Rehab Programme

Our rehab programme exists purely to help clients get well.

Clients undertake a regime of therapy, guidance, advice, well-being and structured psychological, physical, and emotional treatments to understand addiction, cope with it, deal with it, and ultimately live a life free from substances and behavioural harm.

Our programme has been created by our tremendously experienced staff and formulated through tried and tested therapies. We offer a full spectrum of therapies to ensure that each client has as much in their tool bag as possible to overcome addiction and behavioural conditions.

Individual care, tailored for each client

Each client is assessed upon arrival and monitored closely throughout their time at Sanctuary Lodge. We are a 24-hour treatment facility, so clients get constant attention and staff are ubiquitous.  We formulate each client’s programme, and tailor their recovery package to ensure it meets his or her needs, whatever these are. Not all addictions are the same and not all addicts are the same. The reasons for people drinking alcohol, taking drugs or undertaking a behavioural addiciton such as gambling vary from client to client. People have different backgrounds, different upbringings, and different reasons for arriving at Sanctuary Lodge, so we use our experience, clinical tools, and recovery models to provide every client with what they need to have when they leave.

Psychological therapies

Addicts and people with other conditions have reasons for what they believe about themselves and how they relate to the outside world. Whatever these reasons are, our therapies are design to provide clients with clarity of mind, realisation, and understanding about themselves. We also provide clients with as much therapy as they need to find peace and serenity without using alcohol or drugs. Group therapy and one-to-one therapies are offered, including the 12-Step model of Recovery, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and traditional one-to-one counselling.

Structured programming

Our programme is packed with treatments, therapies and activities dedicated to recovery. A client’s typical day at our rehab in Essex, is structured around a programme of educational classes, therapies and treatments, and includes recreational and health pursuits, group outings, spiritual studies, addiction education, one-to-one and group recovery exercises, as well as time to relax and rest.

By changing attitudes and finding solutions through a program of recovery, we can regain our sense of hope, serenity, freedom, and joy.

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