postcode- RM16 2RP

Next Chapter

Church Hall
St John the Evangelist
St John’s Way
Corringham, Essex
Day- Thursday 19.30-21.00
Postcode- SS17 8WU

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) near Wivenhoe, Essex

Into Action

Friends Meeting House
Butt Ln
Day- Sunday 19.00
Postcode- CM9 5HD

We Can Recover

Brentwood Local Quaker Friends Meeting House
49 Hutton Rd
Day-Monday 19.30
Postcode- CM15 8NF

There Is A Solution

St Michaels and All Angels Church
Main Rd
Day- Tuesday 19.00
Postcode- RM2 5EL

Why choose rehabilitation clinics in Wivenhoe, Essex?

Wivenhoe is a civil parish in northeastern Essex County and is located on the River Colne. The town has a strong history of fishing and manufacturing ships. Most addiction therapy clinics have chosen Wivenhoe as an ideal place to help their clients relax and unwind. Hence, residential rehab centres in Wivenhoe, Essex offer the best location to heal from drug and alcohol addiction.

If you think it is time to turn back to normal life and break free from alcohol and drug addiction, get in touch with us today!

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