Fitness Programme

Sanctuary Lodge has the benefit of its own in house gymnasium. In keeping with the principle that we treat the mind, body and spirit, clients will be able to benefit from incorporating a fitness into their treatment, should they wish. This encourages clients to look after their body and live a healthier life style.

We appreciate that many who come to our centre are physically unwell due to their addictions, so we take this into account. For those that are unable to use the gymnasium, there will be gentler alternatives including nature walks. We are not promoting fitness as such, just encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

For those that wish to start a fitness regimen, we have a well-equipped gymnasium; however, its use will be carefully monitored to ensure that our clients keep within healthy parameters. Those who are undergoing a medical detox, for safety reasons will not be allowed to use gym equipment until their detox is finished. Our clients’ health and well-being is paramount, so use of the gym equipment will be restricted to those who we deem physically and mentally able enough.