Sanctuary Lodge Reviews

Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

22 Mar 2019
On arriving here at Sanctuary Lodge, I was welcomed by staff and peers. I stayed for 28 days, and it is the best thing I have ever done in my life. The support staff are helpful and always their to support, my peers were lovely and the food is homemade and nice. The centre itself is in a nice area of Halstead, and overlooks the fields. Last but not least my therapist Ian has helped me so much towards my recovery , I really cannot thank him enough.
22 Mar 2019
I was anxious coming in to treatment but it was for me the best thing i have ever done in my life for myself. I am grateful to my therapist Jenna who was helpful and insightful, Also the whole team at Sanctuary Lodge for their support and experience.
21 Mar 2019
I went into the Sanctuary with no self worth, huge guilt and a broken soul. After experiencing the 28 day programme I now have a choice and a chance to be me again. Superstar staff, food, surroundings and a sense of family throughout the centre have made recovery my new addiction.
Sue S
21 Mar 2019
I can not put into words what I have got or achieved from sanctuary lodge. I did 28 days and feel I can start to get my life back. All the staff are fantastic, the food is excellent and everyone there is so lovely they put you at ease from the minute you walk through the door.. I would not hesitate to recommend this beautiful place it may well save your life.
15 Mar 2019
I highly recommend Sanctuary Lodge. You will feel welcome as soon as you arrive. It’s a great place to discover who you are., as well as getting clean and sober. Amazing location, beautiful staff, lovely and friendly. This place changed my life.
Preena Raja
14 Mar 2019
I would like to first of all say a huge thank you to all the staff and my therapist Anita who has supported me throughout my whole journey here, as if it was not for them I would still be facing my childhood trauma and my addiction. The journey has been extremely hard, and challenging but has made me become at peace with myself, and in mind. Thank you once again as I have only just started to live and am very thankful to having this place.
08 Mar 2019
I came with doubts, and left a whole person.
08 Mar 2019
I would recommend it to anybody and I feel it is the best thing I have ever done for myself. It is one of the most difficult decisions I ever made but it was worth it and I am a completely different person than the person that arrived, and it is for the better. The food is amazing, the place is kept clean and therapy has been great and beneficial, thank you to my therapist Jenna for the support.
07 Mar 2019
Best experience I’ve ever had learnt so much how to conduct myself and react to situations in life would recommend to anyone.
Ben Jones
07 Mar 2019
I came into Sanctuary Lodge at a point of desperation and truely not seeing a way out or even valuing my life at all, in fact I wanted to die! After 4 weeks primary and a week secondary care, I am leaving feeling very positive about my future and truly believe that coming to Sanctuary Lodge is the best decision I have ever made in my life. I have cried, laughed and feel a renewed person that is ready to face all my fears head on and lead a life of recovery. Don’t think about coming here, just do it and I PROMISE that you won’t regret it.