Sanctuary Lodge Reviews

Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

Paul D
02 Apr 2019
Life changing experience. Highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction!
02 Apr 2019
I am very pleased and contended with all acpectet with the treatment centre and prepped here.
02 Apr 2019
Only a brief stay, but I was treated very well.
31 Mar 2019
My stay at Sanctuary Lodge has been thoroughly worthwhile. It has changed my life and enabled me to have faith in a positive future for myself. to enable me to have a better life and future. I have gained confidenc, knowledge and skill that I didn’t even know I possessed. This is testiment to all the therapsits and support workers that I have had the pleasure to work with in my stay. Have faith and take the leap!
30 Mar 2019
This is the best thing I’ve done for myself in years. The staff have all been amazing and my therapist Angie. Being with the peers has made this experience so much easier. I’ve found friends for life. I feel like I’ve got to grips with the power of addiction and I’m ready to step into my life and begin the journey of recovery now. It’s been a really comfortable place, rather than what I imagined before I came.
29 Mar 2019
4 weeks that has changed my life the better.
Siobhan S
28 Mar 2019
I was very dubious to come to Sanctuary Lodge, but putting aside what happened it was a blessing I feel I have got more out of the last two weeks than I have in my whole six weeks prior to here. I feel it is well structured and managed. It is considerate of all individuals and caters for everyone. The more you put in the more you get out. Just sit with it and give it your all. So if you don’t like or if it is not for you, you will be refunded your misery. I think the therapy was really good, and my therapist Jenna connected with me straight away. I enjoyed my one to ones and I like the fact there is a lot of therapist here and staff in general if you want to talk to anyone at any point. I liked the the consistency and respect here because it made me look at myself more.
28 Mar 2019
This place works. It’s that simple. If you work it. You will heal.
Bob C
27 Mar 2019
From the moment I arrived at Sanctuary Lodge I was made to feel at ease and comfort by staff and fellow peers alike and the welcome helped greatly in intergrating here. The help and support made available by them and especially the therapists made the recovery progress transition run very effectively. I am extremely grateful for this in building the foundation of sobriety.
27 Mar 2019
I was anxious coming in to treatment but it was for me the best thing i have ever done in my life for myself. I am grateful to my therapist Jenna who was helpful and insightful, Also the whole team at Sanctuary Lodge for their support and experience.