Heroin Addiction

Heroin is insidious drug.  It causes a severe physical dependency to develop within a very short space of time. Users find that their ‘choice’ as to whether they take the drug or not is taken away from them at a very early stage in their relationship with heroin.  Heroin is a class A drug, highly addictive and incredibly destructive, to both to the user and their family and loved ones.  The withdrawal symptoms are so severe, that users find themselves going to incredibly destructive lengths to get their next fix. Some even turn to crime in order to fund their habit.


What is Heroin?


Heroin in its purest form is a white, odourless powder that is derived from opium and related to morphine. Street heroin is less pure and the colour is often brown as it is cut with other substances in order that the dealers can make more money.  Street names for heroin include Brown, Smack, Skag and H. Users usually take the drug by smoking it or injecting it.  Some start by smoking and progress to injecting as it delivers a more intense rush.  The effects of heroin are intense and all consuming; providing the user with a feeling of warmth, wellbeing, and relaxation.  It is a powerful downer and painkiller that suppresses the central nervous system.


Dangers of Heroin Addiction


The immediate risk to any heroin user that injects intravenously is over dose.  This is the most common cause of death in heroin users.  It is impossible to tell the strength of the heroin being used, or the agents that the drug has been cut with.  Users literally put their life on the line every time they inject.  Overdose causes the individual to fall in to a coma and shuts down the central nervous and respiratory system.  This can happen within seconds of injecting.  The individual can die very quickly unless they receive lifesaving treatment.  Another danger of heroin is that it erodes the veins.  Injecting sites can easily become infected, causing painful abscesses and cellulitis. Serious life-threatening infections can also be spread from user to user by sharing needles and other associated paraphernalia; these include hepatitis B and C, and HIV/AIDS.


Treatment for Heroin Addiction


Sanctuary Lodge provides a full detox and rehabilitation programme for those suffering with a heroin addiction.  We understand that detoxing from heroin can cause some very unpleasant and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.  Any individual that comes to us with a heroin addiction will be fully assessed by our Detox specialist Psychiatrist before being put on a comprehensive detox regimen and rehabilitation programmme. Our clinical team will provide a substitute medication that will lessen the effects of withdrawal to comfortable levels; this will then be gradually withdrawn over time. The detox regimen will be complemented by our holistic therapies to aid relaxation, reduce pain and muscle cramps, and speed up the process of the body eliminating toxins. Clients will receive the best in medical and psychological care whilst they are with us.  The environment we offer is supportive, non-judgmental, and very caring.