Sanctuary Lodge Reviews

Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

Alison P
10 Nov 2017
If it works for me it will work for anyone, the catering was amazing. The therapist are amazing and my whole experience has been brilliant and changed my life. The 12 step programme is now my new way of life and this is the only way I will have a life of sobriety. This place has helped me to find myself and the my therapist Jenna has been able to see through me and help me build trust. Support staff are brilliant and in my crisis they responded with care and respect. Thank you.
Wayne M
10 Nov 2017
My 28 days at Sanctuary has been the best decision I have ever made , the treatment has been second to none , it involves 1-1 , process which I was told would be really helpful was so helpful for my recovery , I felt safe all the time speaking and trusted every one around me , the step work you do in here is detailed to make you really think and express honestly. The therapists are the best I have ever had over the years. For my recovery this has been fantastic, I am ready to continue on the road and excited about it , from all the tools I have goained at Sanctuary Lodge. The food & accommodation were brillaiant. If you are comparing treatment places like I did I fell this is the best place I could ever of come to. Thank you everyone who made my recovery possible !
Simon C
08 Nov 2017
I cannot express enough gratitude and love for the treatment that I have received ar Sanctuary Lodge. It is now November 2017 and I have spent all of 2017 relapsing. Having spent quite a lot of time at various rehab centres, I can hand on heart say that I wish I had found the Sanctuary Lodge first time round. The staff are so friendly, caring and supportive and this really comes through, you immediately feel comfortable. The programme is well thought out, thorough and is simple to understand. I of course had to put the work in, but this was made easier with the superb support from all of the therapists and other members of staff and peer groups were essential. I never felt alone and realise that I don't have to keep on living in my old life of hell and misery. I have now been given the tools in order for me to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.
Joanna G.
07 Nov 2017
Sanctuary Lodge s a fantastic treatment centre, with great facilities and very tasty food. The staff are very nice and respectful. What's most important I have not only been equipped with many tools which will help me cope with my addiction and keep it under control but also helped me see other issues in my life which are massive triggers. I have completely rediscovered and reinvented myself into a better person, which I thought I would never become.
03 Nov 2017
I came in to sanctuary lodge a shivering wreck believing in my heart I was going to die and I am coming out of lodge a happy, confident and healthier person. My detox was taken seriously, on point and it gradually brought me back to who am I. The lodge is set in beautiful surroundings, it's relaxing and full of people that are all here for the same reason so you can connect and lifelong friendships. Every single member of staff are there to help and be supportive every minute of the day and night, the food is fantastic and if your in a dark place like I was and you need a way out this is the place to come.
Phil H
27 Oct 2017
The lodge is exceptional, the staff from the therapists to the house keepers ,chef and overworked support staff are magnificent , but a special thank you to Patrick and Jenna whom without my primary care would not have been so special , if your unwell , I urge you to seeke help and sanctuary for me is magical.
Paul M
27 Oct 2017
Treat was very good opened my eyes to what addiction is and how I can manage this disease on the outside. Staff have been great.
Steve G
26 Oct 2017
I really do feel in my heart that if it wasn't for the treatment and therapy at Sanctuary Lodge I would never admitted my addiction. I have learnt so much about me and how to tackle and understand situations that would of stressed me out. My therapist Nick was brilliant and helped me talk about things I didn't know still effected me. The staff here are brilliant. I really can't say enough. Thank you to all the team. Forever in your debt
James R
24 Oct 2017
I hope that it has save my life and marriage and has given me coping strategies fo the future. It has help me acknowledge my disease and I am no longer in denial. Thank You!
Karl C
24 Oct 2017
Sanctuary Lodge through the programme has totally changed my outlook and will without doubt help me continue to stay clean great team of people who work very hard