Family Programme

Sanctuary Lodge Family Programme: Sundays from 11.30am to 12.30pm


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Sanctuary Lodge understands that addiction and associated disorders do not just affect the individual suffering from them.  Addiction is like casting a stone in a pond- there is a ripple effect that touches the lives of all who care and love the sufferer. Family, friends, and loved ones feel helpless and distraught as they watch the person they love continue in a cycle of self- destruction. It is not uncommon for feelings of anger and contempt to be felt towards the individual as at times they will carry out actions or say things that have a very harmful effect. Trust is completely broken, as they can no longer believe anything that the individual says. They come to hate the addict yet still love the person that they used to once know before addiction became a problem. These conflicting feelings can be difficult for anyone to handle; addiction is a complex illness with varying symptoms and each individual is different.

Sanctuary Lodge believes in treating each client as a whole; this means that their personal relationships with others will also be part of their treatment. We can help you to understand the driving force behind your loved ones addiction and thus help you to separate the illness from them as a person. We will also show you how to best support your loved one whilst they are in treatment and once they come out.  Where family relationships are strained, we can offer a family conference that will be guided and supported by one of our counsellors. Supporting the family is important to Sanctuary Lodge, as  it is not just the client that we want to provide with freedom from addiction. We can guide the family in how to respond in the event of relapse, and how to encourage growth in the individual’s recovery. We will also provide you will full details of where you can access on-going support for yourself.