Cannabis Rehab at Sanctuary Lodge

Safe and nurturing environment for the start of your new, healthier life.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we understand the challenges associated with cannabis, and our qualified medical staff and counsellors are here to help you overcome them. The good news is that by reading this, you’ve already made your first steps towards recovery.

When you check into cannabis rehab at Sanctuary Lodge, you’ll be treated in our 24-bed state-of-the-art facility and will participate in world-leading addiction treatment methods. The facility features an in-house gym, countryside views and en-suite bathrooms. You’ll be provided with healthy meals and snacks each day during your stay with us.

Our residential cannabis rehab programme includes safe, medically supervised detox, individual and group therapy, holistic therapies including art, meditation and acupuncture and a one-year aftercare programme. Our team of medically qualified professionals are available 24/7 to help you settle in and feel as comfortable as possible.

How Does Cannabis Rehab Work?

When you complete an inpatient rehab programme at Sanctuary Lodge, you’ll work with a team of highly trained addiction specialists, nurses, therapists and support workers who will provide care to you throughout your entire stay. When you first check in and begin your cannabis rehab programme, you’ll be given a complete medical assessment by a member of your medical team. That person will determine the best treatment plan for you before you begin detox.

After your detox is complete, you’ll be provided with a weekly schedule that includes group therapy, psychotherapy and holistic therapies that include meditation and gong baths. You’ll also offered the opportunity to attend family therapy sessions with your loved ones, who are invited to take part in your rehab programme.

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a nurse performing a medical assessment

Medical assessment

The first thing you’ll do upon arriving at Sanctuary Lodge is a medical assessment from one of our psychiatrists. This assessment helps our team to understand the severity of your addiction and the state of your physical and mental health. It helps us to provide you with a treatment plan that’s customised to you.

During your assessment, you’ll be required to share information about your medical history, as well as other drug or alcohol use. It’s particularly important that you share information regarding other drugs, alcohol and mental health symptoms that you’re experiencing or conditions you’ve been previously diagnosed with. Because this information is used to create your treatment plan, honesty is absolutely necessary to ensure the safety and efficacy of your programme.

Cannabis detoxification

Once your medical assessment has been completed, it’s likely that your psychiatrist will recommend a medically supervised cannabis detox programme. During your detox, you’ll be provided with care by our qualified support workers, who will do everything necessary to keep you comfortable while your body undergoes this change. During detox, (1) you may experience some psychological withdrawal symptoms.

Our medical team may provide you with detox medication (2) to ease some of these withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia or anxiety. This will be determined during your assessment and will only be provided if it is deemed appropriate.

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Psychotherapy is an important part of cannabis rehab. (4) It helps you to understand the root cause of your addiction while teaching you the coping mechanisms you need to overcome the emotional triggers that drive addictive behaviours. Your psychotherapy programme will consist of group therapy, which helps you to learn new ways to cope with your situation and meet like-minded individuals who can help you succeed at overcoming your cannabis addiction. You’ll also take part in a 12-step programme, which is known to be one of the most effective methods for beating addiction. The 12-step method promotes sobriety from all forms of mind- and mood-altering substances and requires you to play an active role in your treatment. The 12-step programme – despite common belief – does not require you to believe in a god.

You’ll also participate in individual therapy sessions. During these, most clients take part in a variety of therapy techniques. These techniques include:

  • One-on-one counselling: You’ll meet with a licensed addictions therapist who helps you to recognise the emotional triggers that drive you to use cannabis and helps you to develop effective coping mechanisms for those triggers.
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy: Your counsellor will teach you to identify patterns in your life that have contributed to your addiction and work with you to find ways to break those cycles.
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy: You’ll be taught to regulate your emotions as they’re happening and foster healthy relationships with the people you love.

Each therapy technique we use is clinically proven to be an effective method for treating addictions, and when used in combination with each other, these methods are designed to help you determine the triggers that have led to your drug use, as well as the tools you need to recover.

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Relapse prevention

Completing a rehab programme is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s the first major step on the road to living a healthy and complete life. However, it’s important to secure your investment and ensure that you continue to live a sober life by easing out of treatment. That’s why Sanctuary Lodge recommends that all our clients enter our aftercare program after the successful completion of their rehab programme.

During aftercare, you continue to receive outpatient care on a regular basis. You’ll meet with your addictions therapist and receive follow-up care in our facility while learning how to continue living a life of sobriety and fulfilment. As you continue with your aftercare programme, you’ll ease back into a regular routine. You will also have the opportunity to join our exciting alumni programme consisting of live events and a life-time recovery community.

Our relapse prevention plan also includes family support programmes. In these programmes, we provide advice to your loved ones on how to help you best maintain your sobriety. Family support groups are available to your loved ones as well and help your family to effectively communicate their own struggles and concerns.

Your care doesn’t end as you walk out of the door. Recovery is an ongoing process. This is why we provide free aftercare.

The Benefits of Cannabis Rehab

If you’re struggling with a cannabis addiction, an inpatient rehab programme might be the best choice for you. Individuals who have used cannabis or other drugs for a long period of time have higher success rates when they complete a residential rehab programme instead of an outpatient programme. This is also true for those who have a dual diagnosis such as mental health condition or other substance abuse problems and addictions. The pros of inpatient cannabis rehab can be found below.

  • You’re separated from the people you used cannabis with before entering treatment
  • You’re not distracted by everyday stresses such as work, finances and home life
  • You’re surrounded by other individuals who understand what you’re going through
  • You’re under the care of qualified support workers, therapists and medical staff 24 hours a day
  • You’re able to focus the entirety of your energy on your recovery
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How long does cannabis rehab last?

The length of your stay at Sanctuary Lodge may vary based on the severity of your addiction, whether you’re addicted to other substances or have underlying mental health problems, the time you have to commit to your treatment and, in many cases, what you can afford. In most cases, clients choose to stay with us for a period ranging from four to 12 weeks.

Patients with a dual diagnosis may require a longer stay. In most cases, longer courses of rehab result in a higher chance of success. (5)

The Cost of Cannabis Rehab

The price you pay for your treatment depends mostly on the length of your stay, but it can also vary depending on the treatment programme that’s designed for you. You may require additional prescriptions or specialised care, and that can affect the price you pay for your rehab. If you choose to extend your stay beyond 28 days, you should expect to pay a higher price.

Reach out and speak with one of our addiction counsellors about your situation today. They provide confidential, free advice and will be happy to discuss the different options available to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cannabis rehab necessary?
Although rehab isn’t always necessary for those who are addicted to cannabis, entering a professional rehab programme is the best way to treat cannabis addiction. Those who receive treatment are far more likely to succeed at discontinuing cannabis use permanently.
Do you accept insurance?
Please check with your insurance provider regarding what type of rehab programmes you’re covered for and the amount of coverage you’re eligible for.
Does the NHS provide cannabis addiction treatment?
Although the NHS doesn’t cover inpatient rehab programmes, there are a number of outpatient services available through the NHS and charities. The NHS in rare cases may fund treatment, but it’s usually reserved for those struggling with life-threatening addictions and dependencies. (7)
Do you treat cannabis and mental health conditions?
When you check in at Sanctuary Lodge, you’ll meet with a psychiatrist who will discuss your health history and addiction with you. If it’s determined that you are also living with a mental health problem, you’ll be considered a dual diagnosis patient and will be provided with a treatment plan that caters to your individual needs. By treating both your addiction and your mental health condition(s) simultaneously, your chances of success are much higher.
What happens after cannabis rehab?
Once you’ve completed your rehab programme, you’ll be offered the opportunity to participate in the aftercare programme at Sanctuary Lodge, which involves receiving outpatient care for up to one year after your treatment is complete. Beyond the first year, it’s highly recommended that you participate in self-help programmes and support groups such as Marijuana Anonymous or SMART Recovery. We also have the UKAT Alumni programme which includes a life-time recovery community.
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