Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy, or CBT for short, is a proven therapy used to treat many emotional and mental health problems.  CBT has been used historically in successfully treating conditions such as addiction, depression, and phobias.  Sanctuary Lodge offers a treatment programme that includes many aspects of CBT.

Cognitive behaviour therapy is based on the principle that thought patterns are responsible feelings and emotions. If the thinking is dysfunctional or out of perspective, then then this affects feelings and emotions that are evoked in response. Many individuals suffering from addiction suffer with poor impulse control or an impulse disorder; this means that they act on the feelings that are created by dysfunctional thinking. The outcome is an irrational response to an event based on the individual’s perception and thought process. Conditions such as addiction or other self -destructive disorders manifest as the individual tries to manage his or her emotions or feelings by either supressing or diverting.

Sanctuary Lodge therapies are concentrated on challenging dysfunctional thought processes, as this is the root cause of how the individual responds emotionally to life and to other people. By encouraging our clients to take responsibility for their own feelings and emotions, we are effectively encouraging them to challenge and change their way of thinking. Many of our therapies open our clients’ minds to learning and growth. Substance addiction and other mental health conditions close the sufferer’s mind and stop them from moving forward in life.  They become painfully trapped and a victim to their own thinking.  Unless their thinking changes, lessons are not learned and the same self- destructive behaviours are repeated over and over again. For a good recovery, their thinking must change, as must their response to emotions and feelings.


Counsellors at Sanctuary Lodge are professionally trained in cognitive behaviour therapy. They use their knowledge and skills in this area as a foundation to all the work that they do with our clients. Clients are challenged around their thinking and beliefs and shown methods of successfully changing their perspective to avert the need to supress or divert. By challenging clients with the truth and reality of their self-destructive behaviours and how it affects others, they are no longer able to sit in the comfort of denial and are forced to look at themselves and the facts of their condition. This basis is a springboard in to recovery as the individual then often becomes willing to change and take on board a very different way of thinking.