Sanctuary Lodge Reviews

Please read the comments from our alumni. They have all come from different walks of life and they have all have had different challenges to face. We always find alumni clients have various expectations for treatment which we listen to and then try to make improvements to our facilities and treatment. Check out the reviews as they share their thoughts on our facilities and their experiences attending them. All the reviews are verified but full names are removed for confidentiality.

24 May 2017
What an experience. I came in a broken shell of a person. I was so warmly welcomed and within a day felt part of a family. 4 weeks later I can honestly say I feel transformed. If you want to start to feel well The Sanctuary is the right place to be. This is not a pampered retreat, what you put in you will more than get out. The councillors Nick, Ian, Anita, Jackie, Jenna, Patrick, Steve are fantastic. They've been there. The support staff are outstanding and support they really do. Rak, Paula, Sue, Patrick, Andy, Jude, Paul, Enrico. I leave here clean, sober and hopeful. Truly the best I have felt in twenty years. Love you little Nick. Looking forward to living sober. 10/10
24 May 2017
I have completed 28 days at Sanctuary lodge. This has to be one of the best moments of my life except when I had my children! This experience has turned my life around. I was lost, lonely and fighting my addiction. I have been given the foundation tools to learn to live harmoniously along side my disease, of which I am eternally grateful. My therapist is Nick, what a ledgend. He guided my through my abis of " bingo balls' my thoughts, feelings, emotions and fears were all pinging around my head. Now they are dormant, peaceful and silent. I can't thank Nick and the rest of the therapists for guiding me through one of the toughest times of my life! All the staff and my piers have been undoubtably so positive for my recovery. I have peace in my life. I will listen to what my body is saying. Have compassion and emphany for myself. To respect my mind body and soul. I was my own worst enemy. I have gratitude for my existence. I have discovered the truth of whom I am and not to dwell on what I am not. I have discovered that "my life is My life" . Be mindful. Jackie another wonderful therapist has taught me many a life skill. I thank her for that. Each and every therapist has contributed in my recovery, these people and this place changes people's lives. Do what they say and your life will be joyful and peaceful. I am sad that I have to leave, but elated and excited about the rest of my life. You are all worth it! It's given me a second shot at life! Love and light Caroline
Greggy Poo's
24 May 2017
My stay at the lodge has finally opened my eyes to hope, all the staff have helped me in many ways my focus therapist Nick has helped me open the door on my addiction just enough so I now feel safe to re-enter my life with a new pair of glasses and start my recovery with a open mind a willingness I could never of reached alone, anyone thinking of coming here I would strongly suggest you try it, support staff and food 10/10 happy customer ???
Steven Kelly
23 May 2017
I came into sanctuary lodge a broken teenager, but I'm leaving the man I was meant to become a long time ago. This place is fantastic, the therapist team are amazing the support staff are equally amazing. I love the way they make you come out with the answers to your own questions. I came in not knowing anything about the disease of addiction, I didn't even know it was an illness. The tools they gave me are priceless, and I feel like I'm ready to face the world instead of hiding from it, One day at a time. Thank you sanctuary lodge, you have given me the start of my new life.
21 May 2017
I am glad that i came down here the treatment has worked.
21 May 2017
Excellent staff great support. Comfortable surroundings and environment. Grateful for being here.
21 May 2017
I have found it very satisfying. The support i got of off staff was very very good. When i first came in i was just sat in my room staring at my feet the staff helped me get over this. All in all the treatment that i have had has been excellent.
21 May 2017
I have enjoyed my stay here it seems to be a happy place. We have all got on well.
20 May 2017
So glad I came here if anyplace or persons can fix u this is it they see the real u and get it out of u staff fantastic I'm a a totally different person from the person that came in real sense of community and togetherness your peers we become a family together with the therapy and support I can't fault it very clean facilities excellent food don't think about it do it today u will not look back thank u so much Sanctuary Lodge for fixing what I thought was a lost cause I will miss u all xx
20 May 2017
This was the best thing I've ever done in my life by coming to the Sanctuary. The first few days were very difficult for me to trust anyone and I told my group that I wanted to leave. When they all said they wanted me to stay I felt like maybe I could give this clinic a chance. I'm so happy that I decided to stay. They have helped me find and accept my feeling and how to handle them. I haven't felt good about myself in a long time and the therapists here showed me a way to find myself again. I have my confidence back and I'm looking forward to working my steps to have a better life, a sober life. Thank you Sanctuary Lodge