Sanctuary Lodge Family Workshop

Individuals with addiction and other psychological issues often compromise the quality of their lives and put considerable strain on their relationships with family, friends and career/schooling.

During  their stay at Sanctuary Lodge, patients are fully engaged in a bespoke treatment programme.  Sanctuary Lodge also offers a Family Workshop for patient’s family and friends on the last Sunday of every month, to extend the healing process to the whole family.

Sanctuary Lodge understands the dilemma of a hurting loved one, and we are therefore keen to provide a Family Workshop that’s focused on suggestions for developing long term support for the family members.

The aim of the Family Workshop is to:-

  • Understand Addiction Treatment
  • Encourage authentic and productive communication
  • Establish a healthy recovery environment
  • Utilise boundaries and consequences
  • Learn how addiction, co-dependent behaviours, trauma, mood/personality disorders impact the family system

The primary purpose of the Family Workshop is to develop family recovery tools to successfully enhance recovery and a relational family system.