Rehab in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

How Are Rehab Facilities in Hoddesdon Helping People?

In case you have queries and concerns about rehab facilities in and around Hoddesdon, you won’t be disappointed. Apart from being a picturesque riverside town, Hoddesdon has several well-equipped rehab facilities to assist people battling alcohol addiction or drug addiction. Rehabilitation centres also provide numerous treatment options as per the need and requirements of every individual.

At Sanctuary Lodge, we aim to provide positive guidance with clear and straightforward advice. Our evidence-based therapeutic approach can help treat your mind, body, and spirit. If you have made the brave decision to lead a better life, rehab centres near Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, can offer a healthy environment for individuals undergoing alcohol or drug abuse. Read on to find some of the best options for rehab near Hoddesdon.

Is the Drug and Alcohol Abuse Situation in and around Hoddesdon a Matter of Concern?

Hoddesdon and many areas in Hertfordshire county have reported cases where children are struggling with substance abuse. According to the education department data, around 1000 children have been found abusing alcohol or drugs over the last four years. In addition, In 2021, there were196 reported cases of youngsters involved in drugs and 59 in alcoholism. Street drug peddlers have now become a menace all over the county, and it is disheartening to know that in 2020, 50 people died due to drug or alcohol abuse in Hertfordshire.

Options for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation Centres in and around Hoddesdon

There are numerous possibilities for drug and alcohol misuse recovery programmes in Hoddesdon. Nonprofit organisations, for-profit treatment centres, inpatient institutions, and outpatient clinics provide free medical care. While making queries for the perfect rehab for yourself or a loved one, consider several types of rehabilitation programmes available. An ideal treatment centre should be able to:

  • Offer therapies to address the psychological issues caused by addiction.
  • Be able to provide help and support for addiction & recovery.
  • Connect you with various support groups to help you lead a healthy life.

If you cannot pay for the services, using the free services provided by charitable organisations may be a suitable choice. However, evaluating the quality of the supplied care is crucial before choosing this route.

Another option is a private rehab facility. While it will cost you money, it will provide better, more specialised treatment than a non-profit. The third choice is to seek counselling at a centre that offers inpatient or outpatient, short- and long-term, short-term, and long-term, alternatives.
We offer rehabilitation programmes (both alcohol rehab and drug rehab) with a complete medical detox. Other reasons for which you can consider Sanctuary Lodge rehab are:

  • Premium accommodations
  • Recreational activities
  • Great aftercare plans
  • 24×7 medical help and support
  • Family and group therapy options
  • Holistic therapy

Rehab Centre Near Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

At Sanctuary Lodge, we aim to build happy, healthy, and addiction-free lives. If you or a loved one requires a helping hand to support you through the recovery journey near Hoddesdon. In that case, our centre could be the ideal rehab facility.

The Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre is a private rehab clinic in Halstead in Essex county. It is located 43 miles from Hoddesdon. You need about an hour to get here by car. The beautiful surroundings make it a soothing location for addiction recovery. There are five newly renovated, comfortable rooms in Sanctuary Lodge rehab centre and 19 en suite rooms. With a CQC rating, Sanctuary Lodge provides treatment programmes for codependency issues, eating disorders, gambling, love and sex addictions.

It has:

  • On-site Gymnasium
  • Holistic therapy
  • Relaxation and recreational room
  • Full-time chef providing a healthy diet
  • Outdoor space and serene gardens
  • One-to-one counselling
  • Complete medical assessment
  • Spiritual outhouse
  • Countryside view, nearby parks and BBQ space

Free addiction Support Groups in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire

There are plenty of free support groups in and near Hoddesdon. Here are some of them to help you start:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in Hoddesdon


Friday, 8 pm
St Paul & St Catherine’s Church, Paul’s Lane
EN11 8TR

Broxbourne Feelings

Thursday, 8 pm
United Reformed Church, Mill Lane
EN10 7BQ

Hertford Zoo Crew

Monday, 7.30 pm
Pioneer Hall Zoo Café, 11 Ware Rd
SG13 7HP

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) in Hoddesdon

Euston, We Have a Problem

Sunday, 11:00 am
St Pancras Church Hall, Lancing Street, Euston, London

Kilburn – Alternate Step and Just For Today Meeting

Sunday, 11:30 am
Latin America House, Kingsgate Place, Kilburn, London

The Priory Newcomers Meeting Steps 1, 2 and 3

Sunday, 11:30 am
Priory Gardens Pod, Priory Hospital Grovelands House, Southgate, London
N14 6RA

Cocaine Anonymous (CA) in Hoddesdon

Hope in Hoddesdon

Wednesday, 8 pm
St Paul’s Church, Pauls Ln, Hoddesdon
EN11 8TR

Prayer and Meditation

Sunday 11:30
Ware Drill Hall, 17 Amwell End, Ware
SG12 9HP

Topic Meeting

Sunday 17:00
The Meeting House, 21 Cutty’s Ln, Stevenage

Why is Choosing Rehab Centres in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, a Good Decision?

Hoddesdon is on the river Lea in the Borough of Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, and an area within London. It is a beautiful historic town. In terms of natural beauty, this area has a lot to offer. It provides plenty of adventure and enjoyment, with everything from nature preserves, natural habitats for animals, and a zoo to historic sites and quirky attractions. In addition, because nature has a calming holistic effect on our system, it speeds up healing and recovery.

There are numerous therapy alternatives available in Hoddesdon. You can find a treatment centre that meets your needs, whether you require inpatient or outpatient therapy. At Sanctuary Lodge we understand that each person has unique needs that must be met to recover from addiction and live fulfilling lives. So check out the various therapeutic programmes available at our centre for yourself or a loved one. Contact us now and start your journey to recovery today.

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