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    Holistic Addiction Treatment at Sanctuary Lodge

    At Sanctuary Lodge, we take a holistic approach to helping you overcome the aspects of your behaviour that are holding you back. This means that we don’t just focus on a single facet of your personality or actions; instead, we help you discover the lifelong benefits of recovery. Making one significant change is often complicated and unsustainable. Making lots of small changes and arming yourself with as many tools as possible to feel better and enjoy life to the fullest without external stimuli is what we aim for.

    Out holistic treatments help you focus on your mind, body and soul as one working mechanism. We all lead such busy and fragmented lives that it can be challenging to realise how connected everything is. You give yourself your best chance of being happy and healthy if you look after your diet and spend time every day on healing your body as well.

    We believe it’s highly essential to ensure you regularly do things that stimulate your both your mind and improve your physical wellbeing. Whether it’s painting, music or math, taking the time to be expressive and exercise your creative muscle is fulfilling more deeply than substance use can ever be. When you’re stuck in the cycle of addiction, it can be difficult to remember how enjoyable expressing yourself through art can be. That’s where we come in — we’ll help you get back on track to realising your potential and working towards your dreams. (1)

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    Holistic Therapies We Provide


    Meditation and mindfulness are gaining traction as being highly effective at helping people to break down barriers that are holding them back. If you visit your GP with a mental health condition such as anxiety, they will recommend these practices as imperative to helping you get better. On the whole, studies have shown that this type of holistic therapy helps develop a stronger sense of self-esteem, identity and confidence. (2)

    Individual Therapy

    During these sessions, you have the chance to discuss your issues one on one with a certified counsellor. During evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), your therapist helps you see your thoughts and feelings from a different perspective and learn how to adapt your behaviour accordingly. For example, some of your actions may be based on underlying negative beliefs that you have about yourself that you’re not aware of. By identifying that negative belief, you can start to untangle the influence it has over your behaviour.

    Counselling sessions are also important, and unlike CBT, the therapist allows you to lead the conversation more. The act of another person listening to us and valuing what we say is an integral way to build confidence. (3)

    Group therapy

    This form of therapy is still one of the most successful and makes up a crucial part of our framework. While a qualified counsellor oversees peer-led talking therapies, these sessions instil a sense of autonomy and responsibility in the people who take part. It’s rewarding to help other people, and you gain an entire group of fellow like-minded peers to help and be helped by. We encourage you to attend group therapy sessions as regularly as possible even after your treatment is complete.

    The 12-step model has been through a lot of transformations through the years, so don’t worry if you’re not religious. The groups aim to help to build confidence and establish more control over their lives by developing improved social skills and abilities. The prevalence of this type of programme nearly 100 years after it was conceived is a testimony to how effective it can be for different types of people. (4)

    Health and nutrition

    When you come to stay with us at Sanctuary Lodge, mealtimes are special. Breakfast, lunch and dinner and made by our very own chef. Each meal is nutritionally balanced and delicious. Eating is a social time, giving you the chance to mingle and share laughs and stories with the fellow residents over the dinner table.


    Aftercare is just as important as everything that comes before it, with the people who seek treatment for at least a year going on to enjoy the highest rates of long-term success. (3) At Sanctuary Lodge, your journey with us has just begun as you complete your rehab programme and move into follow-up care. We provide free aftercare to continue supporting you on the road to recovery.

    You’ll be assigned a dedicated recovery worker you can speak to if you get cravings or have any questions. You also have the option to continue to attend group meetings with us and guide others as they guide you.

    UKAT Alumni: Lifelong Recovery Community

    Sanctuary Lodge is part of the UKAT group of addiction centres, with eight treatment centres around the country. We have recently launched a ground-breaking, lifelong aftercare programme for every person who completes a rehabilitation course at one of our centres. We know that for a lot of people, drug and alcohol use are tied into everyday social life. Quitting can feel like you’re quitting a big part of your culture. However, with our unique support programme, this feeling of missing out on fun and pleasure is replaced by confidence and a new friendly environment of sober peers.

    Your social life is an essential influencing factor with regards to recovery, and spending time with like-minded people who take pride in overcoming addiction can make all the difference. UKAT Alumni is the first of its kind, offering you a lifelong nationwide group of sober companions who make up your very own dedicated social network. Together, you’ll attend summer barbecues, adventure days-out, dinners and Christmas parties. Still, also you will be able to communicate with other alumni on a daily basis, discussing plans, endeavours and finding solutions to your worries.

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