Roni J

“I came to Sanctuary Lodge at a very dark time in my life; and stayed 28 days. Frankly my experience of rehab is like ‘getting fit’ for the Spirit and having made the realization I couldn’t make me better on my own, I committed to the programme 100%. I’m not going to say it was easy, but its probably the most worthwhile thing I have ever done for myself. I now have troubles reconciling who was the person that entered and who I have become on exit.

Suicidal, drunk and confused are too limited in words to describe the hell I was in. Open, learning, feeling and full of life are also inadequate words to describe my life now.

Others cannot do it for you, but if you want good solid support to get well, I found it at ‘The Lodge’. It certainly was my ‘gym’ for the soul!

The staff are kind, funny and consistent. Even the chefs make efforts to make rehab work for you. And to the Therapy staff. Wow. They can smell a rat at 50 paces, which is exactly what I needed to get out of the rats nest my mind had become.

My peers were essential to the process; I’m still in contact with those I was close to. They formed the Fellowship that now surrounds me every day and keeps me sober.

Some time on, I would definitely describe myself as a ‘work in progress’, and I don’t see that stopping any day soon. But this is joyful. I notice Robins in the trees and can laugh at the rain. I’ve experienced a few downpours since rehab – I mean serious life events – and grabbing a drink simply did not figure in my coping strategies because I’ve got new ways of managing my life.”